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List of Pokémon characters From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation, search This article or section has multiple issues. Please help improve the article or discuss these issues on the talk page. It does not cite any references or sources. Please help improve it by citing reliable sources. Tagged since August 2008. It may require general cleanup to meet Wikipedia's quality standards. Tagged since January 2009. It may contain material not appropriate for an encyclopedia. Tagged since August 2008. This is a list of characters in the Pokémon games, animated TV series, and manga series. Save for notable specific Pokémon, the specific species of Pokémon are not listed here; they are instead detailed further at List of Pokémon. Note that this list includes characters from all of the various incarnations of the Pokémon franchise. This includes characters from a number of discrete, similar-but-separate continuities, including but not limited to the video game continuity, the anime continuity, the Pokémon Adventures continuity, the Electric Tale of Pikachu manga continuity, and the Magical Pokémon Journey manga continuity. The anime continuity and most of the manga continuities are based to varying degrees on the games, but they all diverge at key points. A single character may appear in multiple continuities, sometimes in the same basic role (e.g. Giovanni), sometimes in very different roles (e.g. Brock). All references to the "video games" collectively refer to Pokémon Red, Blue, Yellow, Gold, Silver, Crystal, Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, FireRed, LeafGreen, Diamond, and Pearl only, unless noted otherwise. Likewise, references to the Pokémon anime also include, in addition to the eponymous anime itself, the related sidestory Pokémon Chronicles anime, the game Pokémon Channel, and Ash & Pikachu manga unless otherwise noted. Contents [hide] 1 Main characters 1.1 Protagonists 1.1.1 In the video games 1.1.2 Anime protagonists Companions 1.1.3 Manga protagonists Companions 1.2 Antagonists 1.2.1 The rival 1.2.2 Team Rocket 1.2.3 Other rivals 2 Pokémon League 2.1 Gym Leaders 2.1.1 Kanto 2.1.2 Orange Islands 2.1.3 Johto 2.1.4 Hoenn 2.1.5 Sinnoh 2.2 Members of the Elite Four 2.2.1 Kanto members Lorelei Bruno Agatha Lance 2.2.2 Johto members Will Koga Bruno Karen 2.2.3 Hoenn members Sidney Phoebe Glacia Drake Steven Stone In the anime Wallace 2.2.4 Sinnoh members Aaron Bertha Flint Lucian Cynthia 2.3 Battle Frontier Frontier Brains 3 Other recurring characters 3.1 Pokémon Professors 3.2 Recurring "clones" 4 Other minor characters [edit] Main characters Main article: List of main characters on Pokémon [edit] Protagonists The various heroes of the Pokémon franchise. [edit] In the video games The protagonist of the video games can be renamed by the player, but each has an array of default names. As the anime and the various manga are, to differing degrees, based on the games, other Pokémon protagonists (or supporting characters) are often named after and share many characteristics with the game protagonists. The (male) protagonist of Pokémon Red, Blue, FireRed, and LeafGreen — This character, under the name of Red, also appears in Pokémon Gold, Silver, and Crystal, as an optional, high-level boss battle. Ritchie or Red in Pokémon Adventures are both based on this protagonist. The protagonist of Pokémon Yellow: Special Pikachu Edition is based on Ash Ketchum. The female protagonist of Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen — The design of the female protagonist is based on Green (Blue in Japan) from

Pokémon Adventures, who was in turn based on the Lass generic opponent and concept art for a third female protagonist (they were unable to implement it due to game card's limitations) of the original Red, Green, and Blue games. If a name is not chosen for her, the game will give you a few random names to choose from, such as Momo, Fire, Green, Red, and Rey. Internal game data not accessible by the player identifies her as Leaf. The protagonist of Pokémon Gold, Silver, and Crystal — This protagonist (and the female version of this protagonist, introduced in Pokémon Crystal) are the inspiration for Jimmy,Marina and Jackson the heroes of "The Legend of Thunder", the multipart episode at the beginning of Pokémon Chronicles. The male protagonist also inspired Gold of Pokémon Adventures, while the female protagonist inspired Crystal, also Jason inspired Jackson. The default name of the male character is Gold, whereas the female character is Kris. The protagonist of Pokémon Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald — This protagonist and rival pair are known as Brendan and May, because of their default names as the rival (If the player chooses a male protagonist, the rival is female and named May, and if the player chooses a female protagonist, the rival is male and named Brendan) Brendan made some cameo appearances in the opening of jirachi wish maker, Pokémon ranger the temple of the sea and giratina the bouqet of the sky. May inspired May in the Pokémon anime. Brendan and May also inspired Ruby and Sapphire in Pokémon Adventures. The protagonist of Pokémon Diamond, Pearl — Lucas is the male, and Dawn is the female. Lucas has yet to be appear in the anime but is the base for Dia from the manga, while Dawn inspired the Dawn from the Pokémon: Diamond and Pearl anime and (Ms.) Berlitz from the manga. Wes — Wes (whose name can be changed) is the protagonist of Pokémon Colosseum. He stole a Snag Machine from Team Snagem, and teamed up with Rui to rescue the Shadow Pokémon from Team Snagem and Team Cipher. Michael — Michael (whose name can be changed) is the protagonist of Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness. Lucy Fleetfoot — The Pokémon Trozei Adventure Mode protagonist. She is a secret agent from the Secret Operations League (SOL), and is assigned a number of missions to recover stolen Pokémon from the Phobos Battalion. The protagonist of Pokémon Ranger — Can be either male or female. The protagonist the player doesn't choose becomes a companion for the player throughout the game. The male character is named Lunick and is always paired with Minun while the female character is named Solana and is always paired with Plusle. [edit] Anime protagonists Ash Ketchum (Satoshi) He is from Pallet Town, Kanto; Ash Ketchum is the main star of the anime series and is one of the default names in Pokémon Red, Blue and Yellow (his Japanese name, Satoshi, is named after Satoshi Tajiri, the creator of the Pokémon games). Ash aspires to be a Pokémon Master, and together with the various friends and Pokémon that travel with him, embarks on many adventures. In a similar fashion to the game, Ash enters various Pokémon League competitions. Ash has made cameo appearances in Pokémon Chronicles, and is referred to frequently. Pikachu — Pikachu is the series' main Pokémon and also serves as the Pokémon series' mascot. Pikachu is a little, yellow, mouse-like creature with a lightning bolt tail and the ability to create an electrical jolt from its cheeks. It is the Pokémon that Ash receives from Professor Oak to start his journey, and stays with Ash for the entirety of the Pokémon anime. Other Pikachu appear elsewhere, though. Other Pikachu of note include Richie's Pikachu Sparky, the Surfing Pikachu Puka, seen in a first-season episode (which drew popular controversy and the Surfing Pikachu rumors to the fans of the game), and the Pikachu owned by the protagonist of Pokémon Yellow: Special Pikachu Edition. Brock (Takeshi) He is from Pewter City, Kanto; The Pewter City Gym Leader, who leaves his post to become a Pokémon Breeder, leaving the care of his gym to his father. He is one of Ash's traveling companions in the anime, and appears as a Gym Leader in the games and various manga. He is classed as a protagonist for being one of the most long-running characters in the show, behind Ash, Pikachu, and Team Rocket [edit] Companions Dawn (Hikari) She is from Twinleaf Town, Sinnoh; After


May's departure, Dawn took the role of co-star and coordinator in the Sinnoh Region. Unlike May, however, Dawn knew what she was going to do as a trainer from the beginning. She aspires to become a top coordinator, just like her mother. May (Haruka) She is from Petalburg City, Hoenn; A traveling companion for Ash during his journey through the Hoenn region, and later the Battle Frontier challenge in Kanto. Although unsure of her dream at first, her desire to be a Pokémon Coordinator soon spurs her to take on her own journey. She is based on the female playable character in Pokémon Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald. May is the daughter of Norman the Petalburg City Gym Leader and Caroline. She reappears again in Battle Dimension with Ash, Brock, and Dawn. Misty (Kasumi)She is from Cerulean City, Kanto; The Cerulean City Gym Leader, who leaves her post to become a Water Pokémon expert. She is one of Ash's traveling companions in the anime, and appears as a Pokémon Gym Leader in the games and various manga. She follows Ash until the end of season 5 when she got her bike back from Nurse Joy, and is asked by her sisters Daisy, Lily, and Violet to look after the Gym while they go on a cruise around the world. She has been in the series as a main protagonist for more seasons than either May or Dawn. Tracey Sketchit (Kenji)He is from the Orange Islands; A Pokémon Watcher who idolizes Professor Oak, and travels with Ash and Misty throughout the Orange Islands. Realizes his dream of becoming Professor Oak's assistant when Ash, Misty, and Brock move on to Johto. Max (Masato)He is from Petalburg City, Hoenn; Younger brother of May and son of the Petalburg City Gym Leader Norman, introduced alongside her. Although he is too young to be a Pokémon Trainer, he joins the group in order to experience more of the world of Pokémon than what he can learn from books. Like Tracey, he idolizes Professor Oak. Although not being able to contribute Pokémon to the team, he makes up for it by his extensive knowledge of Pokémon. Max is similar to Wally, yet Wally is old enough to catch and train Pokémon. His appearance seems to be based on a young boy in Ruby and Sapphire who warns the main character that Prof. Birch is being attacked by a wild Poochyena. [edit] Manga protagonists Red — Red is the initial protagonist of Pokémon Adventures (Pokémon Special in Japan). Red teams up with Green and Blue to battle the corrupt Gym Leaders and Team Rocket, and later helps battle Mask of Ice. He started with a Poliwhirl and received a Bulbasaur from Professor Oak. Yellow— Yellow is the initial protagonist of the issues of Pokémon Adventures (Special) based on the game "Pokémon Yellow: Special Pikachu Edition". She had the goal to save Red from the Elite Four. She started with a Rattata and Red's Pikachu. Gold — Gold is the initial protagonist of the issues of Pokémon Adventures (Special) that are based on the second generation of games, Pokémon Gold, Silver, and Crystal. He is one of the few Pokédex holders that does not initially know his specialty with Pokémon, and it is this that disconcerts him until his battle against Neo Team Rocket and Mask of Ice. He started with a Cyndaquil and an Aipom. Ruby — One of two protagonists in the issues of Pokémon Adventures (Special) based on the third generation of games, Pokémon Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald, Ruby is a boy whose goal is to be the top Pokémon Coordinator by winning all the contests in Hoenn. He seems to have no interest in Pokémon battles, and is oddly enough, the son of Petalburg City Gym Leader, Norman. However, there is a hidden reason for this, and soon he shows his other side again, battling alongside Sapphire to face Groudon and Kyogre. Sapphire — One of two protagonists in the issues of Pokémon Adventures (Special) based on the third generation of games, Pokémon Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald, Sapphire is a girl who lives for Pokémon battle whose goal is to conquer all the gyms in Hoenn. When she first appears, she is wearing little more than a grass shirt and skirt. When she meets Ruby, he makes her a set of clothing for her to wear. Her father is Professor Birch, and in a similar vein, she shows no interest in Pokémon Research. Emerald — A boy who is the main character of the issues of Pokémon Adventures (Special) based specifically on the Battle Frontier of Pokémon Emerald. He mysteriously appeared at the Battle Frontier, transported by Latias and Latios. He


abhors capturing Pokémon, but still competes in the Battle Frontier's opening ceremonies by using Pokémon he has befriended at the Frontier or those supplied to him by Crystal (appeared in the GSC series of Pokémon Adventures (Special) as one of the main characters) who has captured every Pokémon. Hazel — (called Maron in the Japanese series) is the main character of Magical Pokémon Journey. She's a bubble-headed blonde who's madly in love with her friend Almond, and adores cute Pokémon such as Pikachu and Clefairy. As a child, she was an irrepressible tomboy who enjoyed playing pranks on her friend Almond; now that she's older, she's still quite hyper, but in a more girlish way. Haruka — She is the star of the sequel series to Magical Pokémon Journey, Pokémon Chamo Chamo Pretty. Her goal is to be a Pokémon Coordinator and is helped out by her Torchic. Akai Isamu — (nicknamed Red) He is the protagonist of the Pokémon Pocket Monsters manga. Professor Oak gives him a Pokédex so that he can collect as much data on Pokémon as possible. His starter is a rude Clefairy who gets him into more trouble than he bargained for. Shuu — In his series, Pokémon Getto Da Ze, he goes on amusing misadventures with his Pikachu, with whom he communicates due to a device called an In-Com. [edit] Companions Blue (Green in Japan) — Blue is Red's rival in Pokémon Adventures (Pokémon Special in Japan), and the grandson of Professor Oak. The character of Gary Oak is based on him. Green (Blue in Japan) — Green is a wily con-artist in Pokémon Adventures (Pokémon Special in Japan). She tricks Red out of his money and Gym Badges, shadows Yellow, and later (platonically) partners up with Silver. (Green is one of the default names for the rival in Pokémon FireRed.) The optionally female version of the protagonist from Pokémon FireRed, and LeafGreen is similar in appearance to Green, although this is more likely a case of the games following the manga than the typical case of the manga following the games. Yellow — A girl who disguises herself as a boy in Green/Blue (Blue in Japan)'s instructions in order to find Red, who has mysteriously disappeared sometime in Vol. 4 of Pokémon Adventures. She has only a Rattata and Doduo, along with Pikachu, to help her on her quest. Silver — Usually chasing Gold away because he feels that Gold is only hindering him on his missions, he fights alongside Gold, Crystal, and the others from the earlier series to stop the Masked Man's plans. Crystal — A capture pro whose team was specifically designed for this purpose, Crystal has caught almost every single species and recorded the data for Kanto and Johto Pokémon and is the first trainer to finish the Pokédex. Rui — Rui (whose name can be changed) is Wes's companion in Pokémon Colosseum, and she aids him with her unique ability to see the dark aura of Shadow Pokémon (something that normally requires a special Aura Reader to see). She is the granddaughter of Eagun, the guardian of the shrine in Agate Village. [edit] Antagonists [edit] The rival The main character's rival in the video games has a number of default names, but he (or she) roughly corresponds to several other characters in the Pokémon anime and Pokémon Adventures (Pokémon Special in Japan). (Note that not all of the corresponding characters are rivals or antagonists to the protagonist in the anime or in Pokémon Adventures, however.) In the Pokémon video games, the rivals will always pick a starter Pokémon which has a type advantage over the player's own. Pokémon Red, Blue, FireRed, and LeafGreen — This rival is pushy and competitive, but is generally a good Pokémon Trainer. He is the grandson of Professor Oak. Gary Oak in the anime and Blue in Pokémon Adventures is based on this rival, although in the manga he is instead cold and aloof. In Pokémon Gold, Silver, and Crystal, this rival (named "Blue" in the game) runs the Viridian City Gym, replacing the now-missing Giovanni. He also has a sister named Daisy. This rival also is fond of saying "Smell ya later". Pokémon Gold, Silver, and Crystal — This character steals his first Pokémon from Professor Elm, and tends to see Pokémon as tools, to use and discard, although not in the Pokémon Adventures. Unlike the first rival, his view on Pokémon makes him a mediocre trainer (evidenced by his name not being on the "winning trainers list" in the Pokémon Gym buildings), though the sage in the Sprout Tower recognises that he is talented has great potential. He says his name is "???", but the player may also choose a name for him. This rival doesn't appear in the anime mainly, but is featured in the Japanese opening for Pokémon Chronicles. however, Paul acts very similar to Silver, and appears to have the same attitude and taste towards Pokémon as Silver. The rival is featured in Pokémon Adventures as Silver. It is hinted that he is the son of Giovanni at the end of FireRed and LeafGreen by a scientist in the Team Rocket warehouse in the Sevii Islands. Once the character has defeated the scientist, he


states "Who are you? You're not Giovanni's kid..? No, he has red hair". Pokémon Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald — In this game there are two different rivals but more supportive unlike rivals in prior games. The first rival is the opposite gender of the protagonist and has an agreeable and encouraging attitude. his name is Brendan, and is the child of Professor Birch (and goes on to work as his assistant after the protagonist defeats the Elite Four). The female main character/rival is the basis for May in the anime. You cannot name your rival in these games. May is your rival's name if you choose the male trainer, and Brendan is your rival's name if you choose the female. Another one of your rivals is your protégé, Wally. In the beginning, he is a sickly young boy who needs help in catching a Pokémon. He goes to your dad for advice but then your dad tells you to help him catch a Pokémon. You use your dad's Zigzagoon to help catch him a Ralts. The next time he battles you, he seems better of his sickness and is in tune with his Pokémon. He battles you for the last official time near Victory Road and waits there, always ready for another battle from you. Pokémon Diamond and Pearl — In this game there are two rivals. One is the opposite gender of your character and is one of Rowan's assistants. If you prefer to be a boy then your rival will have the name of Dawn. If you desire to be a girl then your rival’s given name will be Lucas. In both cases, they won't fight you, but rather aid you in your quest. The other rival (who can be named at the player's choice) is a blond-headed boy who is impatient and determined to be the best Trainer of all time. His father, Palmer, owns the Battle Tower in Sinnoh, and his skill and wanderlust has apparently rubbed off on his son. At times he'll aid the player, but, more often than not, he'll pick fights with the player. He tends to crash into people quite often as he runs about. His final official battle with the player is in the Fight Area, and he can be fought again during weekends. Pokémon Trading Card Game and Pokémon Trading Card Game 2 — In these game, the player's main rival is a boy by the name of Ronald, who is portrayed as egotistical and greedy. In Pokémon Trading Card Game, Ronald appears throughout the game to antagonize the player and acts as the game's final boss; in Pokémon Trading Card Game 2, Ronald is shown to be a member of Team Great Rocket. Pokémon chronicles Vincent is the rival of Jimmy [edit] Team Rocket Main article: Team Rocket Team Rocket is an international crime organization in the games, manga, and anime, primarily interested in stealing Pokémon and world domination, but involved in sundry other crimes. Jessica "Jessie" (Musashi)(23 years old), James (Kojiro)(23 years old), and Meowth (ニャース – Nyāsu) — Jessie, James, and Meowth are the bumbling antagonists to the main characters in the anime. They appear in every episode (except the first, "Pokémon, I Choose You!") of the anime trying to steal Ash's Pikachu, among other petty crimes or miscellaneous mischief. They made several appearances in Pokémon Yellow: Special Pikachu Edition. The names are derived from the famous outlaw Jesse James. Giovanni(45 years old); Giovanni the head of Rocket in the games, anime, and manga. He is also the Viridian City Gym Leader (save for in Pokémon Gold, Silver, and Crystal). Butch (Kosaburo)(23 years old) and Cassidy (Yamato)(23 years old); In the anime, these two are more-abrasive, much-more-competent members of Team Rocket. They appear infrequently in the main Pokémon anime, but they make frequent recurring appearances in Pokémon Chronicles. The names are derived from the outlaw Butch Cassidy. A constant running gag is that everyone keeps forgetting Butch's name, prompting him to angrily correct them. Cassidy's appearance is identical to that of female rocket grunts in Pokémon Gold, Silver, and Crystal. Professor Sebastion (Shiranui-Hakase) (50 years old); In the anime, he is a scientist that supplies Team Rocket with various gadgets. These gadgets include an "Evolution Inducer", a machine used to create a super-powerful red-colored Gyarados through forced evolution, and the "Electric Crystal System", a magnetic device used in Pokémon Chronicles to attempt to ensnare Raikou. Tyson (Tatsumi) (40 years old); A high-ranking Rocket Agent who accompanied Professor Sebastion in the "Red Gyarados" episodes. Professor Nanba (Nanba-Hakase) (60 years old); A Team Rocket scientist who planned to use the power of Lugia's rage to conquer the world. His Pokémon is Electabuzz. Often works with Cassidy and Butch. He makes recurring appearances in Pokémon Chronicles. Mondo (21 years old); A junior member of Team Rocket that assisted Jessie and James. Only referred to in the CD radio dramas in Japan. Mask of Ice — The leader of Team Rocket in the Gold/Silver arc of Pokémon Adventures. Mask of Ice is later revealed to actually be Pryce, leader of the Mahogany Town Pokémon Gym. Domino(18 years old); Code-named the Black Tulip. She is sent by Giovanni to look for Mewtwo. Iron Masked Marauder (Vicious) (35 years old); In Pokémon 4Ever - Celebi: Voice of the Forest, he is trying to capture Celebi using a Dark Ball. Said to be a Team Rocket Executive by Jessie/James/Meowth. Annie (Zanna) and Oakley (Rion) (both 23 years old); A pair of independent thieves (though in the American version, it is said they work for Team Rocket which most likely isn't true). In Pokémon Heroes, they seek to capture Latias and Latios. They are noted for their high fashion and outrageous coiffures. The names are derived from the show


performer Annie Oakley. Attilla (Buson) and Hun (Bashou) (both 28 years old); A pair of high-ranking Rocket agents. In Pokémon Chronicles, these two accompanied Professor Sebastion in trying to capture Raikou. The names are derived from Attila the Hun. For unknown reasons, Hun (Bashou) was changed to a female in the American and Spanish dubs. However, he was never referred to as a man (only collectively with Atilla as "those men"), so he may just be a man with a female voice. On'na Boss(65 years old) (deceased); Giovanni's (Sakaki's) mother and the former head (and possibly founder) of Team Rocket. Often known by fans as Madame Boss. Only referred to in the CD radio dramas in Japan. Miyamoto(30 years old) (deceased); Jessie's (Musashi's) mother and agent of Team Rocket. Disappears while on a mission to capture Mew. Only referred to in the CD radio dramas in Japan. Drill-Sergeant Viper (35 years old): introduced in the episode Training Daze as the man responsible for training new recruits. Siam — Appears in the Pokémon Adventures manga. Siam, along with Karen, Green, Silver, and Kartz, is one of the children kidnapped by the Mask of Ice and raised to be his servants. Siam was one of the leaders of the new Team Rocket formed in Johto. Kartz — Appears in the Pokémon Adventures manga. Kartz, along with Karen, Green, Silver, and Siam, is one of the children kidnapped by the Mask of Ice and raised to be his servants. Kartz was one of the leaders of the new Team Rocket formed in Johto. The Beast Warrior Trio: Oca, Jagura, and Storc — Appears in the Pokémon Adventures manga. They are a trio of highly skilled Rockets who served Giovanni while he operated out of the Sevii Islands. [edit] Other rivals Mewtwo — In Pokémon: The First Movie, Mewtwo, who is angered at humans because it believed that all humans treated their Pokémon as slaves and was created only as a servant, attempts to take a counterattack on humans. It is foiled by the efforts of Ash working together with Mew. Mewtwo then becomes somewhat of an anti-hero. Lawrence III(35 years old); In Pokémon: The Movie 2000, he is a collector who seeks to steal Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres to awaken Lugia. He started his collection with a Mew Card. Team Aqua and Team Magma — These two opposing groups each seek to cause huge laterations to the planet's ecosystem. Aqua wishes to expand the seas by awakening Kyogre, and Magma wants to do the same with the land through Groudon. Hunter J — A female Pokémon Hunter wanted by the authorities for stealing Pokémon from other Trainers and selling them to various clients for profit. As well as being a powerful Trainer, J leads a small army of henchmen and machines to aid in her jobs. She has appeared in several episodes of the anime so far, and more appearances are likely. She bears some resemblance to Wes from Pokémon Colosseum, though most likely due to coincidence. Cipher — In Pokémon Colosseum, Team Cipher is creating and distributing Shadow Pokémon. Es Cade/Evice — Evice is the secretive head of Team Cipher, but spends most of his time posing as Es Cade, the somewhat absent-minded mayor of Phenac City. Nascour — Nascour is the public leader of Team Cipher, often seen directing Cipher operations. Miror B — This flamboyant disco fan, who has a quartet of dancing Ludicolo, is initially a Cipher administrator. He reappears later in Pokémon XD, as a roving, independent Pokémon thief. Dakim, Venus, and Ein — These three are Team Cipher's administrators. Dakim and Venus are in charge of distributing Shadow Pokémon, and Ein is in charge of research. Each of them has one of the three Legendary Beasts (Entei, Suicune, and Raikou). Revived Cipher — In Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness, Cipher revives five years after Colosseum ends, with a new leader, several new Admins and their dreaded secret weapon, XD001 (Shadow Lugia). Greevil — Evice's replacement in Pokémon XD as Cipher's new leader. Often disguised as the kindly aristocrat Mr. Verich. Ardos and Eldes — Greevil's twin sons, who serve as his most trusted bodyguards. Ardos wears all blue to match his hair; while Eldes wears red. Interestingly, Eldes also seems to have a good side, showing up at points in the game to give the protagonist wise advice, while Ardos seems to not have any compassion in him at all. Snattle — Admin of Cipher during Greevil's reign. He serves Cipher in hopes of being Orre's new governor. Lovrina and Gorigan — A pair of Admins in charge of general work around Orre. Team Snagem — Team Snagem, led by Gonzap, is a gang of Pokémon thieves headquartered in southeastern Orre. Partnered with Team Cipher, they have access to various Pokémon-stealing devices. Of particular note is the Snag Machine Gauntlet, which Wes steals from them at the beginning of Pokémon Colosseum. In Pokémon XD, it's revealed that Team Snagem was betrayed by Team Cipher sometime after Colosseum ended, and Gonzap has swore revenge on them. Although they initially give


Michael (the hero of XD) trouble by stealing his Snag Machine, they later team up with him after realizing that Michael also wants to stop Team Cipher. Phobos Battalion — In Pokémon Trozei, an evil organization attempting to steal massive numbers of Pokémon in order to power the Phobosphere. Team Galactic— In Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, they are the evil team tormenting the region of Sinnoh. They desire to reshape time and space to their preferred designs. Mars and Jupiter — A pair of Team Galactic Commanders. Both are female. Saturn — A young man who is Team Galactic's top Commander. Cyrus — The boss of Team Galactic. His emotionless personality is said to result from an encounter with the Legendary Pokémon Mesprit. Go-Rock Squad— In Pokémon Ranger, they are the evil team who cause trouble with the Capture Styler, a device used to control Pokémon Temporarily in the Fiore Region Gordor — The boss of the Go-Rock Squad. He was originally Prof. Hastings' assistant, but left him out of his rage for never getting any credit in their research. Go-Rock Quads — A quartet of high-ranking members in the Go-Rock Squad, all of them siblings. Posing as a music band, they hide their Stylers in their instruments. [edit] Pokémon League The Pokémon League is a little-described organization that organizes and certifies Pokémon Gyms and Pokémon tournaments. Becoming the Pokémon League Champion is one of the main goals in the video games, as well as one of Ash's stated goals in life in the anime. The members of the Pokémon League have differing roles depending on where they appear; in the video games, they are the one-time "boss" opponents the player has to overcome to progress through the game, in the anime, they are usually one-time challengers Ash has to face to become the Pokémon League Champion, and in the manga, they are alternately enemies or allies to the protagonists, depending on their individual motivations. [edit] Gym Leaders Main article: Pokémon Gym Gym Leaders lead Pokémon Gyms, and offer Gym Badges to Pokémon trainers who can defeat them in a challenge. Usually, this challenge takes the form of a Pokémon battle, but, occasionally, the challenges are a trial of skill or endurance, or the badges are given in return for extraordinary services rendered. Each region has at least eight Gym Leaders at a time (except for the Orange Islands, which only have five)And Orre which only has one. Any trainer who earns a Gym Badge from eight Gyms is eligible to go on to face the Elite Four or participate in the Pokémon League Championships, as appropriate. [edit] Kanto Main article: List of Kanto Gym Leaders Brock — Gym Leader of Pewter City and an expert on Rock-type Pokémon. In the Pokémon anime, he joins Ash on his adventure, leaving his post to his father, Flint. However, in Pokémon Chronicles (Pokémon Sunday in Japan), he returns to find his mother leading the gym, using Water-type Pokémon. Flint — Brock's father in the anime. An expert on Rock-type Pokémon, he leads the Pewter City Gym in Brock's absence. Misty — Gym Leader of Cerulean City and an expert in Water-type Pokémon. In the anime, she leaves this post for a time to join Ash on his adventure. In Pokémon Chronicles (Pokémon Sunday in Japan), Misty returns to take over as the Gym Leader from her sisters, and becomes one of the main characters, often co-starring with Tracey Sketchit, Casey or one of her of sisters, Daisy, Lily and Violet. Daisy, Lily and Violet — Misty's sisters in the anime. They run the Cerulean City Gym in her absence. They often call Misty "the runt". Lt. Surge — An expert in Electric-type Pokémon. He's ex-military, but retains the lieutenant title, at the Vermilion City gym. According to the video games, he is an American. Erika — An expert in Grass-type Pokémon. Operates a women-only Pokémon Gym (which doubles as a greenhouse) in Celadon City. In the anime, Erika also works as a perfume maker. Sabrina — A specialist in Psychic-type Pokémon, in Saffron City. In the anime, she is a cold, emotionless woman with telekinesis and other psychic powers, who holds a doll that is really her childlike happiness manifested into doll form. In the videogame the protagonist is told of how she beat the leader of 'The Fighting Dojo' (the gym next door) by robbing it of its gym status. Kiyo — Kiyo leads a martial arts gym in Saffron City, and, until an unspecified amount of time before the events of Pokémon Red, Blue, Yellow, FireRed, and LeafGreen, was either a Gym Leader or an aspiring Gym Leader. Either way, his prospects as a Gym Leader were dashed after Sabrina and her Gym of Psychic-type Pokémon defeated him and his followers. Koga — An expert on Poison-type Pokémon. Runs the Fuchsia City gym in Pokémon Red, Blue,Yellow, FireRed and LeafGreen. Later joins the Elite Four. Janine — An expert in Poison-type Pokémon. Janine is Koga's daughter, and in Pokémon Gold and Silver takes over the Fuchsia City Pokémon Gym after her father joins the Elite Four. She makes the Gym's invisible maze even more confusing by filling it with lesser Pokémon trainers disguised as herself, to mislead challengers. Blaine — An expert in Fire-type Pokémon. Originally resided on Cinnabar Island, but moved to the Seafoam Islands after Cinnabar was destroyed by a volcano. Giovanni — The leader of Team Rocket. Runs the Viridian City Gym in Pokémon Red, Blue, Pokémon Yellow, FireRed and LeafGreen. Blue — In Pokémon Gold, Silver, and Crystal, Blue, the rival from Pokémon Red and Blue, runs the Viridian City Gym (replacing Giovanni). Agatha — In


the anime, she is an Elite Four member that served as the temporary leader of the Viridian City Gym following Giovanni's disappearance. [edit] Orange Islands Main article: List of Orange Islands Gym Leaders These Gym Leaders, save for Danny and Rudy[citation needed], appear only in the anime. Cissy — Cissy is an expert on Water-type Pokémon, and challenges Ash to a water gun accuracy contest and a surfing race instead of a battle. Danny — Danny challenges Ash to climb a mountain, freeze a geyser, and sled-race down the mountain. Rudy — A Pokémon trainer and dance instructor. He is very protective of his little sister, Mahri. Luana — A specialist in two-on-two Pokémon battles. She also owns and operates a hotel, and has a son, Travis, who looks much like Ash, who also has a Pikachu sitting on his shoulder while starting off on his journey. She has the ability to run fast, probably only during the point she was running to Travis look-a-like Ash. Drake — Drake is the head of the Orange Islands Gym Leaders. (He is unrelated to the Drake that resides in Hoenn.) Drake was undefeated, until Ash defeats him. There is confusion, as there are tons of photos and hand print plasters of champions, which Ash did upon victory. [edit] Johto Main article: List of Johto Gym Leaders Falkner — Violet City Gym Leader and an expert on Flying-type Pokémon. Bugsy — Azalea Town Gym Leader and an expert on Bug-type Pokémon. Whitney — Goldenrod City Gym Leader and an expert on Normal-type Pokémon. Morty — Ecruteak City Gym Leader and an expert on Ghost-type Pokémon. Chuck — Cianwood City Gym Leader and an expert on Fighting-type Pokémon. Jasmine — Olivine City Gym Leader and an expert on Steel-type Pokémon. Pryce — Mahogany Town Gym Leader and an expert on Ice-type Pokémon. In the Pokémon Adventures manga, Pryce leads Neo Team Rocket under the alias of The Mask of Ice. Claire — Blackthorn City Gym Leader and an expert on Dragon-type Pokémon. It is thought that Claire may be a relative of Lance, the dragon trainer from the Red, Blue, Yellow, Leaf Green, and Fire Red Elite four. They are both believed to be related to Drake, the dragon trainer from the Ruby/Sapphire Elite four. [edit] Hoenn Main article: List of Hoenn Gym Leaders Roxanne — Rustboro City Gym Leader and an expert on Rock-type Pokémon. She is also a student at the Pokémon Trainer's School in Rustboro. Brawly — Dewford Town Gym Leader and an expert on Fighting-type Pokémon. In the anime, he also has a private island which has a training facility and a battle field that has geysers on it. He used to train with Bruno, the Elite Four member from Kanto. Wattson — Mauville City Gym Leader and an expert on Electric-type Pokémon. An old man, Wattson is almost always seen smiling and likes a good joke. In the anime, any visitor who enters the Gym by the front door takes as an inadvertent roller coaster ride, ending up against a mechanical Raikou. Flannery — Lavaridge Town Gym Leader and an expert on Fire-type Pokémon. Norman — Petalburg City Gym Leader and an expert on Normal-type Pokémon. In Pokémon Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald, Norman is the protagonist's father. In the anime, he is the father of May and Max and Caroline's husband. Winona — Fortree City Gym Leader and an expert on Flying-type Pokémon. Tate & Liza — The twins are the Mossdeep City Gym Leaders and experts on Psychic-type Pokémon. Wallace — Wallace is the Sootopolis City Gym Leader in Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire. He is an expert on Water-type Pokémon. In Pokémon Emerald, Wallace becomes the Pokémon League Champion, leaving the post of Gym Leader to his mentor, Juan. Juan — An expert on Water-type Pokémon. He was Wallace's mentor and ran the Sootopolis City Gym before him. After Wallace became the Pokémon League Champion, he returned to run the Gym. In the anime, there is no mention of any Sootopolis gym leader other than Juan himself. [edit] Sinnoh Main article: List of Sinnoh Gym Leaders Roark — Oreburgh City Gym Leader and an expert on Rock-type Pokémon. A challenger who defeats him in battle wins the Coal Badge. His father is Byron, who is the Leader of another Sinnoh Pokémon Gym. Gardenia — Eterna City Gym Leader and an expert on Grass-type Pokémon. A challenger who defeats her in battle wins the Forest Badge. Maylene — Veilstone City Gym Leader and an expert on Fighting-type Pokémon. A challenger who defeats her in battle wins the Cobble Badge. Crasher Wake — Pastoria City Gym Leader and an expert on Water-type Pokémon. A challenger who defeats him in battle wins the Fen Badge. Fantina — Hearthome City Gym Leader and an expert on Ghost-type Pokémon. A challenger who defeats her in battle earns the Relic Badge. Byron — Canalave City Gym Leader and an expert on Steel-type Pokémon. A challenger who defeats him in an official battle earns the Mine Badge. He is the father of Roark, who is also a Gym Leader. Candice — Snowpoint City Gym Leader and an expert on Ice-type Pokémon. A challenger who defeats her in battle earns the Icicle Badge. Volkner — The Sunyshore City Gym Leader and an expert on Electric-type Pokémon. His name is derived from the word "volt", and possibly the name of Johto's Violet City Gym Leader Falkner. A challenger who defeats him in battle earns the Beacon Badge, the last of the eight Sinnoh Gym Badges. [edit] Members of the Elite Four The Elite Four (四天王, Shitennō?, lit. "Four Heavenly Kings") are fictional characters in the Pokémon video game series, anime, and manga. In the video games, the player must defeat these powerful Pokémon Trainers to complete the game. Within the video games the Elite Four acts as an order of exceptionally skilled Pokémon trainers consisting of four member trainers of ascending rank led by a more powerful trainer known as the 'Pokémon Champion'. The position of 'Pokémon Champion' is constantly open to challenge as any Pokémon trainer who defeats the Champion in a Pokémon battle automatically earns the title for him/herself. Whenever the title of champion is passed on it is honored by an inauguration into the Hall Of


Fame. In order to earn the right to challenge the Champion, one must first defeat the four member trainers in order of ascending rank in a series of consecutive battles. However, before battling the Elite Four, the trainer must first gather the eight Pokémon Gym Badges of his/her respective region. With the exception of the Orre region in the games Pokémon Colosseum and Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness each region appears to possess its own Elite Four with its own individual members. However, the structuring and operation of each Elite Four organization remains identical regardless of the difference in members and location. In the Gold, Silver and Crystal set of games the Johto region appears to share joint custody of a single Elite Four organisation with the Kanto region. [edit] Kanto members The Kanto Elite Four act as the Elite Four in the original series of Pokémon games consisting of Pokémon Red, Blue, Green and Yellow versions as well as in Pokémon Fire Red and Leaf Green versions which act as remakes of the original games. Within the timeline of the games series they are eventually also given the status as the 'Johto Elite Four'. [edit] Lorelei Lorelei (カンナ, Lorelei? Kanna in original Japanese language versions), known as Prima in the English anime, is a specialist on Ice-type Pokémon. In Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen, during the Sevii Islands quest which was not present in the original games, it is revealed that Lorelei is from Four Island in the Sevii Islands and that she collects Pokémon Dolls. After completing the sequence of events on Four Island during the Sevii Islands quest in Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen the Elite Four undergo a change in their Pokémon rosters. In Lorelei's case all of her Pokémon are boosted by several levels and the Slowbro in her team is replaced with a Piloswine. In the anime Lorelei appeared in the anime in the Orange Islands series, though she was called Prima. The episode she appeared in was titled "The Mandarin Island Miss Match." As in the games, she is a member of the Elite Four, and is one of the few characters specifically referred to as a Pokémon Master. Misty is shown to idolize her. Lorelei battled Ash in a one-on-one match between his Pikachu and her Cloyster, and won. When Team Rocket attempted to take her powerful Pokémon, Lorelei took out her Jynx, who quickly sent them flying with its Ice Punch. In the manga Lorelei is a villain in the Pokémon Adventures manga. She is one of the Elite Four, and along with Bruno, Agatha, and Lance - she tried to take over the world and kill all humans who weren't nice to Pokémon. She freezes Red and Sabrina in ice, causing them severe injuries that continue to harm them for several years. She has the ability to make voodoo dolls out of ice. Blue and Sabrina defeated her at Cerise Island. Lorelei vanished for several years, and has only recently made another appearance. She saved Red and Blue from Team Rocket's Beast Warrior Trio. She decided to ally herself with Red and Blue, because Team Rocket invaded her home, the Sevii Islands. [edit] Bruno Bruno (シバ, Bruno? Shiba in original Japanese language versions) is an expert on Fighting-types. In the video games Bruno raises fighting-type Pokémon, living with them and training with them. He joins the Elite Four out of a desire to challenge the best trainers. Throughout the series, he has a tendency to start a battle with the phrase "hoo-hah!" He battles with two Onix, a Hitmonlee, a Hitmonchan, and a Machamp in both the original versions and the remakes. However, like Lorelei's team the levels of his Pokémon vary slightly between originals and remakes. After completing the events on Four Island in Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen, all of his Pokémon receive an increase in levels and his pair of Onix will have both evolved into Steelix. Bruno regularly visits the Sevii Islands. He and his Pokémon use the spa on One Island, and he visits Two Island to buy Rage Candybars. Bruno also serves as a member of the 'Johto Elite Four' in Pokémon Gold, Silver and Crystal, and he once trained with Brawly, a Gym Leader of Hoenn. Bruno continues to be a member of the Elite Four in the Silver and Gold versions, adding Hitmontop to his team while dropping one of his two Onix. The rest of his team remains unchanged except in Level and Moveset. While Bruno served as the second member of the 'Kanto Elite Four' he acts as the third member of the 'Johto Elite Four'. In the anime Bruno was first seen in the very first episode, being one of the combatants Ash was watching on TV. While Ash was training for the Indigo League Championships, Ash and company learned of a guy named Bruno training deep in the mountains. Bruno said he had a great secret to becoming a great pokémon trainer after meeting them. Desperate to have him reveal his secret, Ash and Brock did various "chores" for him in which their Pokémon helped out too. In the middle of the episode, a giant Onix attacked the group, and Brock tried to use his own Onix to defeat it, but failed. Bruno tried to calm the Onix, but was unsuccessful at first. He told Onix to calm down and that he wasn't going to harm it, and that did the trick. It turned out that the Onix was in pain due to a Sandslash that was lodged deep inside Onix's rocky body. Bruno eventually caught the Onix and added it to his team. At the end of the episode, Ash asked him what the secret to becoming a great trainer was, and Bruno answered that he had no secret, and that true success comes from the feelings, trust, and bonds you have and share with your Pokémon. In the manga In the Pokémon Adventures manga, Bruno was primarily a villain. He challenged Red to a Pokémon battle in a remote area. He then offered a position on the Elite Four to Red, but Red refused so Lorelei froze him. Later, the Elite Four tried to wipe out most of humanity from Cerise Island. Bill, Lt. Surge, and Red teamed up to defeat Bruno. It was later revealed that Bruno was an unwilling member. Agatha used the mind controlling abilities of her Ghost-type Pokémon to


force Bruno to join. Without any place to go, Bruno formed a new version of the Elite Four in Johto, with three other ex-members of criminal organizations: Will, Karen, and Koga. Bruno attaches his Poké Balls to the ends of a set of nunchaku. The force of him using the weapon causes his Pokémon to be released at high speeds, giving him the advantage in battles. Brawly is a former training partner of Bruno's. [edit] Agatha Agatha (キクコ, Agatha? Kikuko in original Japanese language versions) is the oldest member of Kanto's Elite Four and the third member players will face. Her English name probably comes from its similarity to hag; the word aghast, meaning struck with terror; or Agatha Christie, the mystery writer. Agatha is an expert on Poison-type Pokémon; however, most of her Pokémon share the Ghost type as well (note that all Ghost-types available in Generation I were dual Poison-types). She battles with a pair of Gengar, a Golbat, a Haunter, and an Arbok in both the original versions and the remakes, once again with a slight variation in levels. Like the rest of the 'Kanto Elite Four' after the events on Four Island in Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen her Pokémon roster also gains several levels and the Haunter in her team is replaced with a Misdreavus. Agatha and Professor Oak were once friendly rivals in their youth, and it appears that Agatha may have once had a crush on Oak. However, their relationship has grown bitter and strained over the years because Agatha believes he (Oak) was too weak to continue competing. A Pokémon Journal entry states that she and Oak were once fierce rivals. Oak retired to his Pokédex, while Agatha moved up and into ranks of the Elite Four. In the anime Agatha appears in Advanced Generation episode 132 - The Scheme Team as a temporary leader for the Viridian City Gym. Her anime appearance is loosely based on her appearance in Fire Red and Leaf Green. As in the games, she is a member of the Elite Four. As Ash returns from Hoenn, he passes through Viridian City, and finds the Pokémon Gym completely rebuilt. While in Viridian City, he meets Scott, an agent for the Battle Frontier, and Agatha, the temporary Leader of the reformed Gym. Agatha asks Ash if he has come for a Gym Badge, but since Ash already has the badge for this gym, they just fight for fun. The battle is a one on one battle between Ash's Pikachu and Agatha's Gengar in which, after a fierce fight, Gengar wins the battle. Agatha also has a Golbat which she uses while fighting Team Rocket. In the manga After Lance, Agatha is the main villain in the Pokémon Adventures Yellow manga. Agatha was one of the Elite Four who tried to destroy most of humanity from their base on Cerise Island. She fought against Green and Koga, and seemingly vanished after her defeat. Agatha used the mind-controlling powers of her Ghost-type Pokémon to control Bruno against his will. [edit] Lance Lance (ワタル, Lance? Wataru in original Japanese language versions) specializes in dragon Pokémon. He is Claire's cousin, having previously trained with her in Blackthorn City. He is said to be one of the best Pokémon trainers in their world. In the video games In the video games, Lance is the leader of both the Kanto and Johto Elite Four with his signature Pokémon being Dragonite. In the 'Kanto Elite Four' of Pokémon Red/Blue/Yellow/Green/Fire Red/Leaf Green Lance acts as both the fourth and final member as well as the Champion until Blue defeats him and claims the title. He battles solely with Dragon-types. In the 'Johto Elite Four' Lance acts solely in the capacity of champion. The position of fourth and final member is taken by Karen. His Pokémon Gold and Silver lineup closely resembles that of his original line up. In all of the video games, he is best known to be an expert on Dragon-types. He is also well known for having Pokémon that are supposedly "impossible to beat". In Pokémon Gold and Silver, the player encounters Lance near the Lake of Rage after Gold had defeated (or caught) the red Gyarados, which was in a rage from Team Rocket's schemes. Lance compliments him on his skills, and the two of them go to where Lance believed the signal which sent the Gyarados into the rage originated. This area turned out to be a shop inside of Mahogany Town, which was actually a front for Team Rocket's hideout. The Gym Leader of Blackthorn City, Claire, is his cousin. Claire seems to fear him, as he is the only one who has defeated her. He was also the first person in many years to pass the Dragon User's challenge, a rite of passage into the Dragon Clan, which Claire has not yet been able to pass herself. Some assume that the leader of the clan is his grandfather. In the anime Lance appears in seasons five and eight of the Pokémon anime. He is described as a Pokémon G-Man, and it is his job to go undercover and learn of the plans of the evil teams. In Johto, he helps Ash and crew defeat Team Rocket and catches the red Gyarados used in their experiments. In Hoenn, he turns up to stop the battle between Groudon and Kyogre. In the manga In the manga, Lance is the leader of


the Elite Four, and has a large army of Dragonites, Aerodactyls and Dragonairs. He desired to destroy humanity due to all of the pollution and their hurting of Pokémon. The ultimate end result would be a world for Pokémon and the Elite Four alone. He planned to utilize the Pokémon Badge Amplifier and use the energy of the badges to create a Lugia and use it to control all of the Pokémon; using them to destroy the humans. He was stopped by Yellow when she used the Megavolt and deflected the energy of the badges to the world and filled it with plants and trees. Lance had wanted to destroy humanity ever since he was a child when he witnessed a Dratini and Magikarp hurt by the pollution of a factory. Lance reappears in the GSC arc in Olivine City. He was confronted by Silver, and told him that his Pokémon were hurt because of Silver's lack of love (apparently, Lance once had this problem, but resolved it). For a year after that, Lance sends Silver on various missions and lends him a Tyranitar. Lance was the person who first grasped the idea that Pryce, the Mask of Ice, wanted to control time. [edit] Johto members [edit] Will Will (イツキ, Will? Itsuki in original Japanese language versions) is a trainer of Psychic-type Pokémon who is noted for his peculiar appearance—formal clothes and a mask that covers most of his face. His name could derive from "willing" or from "illusionist". The name 'Will' could also be seen as a pun for the fact that he uses Psychic-type Pokémon, as their power depends on the strength of their mind. He uses an Alakazam to beat challengers Will's hair falls over the left side of his face, leading to his left eye being whited out in some depictions. This has spurred debate as to whether he has one eye or two. In the manga, his appearance is slightly different; he always wears a peculiar smile, both his eyes can be seen, and he wears a clown's ruff around his neck. Interestingly, his Japanese name Itsuki is shared with a character from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Itsuki Koizumi, who is an esper. The Psychic-type, Will's preference, is known as the Esper type in Japan. In the manga Will, along with Karen, Blue, Silver, Shum, and Cart, is one of the children kidnapped by the Mask of Ice and raised to be his servants. Will was one of the leaders of the Neo Team Rocket formed in Johto. After the defeat of the Mask of Ice, he and Karen met Koga and Bruno. Together, the four formed a new Elite Four, and have not been heard of since. [edit] Koga Koga (キョウ, Koga? Kyō in original Japanese language versions) is a Poison-type trainer. His name is a reference to the Koga-ryu school of ninjutsu. In the video games In Pokémon Red and Blue, Koga operates the Fuchsia City gym, which is also a training ground for the ninja arts. He is also part of the guard that protects the border of the Safari Zone. Unlike many characters in the game, he has a habit of randomly switching Pokémon in and out[citation needed]. Later, in Pokémon Gold and Silver, he was promoted to the Elite Four, relieving the duties of Fuchsia City gym leader to his daughter Janine. He is the second member of Johto's Elite Four that the player must face and is an expert on Poison types. He is generally thought of as a ninja-like character. In the anime In the Pokémon anime, Koga is true to his ninja-like character in that his gym is full of trap doors, booby-traps, invisible walls, and other such hidden items. After Ash, Misty, and Brock make their way around these, and finally locate Koga, Ash Challenges him to a match. Team Rocket interrupts the match, but are defeated with the help of Misty's Psyduck. A rematch occurs outside, with Ash winning. As an elte four member, he uses his Venomoth In the manga In the GSC saga of Pokémon Adventures, Koga, is an ex-Team Rocket executive, and part of the former Team Rocket Triad (composed of Lt. Surge, Sabrina, and himself). During the Silph Co. battle, he uses Articuno, along with his poison Pokémon, in order to battle Red and Blue. After the fall of Team Rocket, he vanished along with the rest of Team Rocket. In this time his gym had been taken over by his daughter, Janine. His Arbok is able to regrow any part of its body so long as the head is still intact (its tail was once cut off once by Agatha's Arbok and lost half of its body to Blue's Charmeleon). He is last seen at the end of the GSC saga, when he joins Will, Karen, and Bruno to help form an Elite Four. [edit] Bruno Bruno (シバ, Bruno? Shiba in original Japanese language versions) is an expert on Fighting-types. Bruno continues to be a member of the Elite Four in the Silver and Gold versions, adding Hitmontop to his team while dropping one of his two Onix. The rest of his team remains unchanged except in Level and Moveset. While Bruno served as the second member of the 'Kanto Elite Four' he acts as the third member of the 'Johto Elite Four'. [edit] Karen Karen (カリン, Karen? Karin in original Japanese language versions) is a powerful trainer of Dark-type Pokémon. Her names in various other localizations refer to darkness or the night, most likely due to her outfit in each version of the franchise: an elegant short-skirted black dress with matching high heels, making her something of a femme fatale. In the Pokémon Trading Card Game, Karen appears in the Pokémon VS cards. She also appears on two Technical Machines: Karen's TM01 and Karen's TM02. In Pokémon Gold, Silver and Crystal, Karen is the fourth and final member of the Elite Four. She must be defeated before facing Lance, the League Champion. In the Pokémon Adventures manga, Karen, along with Will, Green, Silver, Shum, and Cart, is one of the children kidnapped by the Mask of Ice and raised to be his servants. Karen was one of the leaders of the new Team Rocket formed in Johto. After the Mask of Ice was defeated, Karen formed an


alliance with Bruno, Will, and Koga; the four of them all ex-members of various criminal organizations. In this manga, she uses an Eevee (which evolves into an Umbreon) and two separate Murkrow. [edit] Hoenn members [edit] Sidney Sidney (カゲツ, Sidney? Kagetsu in original Japanese language versions) is the first member of Hoenn's Elite Four that the player faces. He is an expert on Dark-types. His Japanese name contains "kage" (?, "kage"?), "shadow," referring to his Dark-type Pokémon. Sidney is an upbeat character who enjoys his work, even when he loses (congratulating the player on defeating him and saying that it was "fun"). He believes the Dark-side is beautiful, and that might is right. His strategy is all-out offensive. Sidney appeared in Pokémon Adventures, with a Zangoose and a Metang, as well as a Regirock, controlled alongside Drake. In the past, he was called a punk, but he proudly states his Elite Four status. [edit] Phoebe Phoebe (フヨウ, Phoebe? Fuyō in original Japanese language versions) is a member of Hoenn's Elite Four and the second member the protagonist faces. Her name is derived from the word phobia meaning fear. She is an expert on Ghost-type Pokémon, drawing obvious parallels to Agatha in Pokémon Red and Blue and Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen. She wears two flowers in her hair and a blue tube top that exposes her belly and a blue sarong patterned with Pokéballs, similar to the outfit worn by hula girls. She is also barefoot with red anklets around her ankles. She is also the granddaughter of an elderly couple who live on Mt. Pyre. In the Pokémon Adventures manga, Phoebe took control of Regice, together with Glacia. In the video games, her party is composed of two Banette, two Dusclops, and a Sableye. [edit] Glacia Glacia (プリム, Purimu?, Pulim in original Japanese language versions) is the third member of Hoenn's Elite Four. Her name means glacier which explains why she is an expert on Ice-types. She is believed to come from the Sinnoh region, because of its exclusive snowcapped lands that circle the northern area of the region. In addition, the games state that Glacia was looking for hot lands, which was Hoenn, after traveling from a cold region, such as Sinnoh. [edit] Drake Drake (ゲンジ, Genji?, Genji in original Japanese language versions) is a member of Hoenn's Elite Four and the fourth (and last, before the Champion) the player will face. He is an expert on Dragon-types. He looks vaguely like a pirate, which is from a sort of occupation as a seafarer. In the anime Drake has also appeared in the anime, in the episode "Vanity Affairs," where he battled Ash Ketchum. Ash has completed the Mossdeep Gym challenge, and has become very overconfident about himself. Ash and co. soon meet Drake, whom Brock says is a member of the Elite Four. Drake likes Ash's style and requests to have a two on two (single) battle. Ash agrees and the battle starts. Brock warns Ash that because Drake is an Elite Trainer, his Pokémon are very powerful. The first match is between Pikachu and Shelgon. Ash, seeing that Drake doesn't command Shelgon to attack early, becomes overconfident again and thinks he can easily win. Drake eventually tells his Shelgon to dodge Pikachu's Thunderbolt and goes on to win the round with Dragon Claw. The second round was between Grovyle and Altaria. Ash, because of his overconfidence, has a hard time hitting Altaria and made other mistakes he normally wouldn't make, while Altaria uses Dragonbreath to whittle down Grovyle's energy. Drake tells Ash to get all other distractions out of his mind and to keep focus on the battle. When Ash finally started to make a turnaround, Altaria manages to defeat Grovyle with a Solarbeam. Drake goes on to tell Ash how proud he was to see how at the very end of the match, he starts focusing on the battle like he should. He also said that if Ash had been focused on the battle and not so overconfident, he would've fared a better chance. He goes on to mention how, when he was sailing, he too became overconfident and started losing battle after battle. As he became more focused on the match rather than other thoughts, he began winning again. Near the end of the episode, Team Rocket attacked, and stole several Pokémon. Drake used his Salamence to help rescue them. [edit] Steven Stone Steven Stone (ツワブキ ダイゴ, Tsuwabuki Daigo?, Daigo Tsuwabuki in original Japanese language versions) is also the son of Mr. Stone of the Devon Corporation, and has a passion for rare stones. He frequently appears during the protagonist's journey to give the player advice. His home is in Mossdeep City. In Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire, Steven is the incumbent champion of the Pokémon league for the region of Hoenn, as well as the leader of its Elite Four. In Emerald, he disappears and is succeeded by Wallace, although he fights a double battle with the player against the Magma Leader Maxie and Admin Tabitha and can be fought later at Meteor Falls after beating the Elite Four and Wallace. He is an expert on Steel types. Steven's signature Pokémon is Metagross which is a Steel/Psychic type. [edit] In the anime Steven made an appearance in the anime episode "A Hole Lotta Trouble." The only Pokémon of his revealed in the episode were Aron and Aggron. Despite having a much bigger role in the games, he was only seen once


in the anime, with his plotline in the Kyogre-Groudon saga being taken over by Lance. It is unknown why he stepped down as the Pokémon League Champion. In Emerald, the player can battle him only once. His team is the same one from Ruby and Sapphire, but they are 20 levels higher. [edit] Wallace Wallace (ミクリ, Wallace? Mikuri in original Japanese language versions) is an expert on Water-types. In Emerald, he was once the Gym Leader of Sootopolis City, but was replaced by his mentor, Juan when he became champion of Hoenn's Elite Four and the region's league. In all games, Wallace is the guardian of the Cave of Origin, where deceased Pokémon are resurrected and where the player may catch Groudon and Kyogre in Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire, respectively. Wallace's signature Pokémon is Milotic. In the anime Although Juan was the Sootopolis Gym Leader in the anime, early Japanese artwork shows that Wallace was intended to be in this position before Emerald's release. Although he never appeared in Hoenn, he appeared in DP075 as a Contest Master in Sinnoh. In the manga In Pokémon Adventures, he is the Sootopolis Gym Leader, in addition to being a contest master as well as the protector of the Cave of Origin. Wallace also takes Ruby under his wing, much like how Winona did for Sapphire. Despite having aligned himself with Team Aqua, he has a strong sense of justice, and is the first of the aligned Gym Leaders to renounce his loyalty, convincing Winona of the Magmas to do the same. It was revealed in Volume 21 that Wallace was the Hoenn League Champion who had entered the Hall of Fame. However, he renounced the title as he expressed his wish of following his mentor, Juan's, footstep of becoming a Gym Leader of his city. According to Steven, what Wallace did not mention to the director of the Pokémon Association is that there is a second reason for his renouncement: He was trying to stay with Winona, the Fortree Gym Leader. He and Winona apparently had some sort of relationship in the past. Although it is largely unconfirmed whether Winona still has feelings for him, it is quite obvious that he still has feelings for her, based on the scene where the two say their goodbyes before they leave to fight Kyogre and Groudon in Volume 20. Wallace usually travels on an "Air Car", which can travel on both the land and the air. He is also the only Hoenn Gym Leader who nicknamed his Pokémon. [edit] Sinnoh members [edit] Aaron Aaron (リョウ, Aaron? Ryō in original Japanese language versions) (Korean:충호-Cheungho) is the first member of Elite Four in Sinnoh, a Bug-type expert. Also, he is the first male character in Pokémon games to have an ahoge. He has a variety of Bug-Type Pokémon. His team consists of Beautifly, Dustox, Heracross, Vespiqueen, and Drapion. Aaron also wears a vest or undershirt that is based on Combee. He takes great pride in his Bug Pokémon, calling them beautiful and perfect. Despite these arrogant sounding claims, he is a good sport and accepts his defeat gracefully. [edit] Bertha Bertha (キクノ, Bertha? Kikuno in original Japanese language versions) (Korean:들국화-Deulgukghwa) is the second member of the Sinnoh Elite Four and is the oldest of the Gym Leaders/Elite Four. Bertha is a Ground-type master, although she has quite a few strong Water-Ground mixes thrown into her arsenal. She bears a solid team of Quagsire, Hippowdon, Sudowoodo, Whiscash, and Golem. Her name is derived from the word "earth". She bears a close resemblance to Kanto Elite Four member, Agatha. [edit] Flint Flint (オーバ, Ōba?, Oba in original Japanese language versions) (Korean:대엽-Daeyeop) is the third member of the Elite Four in Sinnoh and a Fire-type enthusiast. While focusing on Fire-type Pokémon, he also mixes his team with various Pokémon with different types to stand an advantage against his opponents. His army consists of Rapidash, Infernape, Steelix, Lopunny, and Drifblim. Flint meets the player before battling him or her in Sunyshore City. When there, he will be right at the city's entrance and ask the player to bring Volkner back to his gym. Later, when you arrive at the Battle Park, you meet his little brother Buck. [edit] Lucian Lucian (ゴヨウ, Lucian? Goyō in original Japanese language versions) (Korean-오엽=Oyeop), the final member of the Elite Four in Sinnoh, is a Psychic-type trainer. His team consists of Mr. Mime, Medicham, Girafarig, Alakazam, and Bronzong. He is known to read books in between matches. Most of his Pokémon are dual-typed. In the anime Lucian made an appearance in the Diamond and Pearl episode, "An Elite meet and greet". Lucian and his Bronzong battled Dawn and her newly caught Buizel. Dawn battled Lucian two times but lost. He also appears as a cameo in a match on television against Cynthia in "Top-Down Training!" [edit] Cynthia Cynthia (シロナ, Cynthia? Shirona in original Japanese language versions) (Korean:난천-Nancheon) is the league champion of the Sinnoh Region, as well as the first female league champion in the Pokémon video game series (other than the female protagonists). All of her Pokémon are female, except for her Lucario. Her arsenal consists of Milotic, Roserade, Garchomp, Spiritomb, Gastrodon, and Lucario. She helps the player with several odd predicaments throughout the game, such as alleviating the headaches of a group of Psyduck. Her grandmother is the elder of Celestic Town, and she has a strong interest in Pokémon mythology. She first meets the player to give him or her the Hidden Machine for Cut. She says that when she was younger she traveled around with a Pokedex for Professor


Rowan. In the anime She appeared in the 40th episode of Diamond & Pearl, "Top-Down Training!". In the episode Ash & Co. encountered her at a ruins. Later on in the episode Ash's rival Paul appeared and asked Cynthia to battle him. Cynthia only used her Garchomp against Paul - winning the match easily, even though it was only her Garchomp against four of Paul's Pokémon. She also appears as a dream/hallucination in "Malice in Wonderland!" and in this she has a Rayquaza. [edit] Battle Frontier Frontier Brains Main article: List of Frontier Brains Anabel (Rira) — Salon Maiden Anabel is in charge of the Battle Tower. Previously thought to be a boy by Ash. Her Frontier Symbol is Ability. Another notable fact is that she has feelings for Ash. She is voiced by Hilary Thomas. Anabel can also sense what her Pokémon are feeling and talk to them. Brandon (Jindai) — Pyramid King Brandon is in charge of the Battle Pyramid. He battles with the trio of legendary Pokémon:Regice, Regirock, and Registeel. His Frontier Symbol is Bravery. He is voiced by Craig Blair. Greta (Kogomi) — Arena Tycoon Greta is in charge of the Battle Arena, and uses teams customized to ideally fit the unusual battle rules in the Battle Arena. Her Frontier Symbol is Guts. Sonny Dey provides her voice. Lucy (Azami) — Pike Queen Lucy is in charge of the Battle Pike, and uses primarily serpentine Pokémon. Her Frontier Symbol is Luck. Another notable fact is that she has feelings for Brock. She is voiced by Emily Williams (voice actor). Noland (Datsura) — Factory Head Noland is in charge of the Battle Factory. In the anime, he has befriended Articuno, and occasionally directs it in battle. His Frontier Symbol is Knowledge. He is voiced by David Willis (voice actor) Spenser (Ukon) — Palace Maven Spenser is in charge of the Battle Palace. His Frontier Symbol is Spirit. Tucker (Heath) — Dome Ace Tucker is in charge of the Battle Dome. His Frontier Symbol is Tactics. [edit] Other recurring characters Gary Oak (Shigeru) — Ash's main rival since childhood, and grandson of Professor Oak. Like Ash, he journeys to become a Pokémon Master, but abandons his quest in order to follow his grandfather's footsteps. In the original Japanese, he is named after Shigeru Miyamoto, the creator of the Mario and Legend of Zelda games and Satoshi Tajiri's mentor. He is voiced by Jimmy Zoppi. Delia Ketchum (Hanako) — Ash's mother in the anime. (In the games, the main character's mother is nameless and has no personality.) Delia is very caring of her son, always reminding him to do his best. She is very talented, having won a beauty pageant and cooked a dish so popular that elite chefs at the Indigo Plateau have asked for its recipe. It is not known who is the father of Ash, but it isn't clear that Ash's parents have separated, although she has contacted him at least once since Ash left. She has a Mr. Mime housekeeper who helps her with chores and is also rather adept in battle. In the Japanese version, the name of Satoshi's mother was, for a long time, unrevealed (with her referring to herself as Satoshi no haha or referred as Mama-san, although the role was credited as Hanako). The name Hanako (and its English counterpart, Delia) was revealed during the second Pocket Monsters movie. She also is constantly reminding Ash to change his underwear. She is voiced by Veronica Taylor, later Michelle Knotz. Daisy, Lily and Violet, Misty's sisters — In the anime, Misty's sisters take over the Cerulean City Pokémon Gym when Misty goes adventuring with Ash. The three girls are quite vain, and happily hand control of the gym back to Misty when she returns, in order to focus on fashion once again. Daisy is voiced by Lisa Ortiz while Megan Hollingshead voices Lily and Rachael Lillis voices Violet. Drew (Shū) — Drew is a Pokémon Coordinator who is May's greatest rival. He is voiced by Mitsuki Saiga in the Japanese version, and by Pete Zarustica (4Kids) and Bill Rogers (Pokémon USA) in the English version. His hometown is LaRousse City and he first appeared in Now that's Flower Power! Like Ash's main rival, Gary, Drew is portrayed as being confident, critical, and popular among his supporters, though not as over insulting as Gary was. In his second appearance, he seemed to have a different hairstyle. Harley (Haarii) — In the anime, a Pokémon Coordinator who is considered one of May's rivals (enemy can be a better word as well as the whole group as he is not above plotting evil mischief against them too) and apparently went to the same kindergarten with a girl who looked like her. When remembering an incident in which the "May" girl stole some of his food he explains that that is one of the reasons that he hates her. He dresses up to resemble a Cacturne. He uses dirty tricks in order to get his opponents off balance. Unlike Team Rocket (occasionally), Harley has never shown any kind of remorse for his actions. Harley owns a Cacturne, a Banette, an Ariados, an Octillery and a Wigglytuff. Harley is currently traveling to the Johto region to participate in the Johto Pokémon Contests. He is voiced by Andy Rannells in Season 7-8, and Billy Regan in Season 9. Kenny (Kengo)— In the series Pokémon Diamond and Pearl. His first appearance is at Dawn's second contest in Floaroma. He is beaten by Dawn, and appears to love to annoy her and love-love her. In his next appearance, he competes against her at the Solacean Town contest. His starter Pokémon was also a Piplup. It has evolved into a Prinplup. He has a Prinplup, Alakazam, and a Breloom. His voice is provided by Rhonda Krempa. Todd/Snap (Tōru) — A Pokémon photographer who takes pictures of Pokémon in their natural habitat, and the main character of the video game Pokémon Snap. The name Tōru comes from the verb toru, meaning "to take a picture". Todd is only known as Todd on episodes airing on Kids' WB! in the United States; on home video/DVD releases, and in all other English-speaking countries, he is called Snap. Like Todd's Japanese name, this is also a reference to his love for taking photos. He is voiced by Jimmy Zoppi in the English dub and by Yamaguchi Kappei in the Japanese dub. Vincent/Jackson (Jun'ichi) — In the Raikou: The Legend of Thunder arc of Pokémon Chronicles, a Pokémon Trainer who starts his Pokémon Journey in Johto. He is friends with two other trainers,


Jimmy and Marina. His Japanese name is a reference to Junichi Masuda, composer of the soundtracks of the Pokémon games. The character known as Jun'ichi was first introduced in the main Pokémon anime, as a semi-finalist in the Johto Pokémon League championships. He later appears in Pokémon Chronicles, but there he is referred to as "Vincent". Jimmy (Kenta) and Marina (Marina) — These two Pokémon trainers adventure with Vincent in Johto in Raikou: The Legend of Thunder, the miniseries/movie that begins Pokémon Chronicles. They are based on the male and female main characters of Pokémon Gold, Silver, and Crystal, and may be the "Yoshi and Dani" Vincent/Jackson refers to in his single appearance in the anime. They are childhood friends, and have strongfeelings for the other, as revealed in the Raikou special. Marina later makes several cameo appearances in the Sinnoh arc of the anime, one of which involving a picture of her in an advertisement Ash and Company read promoting the Pokétch. The character for Jimmy is voiced by Sean Schemmel. Caroline — The mother of May and Max in the Pokémon anime, and the wife of Norman. She is very supportive of her daughter, having come all the way from Petalburg City to watch May participate in the Grand Festival. She is voiced by Megan Hollingshead and then Karen Neill. The Pichu Brothers — In the anime, a pair of mischievous Pichu. They lead older, wiser Pokémon (like Meowth and Ash's Pikachu) on wild chases whenever they appear. Casey (Nanako) — In Pokémon Chronicles, a Pokémon trainer and baseball fan. She starts her Pokémon Journey not long after Ash reaches Johto. She is a big fan of the Electabuzz team, and as such wears a lot of Electabuzz wear, and aspires to collect as many yellow striped Pokémon as possible. She is voiced by Kerry Williams. The Eevee Sisters — In the anime, five sisters (Satsuki, Sumono, Tameo, Kome, and Sakura) who each have a different evolution of an Eevee. They live in Ecruteak City. The youngest sister, Sakura, instead of joining Ash and his friends, journeys around Kanto (in Pokémon Chronicles), and evolves her Eevee into an Espeon. The five sisters are based on the Kimono Girls of Ecruteak City in Pokémon Gold, Silver, and Crystal games. Scott (Enishida) — The founder of the Battle Frontier (and retired Pokémon League Champion, in Pokémon Emerald). He is voiced by Frank Frankson as John Campbell then Bill Rogers (voice actor). Paul (Shinji) — Ash's newest rival in Sinnoh. He bears a striking resemblance to the rival from Pokémon Gold and Silver, in both his appearance and his attitude towards Pokémon training. Shinji is focused on owning only the strongest Pokémon and will not hesitate to release Pokémon if they do not meet his high expectations. He is voiced by Julían Robelledo. Zoey (Nozomi) — A Pokémon Coordinator who becomes Dawn's rival (although more like a best friend). She is voiced by Emily Williams (voice actor). Lucas (Jun) — A Pokémon trainer who serves as the main rival in the Diamond & Pearl versions of the games. In the Diamond & Pearl Anime, he appears before Ash and the others, stating that he wants to be the best trainer in the world. He challenges Ash to a battle and loses after a close fight. Nando (Naoshi) — A friend of Ash and Dawn who participates in both Contests and Gym battles, having incurred Zoey's ire in their first meeting. Known for his great knowledge of folklore and his overly polite, gentle nature. Suzie (Yuki) — In the anime, a Pokémon breeder who gives Brock her Vulpix. Brock later returns it to her. Morrison (Masamune) — In the anime, a Pokémon trainer who declares rivalry with Ash from their draws in battle. He became one of Ash's opponents in the Ever Grande Conference. He owns a Swampert, a Beldum/Metang, a Gligar, a Growlithe, a Steelix, and a Girafarig, most knowing Steel-type attacks. Wally (Mitsuru) — Wally is the protagonist's protege in Pokémon Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald, and Ruby's protege in Pokémon Adventures. He is a sickly boy who slowly gains the confidence to become a Pokémon trainer, and, in Pokémon Adventures, he specializes in green-colored Pokémon. Steven Stone — The Hoenn Pokémon League Champion in Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire. In the games, he is actively involved in combating the plots of Team Aqua and Team Magma. In the anime, however, he only appears in the episode A Hole Lot of Trouble, with Lance having replaced Steven's original role in defeating the two rival teams. Duplica (Imite) — In the anime, a Pokémon entertainer and Ditto trainer who performs various cosplay acts for passing travellers. She is the trainer of two Ditto: One which performs perfect transformations, while the other transforms into a smaller version of larger Pokémon. While her name was changed in the English translation, her house is still known as "Imitehouse". "Imite" is short for "imitate". This character is based on Copycat of Saffron City in the games. Gabby and Ty — In Pokémon Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald, Gabby and Ty are a reporter/cameraman team. The two of them interview the protagonist (by way of a Pokémon battle) on multiple occasions. The player can then see a summary of the interview/battle on one of the TVs in the various homes and other buildings. Magikarp Salesman — Well known in the anime for conning James into buying a Magikarp, he has since become a running gag in the series. His character was most likely inspired by an NPC in Pokémon Red and Blue who would sell the player a Magikarp for 500 Poké Dollars. In the Johto season, he tricks James into trading a Victreebell for a Weepinbell, which also evolves into Victreebel after. In the Hoenn season, he tricked James into trading all his money for a "Chimecho", which is actually a Hoppip. In Diamond and Pearl, he sold Team Rocket an "evolution machine," which they used to try to evolve the worlds strongest Magikarp and Feebas, and of course Ash's Pikachu, but only to fail and to realize they had been conned again. In the Chronicle series, he also attempted to trick Professor Oak and Tracey into buying a Magikarp, in which Tracey threatened to call the police. He is voiced by Eric Stuart. Solidad (Saori) — A rival of Drew's after she beat him in his very first contest. Later defeated May and won the Kanto Grand Festival. She is voiced by Sonny Dey. Duking - The owner of the Pyrite Colosseum in Pyrite Town, in


Pokémon Colosseum and Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness. At first he is rather grumpy but soon becomes friendly when Wes frees the town from Miror B. At this point, Duking will also give you a Plusle. In XD, Duking is obsessed with the new discovery of wild Pokémon and allows Silva to run his colosseum. He trades Pokémon with Michael if he specifically captures the rare Pokémon in the three wild spots. Solana (Hinata) - A Pokémon ranger based on the female character in Pokémon Ranger whose partner pokémon is Plusle. She has made two appearances in the anime. She is voiced by Rhonda Krempa. Kazuki (Lunick) - A Pokémon Ranger of one of the characters in Pokémon Ranger the game with his partner Minun. He is well advanced on focusing on becoming a Ranger in Fiore. [edit] Pokémon Professors The Pokémon Professors give new Pokémon trainers a starting Pokémon appropriate to their region, and entrust them with a task (be it completing a Pokédex, delivering an object, or otherwise offering encouragement). They are also leading researchers of Pokémon-related topics, and mentor Pokémon trainers in a general way. It's interesting to note that almost all Pokémon Professors have the name of some sort of woody plant: Oak, Ivy, Elm, Birch, and Rowan, with the exception of professor Hastings. Professor Samuel Oak (Yukinari Ōkido-Hakase) — A Pokémon researcher and the grandfather of Gary Oak/Blue/the rival in Pokémon Red, Blue, Yellow, FireRed, and LeafGreen. He is often considered the leading Pokémon expert, often giving lectures to Pokémon academies and hosting a radio show in Goldenrod City. Alongside his research, he is also authorized by the Pokémon League to give new Pokémon trainers one of the three Kanto starter Pokémon: Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle. In the anime, he gives Ash his Pikachu, after Ash arrives too late to receive one of the usual three starter Pokémon. In Pokémon Yellow: Special Pikachu Edition, he simply gives the player a Pikachu after your rival takes the Eevee that Oak was going to give you. He is a master Pokémon poet. All Pokémon he "baby-sits" are loyal to him, and he had a Charmeleon as a young boy. In Pokémon 4Ever, it is shown that he traveled forward in time to the future when he was a boy, and Ash became friends with him. When Ash tells Professor Oak about him, he replies that he is sure that "Sammy" will always be his friend, even though Misty later realizes that Ash never told him his name. You then see the current Professor Oak looking through a book of old drawings he made as a kid. Professor Felina Ivy (Uchidō-Hakase) — A Pokémon researcher. She is the leading researcher in the Orange Islands. In the anime, she gives Ash the GS Ball to deliver to Kurt, which eventually leads him to the Johto region. Brock ends up staying with her during the Orange Islands saga of the anime, but parts ways with her after that saga, on unexplained painful or unpleasant terms. Professor Elm (Utsugi-Hakase) — An absentminded Pokémon researcher, and former student of Professor Oak. In Pokémon Gold, Silver, and Crystal, he is authorized by the Pokémon League to give new Pokémon trainers one of the three Johto starter Pokémon: Chikorita, Cyndaquil, and Totodile. He is also credited as discovering that Pikachu is an evolved Pokémon. In the Pokémon anime, Jessie, James and Meowth temporarily steal a Totodile from him, (in reality he tells them to take it, thinking they are Nurse Joy). His 'absent minded professor' stereotype is even more pronounced as he often forgets to visit his family and his wife worries that he may not remember to eat. Professor Birch (Odamaki-Hakase) — A Pokémon researcher, known for his fieldwork. In Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald, he is authorized by the Pokémon League to give new Pokémon trainers one of the three Hoenn starter Pokémon: Treecko, Torchic, and Mudkip. In the anime, he gives May her Torchic. Professor Rowan (Nanakamado-Hakase) — The Pokémon Professor in the Pokémon Diamond and Pearl games, having returned to Sinnoh after four years of traveling abroad. He is authorized to give trainers one of three Sinnoh starter Pokémon, Turtwig, Chimchar, or Piplup. In the anime, he gives Dawn her Piplup. Professor Hastings — The Pokémon Professor in Pokémon Ranger. He invented the capture styler. [edit] Recurring "clones" These


characters are actually a group of women with identical appearances (although Brock demonstrates the ability to tell them apart). They don't individually recur, but they do appear in each town in Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh regions and the Orange Islands, an identical-looking and -sounding woman with the same name filling the same role. Their identical appearance may be a reference to or parody of the identical sprites used in the video games, a common practice in video game RPGs. Nurse Joy (Joi) — A family of Pokémon nurses in the anime, all named Joy, who operate the various Pokémon Centers in the world of Pokémon. Because of their identical appearance, it is often difficult to tell one Nurse Joy from another. The Japanese name, joi, means "female doctor". They often have Chansey nurses. Some can be singled out from the others due to trademark items but there are very few. In Pokémon Yellow, as well as Diamond & Pearl, Nurses resembling Nurse Joy work in the Pokémon Centers. Their English voice actresses are Megan Hollingshead (season 1-6), Bella Hudson (Seasons 7-8), and Michele Knotz (Season 9+10). The only difference between all the Nurse Joys is that each Nurse Joy has a different color for the Red Cross on their hats. Officer Jenny (Junsaa) — A family of police officers who are all police officers in the Pokémon anime, all named Jenny, who maintain law and order in the Pokémon world, often opposing members of Team Rocket. The Japanese name, junsaa, means "police officer". Officer Jennies are often accompanied by Growlithe or a particular Pokémon that is of importance in a town or a personal preference to that Jenny, such as a Wobbuffet or Spinarak. There are also many with trademark items to differentiate some, but are just as few as the Joys. The only differences are the symbols on their hats and their uniforms (which are different depending on their region.) They make an appearance in Yellow, replacing the male police officer, and later to give the player a Squirtle. They are voiced by Chinami Nishimura (Japanese), and in English by Megan Hollingshead (Seasons 1-6), Jamie Davyous Owens (Season 7-8), Diane Stillwell (MoMP) Emily Williams in late Season 9 & Season 10+, Maya Rosewood played her in a Season 9 episode, and Jamie Peacock voiced her in The Mastermind of Mirage Pokémon.An Officer Jenny trains a rookie detective Marble whose voice actresses are that of Meghan McCracken (English) and Chinami Nishimura (Japanese). [edit] Other minor characters Eusine, known as Minaki (, Minaki?) in Japan, called Eugene in Pokémon Chronicles, appears in the Pokémon animated series and in the video game Pokémon Crystal. A self-declared Legendary Pokémon expert, he ventures around Johto in search of Suicune and also makes an appearance in Pokémon Crystal. In the anime series he challenges Ash Ketchum to a battle to face Suicune. He also shows up in the Raikou special focused on the Gold, Silver, and Crystal characters. In the video game, the player first meets him at Burnt Tower in Ecruteak City. After you wake Suicune, he will inform your character that he has been searching for Suicune for more than 10 years, and he will thank you for finally letting him see the legendary Pokémon. He also battles the player at Cianwood City, using a Lv 23 Hypno, Lv 23 Haunter, and Lv 25 Electrode. After you catch Suicune at Tin Tower, Eusine will come to congratulate you. The player will catch a final glimpse of Eusine at Celadon City, Kanto. Bebe - The inventor and manager of the PC storage system in Pokémon Diamond and Pearl. After the player retrieves the National Pokédex, Bebe gives the player an Eevee. Bianca (Kanon)- A girl in the movie Pokémon Heroes. An art loving girl, she is the granddaughter of Lorenzo, the owner of the DMA. She knows the secrets of the legendary Pokémon Latios and Latias, as well as being friends with both of them. She is hesitant of Ash at first, but the two become friends later on, after the disaster on Altomare. Latias uses her image often as a disguise, when she plays around Altomare, causing Ash to be confused between the two. At the end of the movie, Bianca (possibly Latias) kisses Ash on the cheek leaving Ash confused once again and Brock and Misty completely jealous. Melody (Furūra) - A girl in Pokémon: The Movie 2000. When she was first shown in the movie, she gave Ash a kiss, leaving a strange impression and also an extremely jealous Misty. Throughout the movie, she teases Misty about liking Ash, but Misty denies it every time. In the end of the movie, Melody plays Lugia's song on her ocarina. This helps Ash save the world from being destroyed. Bill (Masaki Sonezaki) — The inventor of the PC storage system in Kanto/Johto. In the games, he manages to turn himself into a human-Pokémon hybrid by accident. (This amazes the player's Pikachu in Pokémon Yellow: Special Pikachu Edition.) In the anime, he is also a student of theoretical Pokémon behavior, learning how Pokémon behave by dressing up in Pokémon costumes. His favourite Pokémon are Eevee and its evolutions. According to FireRed and LeafGreen, Bill seems to be allergic to dairy products, and his first Pokémon was an Abra. In the anime, Bill was presented with green hair, but all other reincarnations of him included brown hair. Eagun (Rogan) - A legendary Pokémon trainer in Pokémon Colosseum and Pokémon XD and his wife, Rui's grandparents. The two are elderly and live in Agate Village. Eagun may be old but he still has some fight left in him. He has a team made of Pikachu, Pichu and Raichu, all knowing Volt Tackle. Some people have believed that Eagun and Beluh are Ash and Misty from the anime because of Pikachu, and also because Rui resembles Misty slightly. This, however, is only a coincidence, for the events and characters in the Pokémon games are completely different from those in the anime. Harrison (Hazuki) — In the anime, a Pokémon trainer from Hoenn. Ash's loss to Harrison's Blaziken in the Johto League Tournament leads Ash to embark on a journey to Hoenn. Lanette — The inventor of Hoenn's storage system in the Pokémon games. It is implied in-game that she is close friends with Bill (the player can read an E-mail on Lanette's laptop from Bill complimenting her success with the Hoenn PC system). Her house is littered with books and she rewards visiting players with a doll, asking them not to tell anyone. 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227's ESPN BCS - ROSE BOWL Game Presented by VIZIO - 2011, 2012, 2013 & 2014 BCS National Championship

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227's YouTube "JORDAN"

227's YouTube Chili'-ESPN-BCS-Spicy' College Football!

Alabama Crimson Tide http://www.hoops227.tv/youtube_alabama_crimson_tide_bcs_sec_football_espn.html * Boise State Broncos http://www.hoops227.tv/youtube_boise_state_espn_bcs_college_football_227.html * Ohio State Buckeyes http://www.hoops227.tv/youtube_ohio_state_buckeyes_espn_bcs_football_227.html * Oregon Ducks http://www.hoops227.tv/youtube_oregon_ducks_espn_bcs_college_football_227.html * Texas Longhorns http://www.hoops227.tv/youtube_texas_longhorns_espn_bcs_college_football.html * Florida Gators http://www.hoops227.tv/youtube_florida_gators_espn_bcs_college_football.html * TCU Horned Frogs http://www.hoops227.tv/youtube_tcu_horned_frogs_espn_bcs_football_chili.html * Iowa Hawkeyes http://www.hoops227.tv/youtube_iowa_hawkeyes_espn_bcs_college_football_tv.html * Nebraska Corhuskers http://www.hoops227.tv/youtube_nebraska_cornhuskers_espn_bcs_football_227.html * Wisconsin Badgers http://www.hoops227.tv/youtube_wisconsin_badgers_espn_bcs_football_big_10.html * Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets http://www.hoops227.tv/youtube_georgia_tech_yellow_jackets_espn_bcs_chili.html * Michigan State Spartans  http://www.hoops227.tv/youtube_michigan_state_spartans_espn_bcs_football.html * USC Trojans http://www.hoops227.tv/youtube_usc_trojans_espn_bcs_football_pac_10_227.html * Penn State Nittany Lions http://www.hoops227.tv/youtube_penn_state_nittany_lions_espn_bcs_football.html * LSU Tigers  http://www.hoops227.tv/youtube_lsu_tigers_espn_bcs_football_sec_chili_227.html * Virginia Tech Hokies  http://www.hoops227.tv/youtube_virginia_tech_hokies_espn_bcs_football_227.html * Miami Hurricanes http://www.hoops227.tv/youtube_miami_hurricanes_espn_bcs_football_chili.html * Michigan Wolverines  http://www.hoops227.tv/youtube_michigan_wolverines_espn_bcs_football_227.html * Oklahoma Sooners  http://www.hoops227.tv/youtube_oklahoma_sooners_espn_bcs_football_big_12.html * UCLA Bruins  http://www.hoops227.tv/youtube_ucla_bruins_espn_bcs_football_chili_pac_10.html * Oregon State Beavers  http://www.hoops227.tv/youtube_oregon_state_beavers_espn_bcs_football_227.html * Cincinnati Bearcats  http://www.hoops227.tv/youtube_cincinnati_bearcats_espn_bcs_football_227.html * Notre Dame Fighting Irish  http://www.hoops227.tv/youtube_notre_dame_fighting_irish_football_chili.html * Utah Utes  http://www.hoops227.tv/youtube_utah_utes_espn_bcs_college_football_pac_10.html * Florida State Seminoles  http://www.hoops227.tv/youtube_florida_state_seminoles_espn_bcs_football.html *

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227's YouTube Chili'-RANDY Chili' MOSS-NFL Spicy!

227's YouTube Chili'-TIM Chili' TEBOW First Touchdown comes against New York "Ines Spicy' Sainz" Jets!
http://www.hoops227.tv/227s_tim_chili_tebow_nfl.html http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LJezhyGHsjM  

227's YouTube Taco Bell-NBA All-Star Weekend Skills (Cowboys Stadium-Dallas, TX)


227's YouTube 'RAJON' Rondo #9-Boston Celtics-NBA


227's YouTube "Chili"-WHITES ONLY Basketball League in Atlanta, GA?!! Racist?
227's YouTube "Chili"-WHITES ONLY Basketball League in Atlanta, GA?!! 'All-American Basketball Alliance!' Racist?


Jamaal Al-Din's Hoops 227-Glen Rice-NBA & Michigan Wolverines & Glen Rice Jr. - Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets Basketball Mix ("Ice Cold' Chillin")-227's YouTube Chili'-NBA Mix


227's YouTube "Chili"-Haiti Earthquake & Wyclef Chili' Jean (NBA Mix) - Wyclef Jean Live on Anderson Cooper - Haiti Earthquake - CNN 

227's YouTube "Chili"-Haiti Earthquake & Wyclef Chili' Jean (NBA Mix) - Hundreds of Thousands Feared Dead After Haiti Earthquake, Wyclef Jean Asks For Help 

227's YouTube "Chili"-Haiti Earthquake & Wyclef Chili' Jean (NBA Mix) - Haiti YELE Earthquake Update: Wyclef Jean Interview After Return From Haiti 

227's YouTube "Chili"-Haiti Earthquake & Wyclef Chili' Jean (NBA Mix) - Wyclef Weeps for Haitians, Calls for Exodus 

227's YouTube "Chili"-Haiti Earthquake & Wyclef Chili' Jean (NBA Mix) - Haitian Earthquake Relief: Wyclef Jean, Brad & Angie, Clooney 

227's YouTube "Chili"-Haiti Earthquake & Wyclef Chili' Jean (NBA Mix) - Wyclef Jean Haiti Earthquake Statement 

227's YouTube "Chili"-Haiti Earthquake & Wyclef Chili' Jean (NBA Mix) - Wyclef Jean on Ground in Haiti - STATE OF EMERGENCY - HELP 

227's YouTube "Chili"-Haiti Earthquake - Wyclef Chili' Jean (NBA Mix) - Haiti Earthquake Relief Dedication -Wyclef Jean featuring Movado - Hold On 

227's YouTube "Chili"-Haiti Earthquake - Wyclef Chili' Jean (NBA Mix) - Wyclef Jean-Thug Angel

227's YouTube Chili'-Cow Chili' Bell-Boise State * Fiesta Bowl Halftime Show! Taterville' USA-BOISE! Cowbell Girl' Video of Boise State Marching Band-Fiesta Bowl Halftime Goes Chili' Viral! BCS' 227!'
 * 227's YouTube Chili'-Cow Chili' Bell-Boise State * Fiesta Bowl Halftime Show! Taterville' USA-BOISE!

Press Release - 227's YouTube "Chili"-Michael Jackson Chili' Autopsy Photos Leaked! MJ Snap shot sold for $1 Million?

227's YouTube "Chili"-Black Fraternity (NBA Mix) Step Shows "Chili" Steppin' - Omega Psi Phi * Kappa Alpha Psi * Phi Beta Sigma * Iota Phi Theta * Alpha Phi Alpha






Chillify' Spicy' 227 Chili' Rap  (NBA Mix' 227')


Chillify' Spicy' 227 Chili' Rap  (NBA Mix' 227')


Chillify' Spicy' 227 Chili' Rap  (NBA Mix' 227')


Press Release - 227's YouTube "Chili"-Michael Jackson Chili' Autopsy Photos Leaked! MJ Snap shot sold for $1 Million?

Press Release - 227's YouTube "Chili"-Michael Jackson Chili' Autopsy Photos Leaked! MJ Snap shot sold for $1 Million? 

Usain Bolt - http://www.hoops227.tv/youtube_usain_bolt_cheetah_lightning_track_100_227.html 


227's Meehive "Chili"
 * 227's Meehive "Chili" 

227's YouTube "Chili" - STOMP THE YARD (BLACK COLLEGE STEP SHOW MOVIE) Starring Columbus Short, Meagan Good, Ne-Yo, Darrin Henson, Chris Brown, Brian White, Las Alonso, Valerie Pettiford & Harry Lennix (NBA Mix)!


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Jamaal Al-Din's Hoops 227 (227's YouTube Jamaal Al-Din's Hoops 227 (227's YouTube Jamaal Al-Din Jamaal Al-Din's Hoops 227 (227's YouTube Jamaal Al-Din's Hoops 227 (227's YouTube Jamaal Al-Din's Hoops 227 (227's YouTube Jamaal 'Chili' Al-Din! 227's YouTube Jamaal Al-Din's Hoops 227 (227's YouTube Jamaal Al-Din Jamaal Al-Din's Hoops 227 (227's YouTube Jamaal Al-Din's Hoops 227 - Jamaal Al-Din * 227's YouTube Jamaal Al-Din's Hoops 227 (227's YouTube Jamaal Al-Din


Michael Jackson Remembered at Jamaal Al-Din's Hoops 227 (227's YouTube "Chili")!




YouTube Living With Michael Jackson-Martin Bashir! YouTube Living With Michael Jackson-Martin Bashir-Part 2! YouTube Living With Michael Jackson-Martin Bashir-Part 3! YouTube Living With Michael Jackson-Martin Bashir-Part 4! YouTube Living With Michael Jackson-Martin Bashir-Part 5! YouTube Living With Michael Jackson-Martin Bashir-Part 6! * YouTube Living With Michael Jackson-Martin Bashir-Part 7! YouTube Living With Michael Jackson-Martin Bashir-Part 8! YouTube Living With Michael Jackson-Martin Bashir-Part 9! 


227's YouTube "Chili"-Michael Jackson-Neverland Ranch  227's YouTube "Chili"-Michael Jackson-Off the Wall (song)  227's YouTube "Chili"-Michael Jackson-Heal the World  227's YouTube "Chili"-Michael Jackson-Remember the Time  227's YouTube "Chili"-Michael Jackson-Dirty Diana  227's YouTube "Chili"-Michael Jackson-Debbie Rowe  227's YouTube "Chili"-Michael Jackson-We Are the World  227's YouTube "Chili"-Michael Jackson-Scream/Childhood  227's YouTube "Chili"-Michael Jackson-I Just Can't Stop Loving You  227's YouTube "Chili"-Michael Jackson-The Girl Is Mine  227's YouTube "Chili"-Michael Jackson-Why (3T song) 

227's YouTube "Chili" Michael Jackson-NBA-Amazon.com Mix ("Spicy")!






227's YouTube "Chili"-Michael Jackson-Smooth Criminal
  227's YouTube "Chili"-Michael Jackson-You Are Not Alone  227's YouTube "Chili"-Michael Jackson-Man in the Mirror: The Michael Jackson Story-The Way You Make Me Feel  227's YouTube "Chili"-Michael Jackson-Man in the Mirror: The Michael Jackson Story-Man in the Mirror: The Michael Jackson Story  227's YouTube "Chili"-Michael Jackson-The Collection (Michael Jackson album)  227's YouTube "Chili"-Michael Jackson-Music & Me  227's YouTube "Chili"-Michael Jackson-With a Child's Heart  227's YouTube "Chili"-Michael Jackson-HIStory: Past, Present and Future, Book I  227's YouTube "Chili"-Michael Jackson-Off the Wall (album)  227's YouTube "Chili"-Magic Johnson & Kobe Bryant to Michael Jackson-Forever, Michael  227's YouTube "Chili"-Magic Johnson & Kobe Bryant to Michael Jackson-We're Almost There  227's YouTube "Chili"-Magic Johnson & Kobe Bryant to Michael Jackson-Say Say Say  227's YouTube "Chili"-Magic Johnson & Kobe Bryant to Michael Jackson-Number Ones (DVD)  227's YouTube "Chili"-Magic Johnson & Kobe Bryant to Michael Jackson-Will You Be There  227's YouTube "Chili"-Magic Johnson & Kobe Bryant to Michael Jackson-Blood on the Dance Floor (song)  227's YouTube "Chili"-Magic Johnson & Kobe Bryant to Michael Jackson-Blood on the Dance Floor: HIStory in the Mix  227's YouTube "Chili"-Magic Johnson & Kobe Bryant to Michael Jackson-Stranger in Moscow  227's YouTube "Chili"-Magic Johnson & Kobe Bryant to Michael Jackson-Thriller 25  227's YouTube "Chili"-Magic Johnson & Kobe Bryant to Michael Jackson-In the Closet  227's YouTube "Chili"-Magic Johnson & Kobe Bryant to Michael Jackson-P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)  227's YouTube "Chili"-Magic Johnson & Kobe Bryant to Michael Jackson-Bad World Tour  227's YouTube "Chili"-Magic Johnson & Kobe Bryant to Michael Jackson-Leave Me Alone  227's YouTube "Chili"-Magic Johnson & Kobe Bryant to Michael Jackson-List of most expensive music videos  227's YouTube "Chili"-Magic Johnson & Kobe Bryant to Michael Jackson-Don't Stop 'til You Get Enough  227's YouTube "Chili"-Magic Johnson & Kobe Bryant to Michael Jackson-Come Together  227's YouTube "Chili"-Magic Johnson & Kobe Bryant to Michael Jackson-Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'  227's YouTube "Chili"-Michael Jackson-You Rock My World  227's YouTube "Chili"-Michael Jackson-Man in the Mirror  227's YouTube "Chili"-Michael Jackson-Ben (song)  227's YouTube "Chili"-Michael Jackson-Live in Bucharest: The Dangerous Tour  227's YouTube "Chili"-Michael Jackson-List of awards received by Michael Jackson  227's YouTube "Chili"-Michael Jackson-Cry (Michael Jackson song)  227's YouTube "Chili"-Michael Jackson-Moonwalker  227's YouTube "Chili"-Michael Jackson-Michael Jackson album discography  227's YouTube "Chili"-Michael Jackson-Number Ones (Michael Jackson album)  227's YouTube "Chili"-Michael Jackson-Thriller (song)  227's YouTube "Chili"-Michael Jackson-Bad (album)  227's YouTube "Chili"-Michael Jackson-Black or White  227's YouTube "Chili" Michael Jackson-Dangerous (album)  227's YouTube "Chili" Michael Jackson-Butterflies (Michael Jackson song)  227's YouTube "Chili" Michael Jackson-The Essential Michael Jackson  227's YouTube "Chili" Michael Jackson-Human Nature (Michael Jackson song)  227's YouTube "Chili"-Michael Jackson-This Is It (Michael Jackson concerts)  227's YouTube "Chili"-Michael Jackson-Michael Jackson: The Ultimate Collection







YouTube Living With Michael Jackson-Martin Bashir-Part 9! 
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America East Conference Albany - Will Brown Binghamton - Kevin Broadus Boston University - Dennis Wolff Hartford - Dan Leibovitz Maine - Ted Woodward New Hampshire - Bill Herrion Stony Brook - Steve Pikiell UMBC - Randy Monroe Vermont - Mike Lonergan 227's NCAA Basketball Tournament! America East Conference

Atlantic 10 Conference Charlotte - Bobby Lutz Dayton - Brian Gregory Duquesne - Ron Everhart Fordham - Dereck Whittenburg George Washington - Karl Hobbs La Salle - John Giannini Rhode Island - Jim Baron Richmond - Chris Mooney St. Bonaventure - Mark Schmidt Saint Joseph's - Phil Martelli Saint Louis - Rick Majerus Temple - Fran Dunphy UMass - Derek Kellogg Xavier - Sean Miller 227's NCAA Basketball Tournament! Atlantic 10 Conference

Atlantic Coast Conference Boston College - Al Skinner Clemson - Oliver Purnell Duke - Mike Krzyzewski Florida State - Leonard Hamilton Georgia Tech - Paul Hewitt Maryland - Gary Williams Miami (Florida) - Frank Haith North Carolina - Roy Williams North Carolina State - Sidney Lowe Virginia - Dave Leitao Virginia Tech - Seth Greenberg Wake Forest - Dino Gaudio 227's NCAA Basketball Tournament! Atlantic Coast Conference

Atlantic Sun Conference Belmont - Rick Byrd Campbell - Robbie Laing East Tennessee State - Murry Bartow Florida Gulf Coast - Dave Balza Jacksonville - Cliff Warren Kennesaw State - Tony Ingle Lipscomb - Scott Sanderson Mercer - Bob Hoffman North Florida - Matt Kilcullen Stetson - Derek Waugh USC Upstate - Eddie Payne 227's NCAA Basketball Tournament! Atlantic Sun Conference

Big 12 Conference Baylor - Scott Drew Colorado - Jeff Bzdelik Iowa State - Greg McDermott Kansas - Bill Self Kansas State - Frank Martin Missouri - Mike Anderson Nebraska - Doc Sadler Oklahoma - Jeff Capel III Oklahoma State - Travis Ford Texas - Rick Barnes Texas A&M - Mark Turgeon Texas Tech - Pat Knight 227's NCAA Basketball Tournament! Big 12 Conference

Big East Conference Cincinnati - Mick Cronin Connecticut - Jim Calhoun DePaul - Jerry Wainwright Georgetown - John Thompson III Louisville - Rick Pitino Marquette - Buzz Williams Notre Dame - Mike Brey Pittsburgh - Jamie Dixon Providence - Keno Davis Rutgers - Fred Hill St. John's - Norm Roberts Seton Hall - Bobby Gonzalez South Florida - Stan Heath Syracuse - Jim Boeheim Villanova - Jay Wright West Virginia - Bobby Huggins 227's NCAA Basketball Tournament! Big East ConferenceJamaal Al-Din's Hoops 227- the everything basketball website & home of 227's uTuBe Chili, featuring the world's most watched YouTube music videos!

Big Sky Conference Eastern Washington - Kirk Earlywine Idaho State - Joe O'Brien Montana - Wayne Tinkle Montana State - Brad Huse Northern Arizona - Mike Adras Northern Colorado - Tad Boyle Portland State - Ken Bone Sacramento State - Brian Katz Weber State - Randy Rahe 227's NCAA Basketball Tournament! Big Sky Conference

Big South Conference Charleston Southern - Barclay Radebaugh Coastal Carolina - Cliff Ellis Gardner-Webb - Rick Scruggs High Point - Bart Lundy Liberty - Ritchie McKay Presbyterian - Gregg Nibert Radford - Brad Greenberg UNC-Asheville - Eddie Biedenbach VMI - Duggar Baucom Winthrop - Randy Peele 227's NCAA Basketball Tournament! Big South Conference

Big Ten Conference Illinois - Bruce Weber Indiana - Tom Crean Iowa - Todd Lickliter Michigan - John Beilein Michigan State - Tom Izzo Minnesota - Tubby Smith Northwestern - Bill Carmody Ohio State - Thad Matta Penn State - Ed DeChellis Purdue - Matt Painter Wisconsin - Bo Ryan 227's NCAA Basketball Tournament! Big Ten Conference

Big West Conference Cal Poly - Kevin Bromley Cal State Fullerton - Bob Burton Cal State Northridge - Bobby Braswell Long Beach State - Dan Monson Pacific - Bob Thomason UC Davis - Gary Stewart UC Irvine - Pat Douglass UC Riverside - Jim Wooldridge UC Santa Barbara - Bob Williams 227's NCAA Basketball Tournament! Big West Conference

Colonial Athletic Association Delaware - Monte Ross Drexel - Bruiser Flint George Mason - Jim Larranaga Georgia State - Rod Barnes Hofstra - Tom Pecora James Madison - Matt Brady Northeastern - Bill Coen Old Dominion - Blaine Taylor Towson - Pat Kennedy UNC-Wilmington - Benny Moss Virginia Commonwealth - Anthony Grant William & Mary - Tony Shaver 227's NCAA Basketball Tournament! Colonial Athletic Association

Conference USA East Carolina - Mack McCarthy Houston - Tom Penders Marshall - Donnie Jones Memphis - John Calipari Rice - Ben Braun Southern Methodist - Matt Doherty Southern Mississippi - Larry Eustachy Tulane - Dave Dickerson Tulsa - Doug Wojcik UAB - Mike Davis UCF - Kirk Speraw UTEP - Tony Barbee 227's NCAA Basketball Tournament! Conference USAJamaal Al-Din's Hoops 227- the everything basketball website & home of 227's uTuBe Chili, featuring the world's most watched YouTube music videos!

Horizon League  - Butler - Brad Stevens Cleveland State - Gary Waters Detroit - Ray McCallum Loyola (Chicago) - Jim Whitesell UIC - Jimmy Collins UW-Green Bay - Tod Kowalczyk UW-Milwaukee - Rob Jeter Valparaiso - Homer Drew Wright State - Brad Brownell Youngstown State - Jerry Slocum 227's NCAA Basketball Tournament! Horizon League

Independents Bryant - Tim O'Shea Cal State Bakersfield - Keith Brown Chicago State - Benjy Taylor Houston Baptist - Ron Cottrell Longwood - Mike Gillian New Jersey Institute of Technology - Jim Engles North Carolina Central - Henry Dickerson Savannah State - Horace Broadnax SIU-Edwardsville - Lennox Forrester Texas-Pan American - Tom Schuberth Utah Valley - Dick Hunsaker 227's NCAA Basketball Tournament! NCAA Division I independent schools (basketball)

Ivy League Brown - Jesse Agel Columbia - Joe Jones Cornell - Steve Donahue Dartmouth - Terry Dunn Harvard - Tommy Amaker Penn - Glen Miller Princeton - Sydney Johnson Yale - James Jones 227's NCAA Basketball Tournament! Ivy League

Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference Canisius - Tom Parrotta Fairfield - Ed Cooley Iona - Kevin Willard Loyola (Maryland) - Jimmy Patsos Manhattan - Barry Rohrssen Marist - Chuck Martin Niagara - Joe Mihalich Rider - Tommy Dempsey St. Peter's - John Dunne Siena - Fran McCaffery 227's NCAA Basketball Tournament! Mid-American Conference

Mid-American Conference Akron – Keith Dambrot Ball State – Billy Taylor Bowling Green – Louis Orr Buffalo – Reggie Witherspoon Central Michigan – Ernie Ziegler Eastern Michigan – Charles Ramsey Kent State – Geno Ford Miami – Charlie Coles Northern Illinois – Ricardo Patton Ohio – John Groce Toledo – Gene Cross Western Michigan – Steve Hawkins 227's NCAA Basketball Tournament! Mid-American Conference

Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference Bethune-Cookman - Clifford Reed Coppin State - Ron Mitchell Delaware State - Greg Jackson Florida A&M - Mike Gillespie Hampton - Kevin Nickelberry Howard - Gil Jackson Maryland-Eastern Shore - Meredith Smith Morgan State - Todd Bozeman Norfolk State - Anthony Evans North Carolina A&T - Jerry Eaves South Carolina State - Tim Carter Winston-Salem State - Bobby Collins 227's NCAA Basketball Tournament! Mid-Eastern Athletic ConferenceJamaal Al-Din's Hoops 227- the everything basketball website & home of 227's uTuBe Chili, featuring the world's most watched YouTube music videos!

Missouri Valley Conference Bradley - Jim Les Creighton - Dana Altman Drake - Mark Phelps Evansville - Marty Simmons Illinois State - Tim Jankovich Indiana State - Kevin McKenna Missouri State - Cuonzo Martin Northern Iowa - Ben Jacobson Southern Illinois - Chris Lowery Wichita State - Gregg Marshall 227's NCAA Basketball Tournament! Missouri Valley Conference

Mountain West Conference Air Force - Jeff Reynolds Brigham Young - Dave Rose Colorado State - Tim Miles New Mexico - Steve Alford San Diego State - Steve Fisher Texas Christian - Neil Dougherty UNLV - Lon Kruger Utah - Jim Boylen Wyoming - Heath Schroyer 227's NCAA Basketball Tournament! Mountain West Conference

Northeast Conference Central Connecticut State - Howie Dickenman Fairleigh Dickinson - Tom Green LIU-Brooklyn - Jim Ferry Monmouth - Dave Calloway Mount St. Mary's - Milan Brown Quinnipiac - Tom Moore Robert Morris - Mike Rice Jr. Sacred Heart - Dave Bike St. Francis (PA) - Don Friday St. Francis (NY) - Brian Nash Wagner - Mike Deane 227's NCAA Basketball Tournament! Northeast Conference

Ohio Valley Conference Austin Peay - Dave Loos Eastern Illinois - Mike Miller Eastern Kentucky - Jeff Neubauer Jacksonville State - James Green Morehead State - Donnie Tyndall Murray State - Billy Kennedy Southeast Missouri - Zac Roman Tennessee-Martin - Bret Campbell Tennessee State - Cy Alexander Tennessee Tech - Mike Sutton 227's NCAA Basketball Tournament! Ohio Valley Conference

Pacific-10 Conference Arizona - Russ Pennell Arizona State - Herb Sendek California - Mike Montgomery Oregon - Ernie Kent Oregon State - Craig Robinson Stanford - Johnny Dawkins UCLA - Ben Howland USC - Tim Floyd Washington - Lorenzo Romar Washington State - Tony Bennett 227's NCAA Basketball Tournament! Pacific-10 Conference

Patriot League American - Jeff Jones Army - Jim Crews Bucknell - Dave Paulsen Colgate - Emmett Davis Holy Cross - Ralph Willard Lafayette - Fran O'Hanlon Lehigh - Brett Reed Navy - Billy Lange 227's NCAA Basketball Tournament! Patriot League

Southeastern Conference Alabama - Philip Pearson Arkansas - John Pelphrey Auburn - Jeff Lebo Florida - Billy Donovan Georgia - Pete Herrmann Kentucky - Billy Gillispie LSU - Trent Johnson Mississippi - Andy Kennedy Mississippi State - Rick Stansbury South Carolina - Darrin Horn Tennessee - Bruce Pearl Vanderbilt - Kevin Stallings 227's NCAA Basketball Tournament! Southeastern Conference

Southern Conference Appalachian State - Houston Fancher Chattanooga - John Shulman The Citadel - Ed Conroy College of Charleston - Bobby Cremins Davidson - Bob McKillop Elon - Ernie Nestor Furman - Jeff Jackson Georgia Southern - Jeff Price Samford - Jimmy Tillette UNC-Greensboro - Mike Dement Western Carolina - Larry Hunter Wofford - Mike Young 227's NCAA Basketball Tournament! Southern ConferenceJamaal Al-Din's Hoops 227- the everything basketball website & home of 227's uTuBe Chili, featuring the world's most watched YouTube music videos!

Southland Conference Central Arkansas - Rand Chappell Lamar - Steve Roccaforte McNeese State - Dave Simmons Nicholls State - J. P. Piper Northwestern State - Mike McConathy Sam Houston State - Bob Marlin Southeastern Louisiana - Jim Yarbrough Stephen F. Austin - Danny Kaspar Texas A&M-Corpus Christi - Perry Clark Texas-Arlington - Scott Cross Texas-San Antonio - Brooks Thompson Texas State - Doug Davalos 227's NCAA Basketball Tournament! Southland Conference

Southwestern Athletic Conference Alabama A&M - L. Vann Pettaway Alabama State - Lewis Jackson Alcorn State - Samuel West Arkansas-Pine Bluff - George Ivory Grambling State - Larry Wright Jackson State - Tevester Anderson Mississippi Valley State - Sean Woods Prairie View A&M - Byron Rimm II Southern - Rob Spivery Texas Southern - Tony Harvey 227's NCAA Basketball Tournament! Southwestern Athletic Conference

The Summit League Centenary - Greg Gary IPFW - Dane Fife IUPUI - Ron Hunter North Dakota State - Saul Phillips Oakland - Greg Kampe Oral Roberts - Scott Sutton South Dakota State - Scott Nagy Southern Utah - Roger Reid UMKC - Matt Brown Western Illinois - Derek Thomas 227's NCAA Basketball Tournament! The Summit League

Sun Belt Conference Arkansas-Little Rock - Steve Shields Arkansas State - Dickey Nutt Denver - Joe Scott Florida Atlantic - Mike Jarvis Florida International - Sergio Rouco Louisiana-Lafayette - Robert Lee Louisiana-Monroe - Orlando Early Middle Tennessee - Kermit Davis New Orleans - Joe Pasternack North Texas - Johnny Jones South Alabama - Ronnie Arrow Troy - Don Maestri Western Kentucky - Ken McDonald 227's NCAA Basketball Tournament! Sun Belt Conference

West Coast Conference Gonzaga - Mark Few Loyola Marymount - Rodney Tention Pepperdine - Vance Walberg Portland - Eric Reveno Saint Mary's - Randy Bennett San Diego - Bill Grier San Francisco - Rex Walters Santa Clara - Kerry Keating 227's NCAA Basketball Tournament! West Coast Conference

Western Athletic Conference Boise State - Greg Graham Fresno State - Steve Cleveland Hawai?i - Bob Nash Idaho - Don Verlin Louisiana Tech - Kerry Rupp Nevada - Mark Fox New Mexico State - Marvin Menzies San Jose State - George Nessman Utah State - Stew Morrill 227's NCAA Basketball Tournament! Western Athletic ConferenceJamaal Al-Din's Hoops 227- the everything basketball website & home of 227's uTuBe Chili, featuring the world's most watched YouTube music videos!

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227's YouTube Most Popular Videos!  Featuring: A Merry Gangsta Christmas!  Kenneth Darby Gets JACKED UP!!! by NFL Umpire Garth DeFelice Thundercats Movie trailer (fanmade)  Blow your nose! All Hot Girls Love James Bond... Demi Lovato Cuts La La Land! - Jen Aniston Gets Naked! - Mamma's Boys! Momento Amy Winehouse a volta de Rodrigo (21/12/2008) 227's YouTube Most Popular Videos!    227's YouTube Most Popular Videos!   227's YouTube Most Popular Videos!    227's YouTube Most Popular Videos!

227's "Dancing with the Stars" (YOUTUBE "Chili!")!

227's "Dancing with the Stars!" (YOUTUBE "Chili!")-Dancing with the Stars (U.S. season 5)
  227's "Dancing with the Stars!" (YOUTUBE "Chili!")-Dancing with the Stars (U.S. season 4)  227's "Dancing with the Stars!" (YOUTUBE "Chili!")-Dancing with the Stars (video game)  227's "Dancing with the Stars!" (YOUTUBE "Chili!")-Dancing with the Stars (card game)  227's "Dancing with the Stars!" (YOUTUBE "Chili!")-Dancing with the Stars (Australian TV series)  227's "Dancing with the Stars!" (YOUTUBE "Chili!")-Dancing with the Stars (New Zealand TV series)  227's "Dancing with the Stars!" (YOUTUBE "Chili!")-Dancing with the Stars (U.S. season 7)  227's "Dancing with the Stars!" (YOUTUBE "Chili!")-Dancing with the Stars (U.S. season 6)  227's "Dancing with the Stars!" (YOUTUBE "Chili!")-Emmitt Smith  227's "Dancing with the Stars!" (YOUTUBE "Chili!")-Warren Sapp  227's "Dancing with the Stars!" (YOUTUBE "Chili!")-Stacy Keibler  227's "Dancing with the Stars!" (YOUTUBE "Chili!")-Lisa Rinna  227's "Dancing with the Stars!" (YOUTUBE "Chili!")-Kenny Mayne (ESPN)  227's "Dancing with the Stars!" (YOUTUBE "Chili!")-Mark Ballas  227's "Dancing with the Stars!" (YOUTUBE "Chili!")-Jason Taylor (American football)  227's "Dancing with the Stars!" (YOUTUBE "Chili!")-Kristi Yamaguchi  227's "Dancing with the Stars!" (YOUTUBE "Chili!")-Drew Lachey  227's "Dancing with the Stars!" (YOUTUBE "Chili!")-Tom Bergeron  227's "Dancing with the Stars!" (YOUTUBE "Chili!")-Hélio Castroneves  227's "Dancing with the Stars!" (YOUTUBE "Chili!")-Kym Johnson  227's "Dancing with the Stars!" (YOUTUBE "Chili!")-Karina Smirnoff  227's "Dancing with the Stars!" (YOUTUBE "Chili!")-Ashly DelGrosso  227's "Dancing with the Stars!" (YOUTUBE "Chili!")-Julianne Hough  227's "Dancing with the Stars!" (YOUTUBE "Chili!")-Tony Dovolani  227's "Dancing with the Stars!" (YOUTUBE "Chili!")-Edyta Sliwinska  227's "Dancing with the Stars!" (YOUTUBE "Chili!")-List of Julianne Hough performances on Dancing with the Stars  227's "Dancing with the Stars!" (YOUTUBE "Chili!")-Maksim Chmerkovskiy  227's "Dancing with the Stars!" (YOUTUBE "Chili!")-Dancing with the Stars: We Dance!  227's "Dancing with the Stars!" (YOUTUBE "Chili!")-Dancing with the Stars (U.S. season 1)  227's "Dancing with the Stars!" (YOUTUBE "Chili!")-Dança dos Famosos  227's "Dancing with the Stars!" (YOUTUBE "Chili!")-Bailando por un sueño (Argentina)  227's "Dancing with the Stars!" (YOUTUBE "Chili!")-Taniec z Gwiazdami  227's "Dancing with the Stars!" (YOUTUBE "Chili!")-Dancing with the Stars (U.S. season 8)Jamaal Al-Din's Hoops 227- the everything basketball website & home of 227's uTuBe Chili, featuring the world's most watched YouTube music videos!

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227's YouTube "Chili"-Eminem! Sasha Baron Cohen's 'Bruno' makes Eminem blush/3 a.m.!

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227's Tyra Banks - Britain's Next Top Model - YouTube "Chili!" http://www.hoops227.atomicshops.com/u_tube_britains_next_top_model_tyra_banks_uk_sdtv.html
 227's America's Next Top Model-Tyra Banks-YouTube "Chili"-America's Next Top Model, Cycle 12  227's America's Next Top Model-Tyra Banks-YouTube "Chili"-America's Next Top Model, Cycle 6  227's America's Next Top Model-Tyra Banks-YouTube "Chili"-America's Next Top Model, Cycle 7  227's America's Next Top Model-Tyra Banks-YouTube "Chili"-America's Next Top Model, Cycle 8  227's America's Next Top Model-Tyra Banks-YouTube "Chili"-America's Next Top Model, Cycle 1
YouTube "Chili"-"Sugar" Rashad Evans UFC Fights/"Sugar" Rashad Evans Knockouts/ "Sugar" Rashad Evans Sugar" Rashad Evans Sugar" Rashad Evans vs. Rampage Jackson at 227- http://www.hoops227.atomicshops.com/you_tube_sugar_rashad_evans_ufc_98_ultimate_fights.html
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  227's UFC-Pay-Per-View (YouTube "Chili!")! Pay-Per-View UFC/Pay-Per-View UFC Fights/Pay-Per-View UFC KnockOuts/Pay-Per-View HD/Pay-Per-View at 227! http://www.hoops227.atomicshops.com/utube_ufc_pay_per_view_fights_hd_exclusive_feature.html UFC-57 (Ultimate Fighting Championship)!  UFC 61-"Ultimate Fighting Championship!"  UFC 73!  UFC-66  UFC-74 (Ultimate Fighting Championship)!  UFC-1 (Ultimate Fighting Championship)!
227's YouTube-Jim Rome-"Smack-Off" ESPN Radio listeners & "Smack-Talk" at 227!  http://www.hoops227.atomicshops.com/youtube_jim_rome_smack_off_competition_radio_talk.html
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227's You Tube "Chili"-Alison Krauss http://www.hoops227.atomicshops.com/you_tube_alison_krauss_when_u_say_nothing_at_all.html
227's You Tube "Chili"-Ronan Keating http://www.hoops227.atomicshops.com/youtube_ronan_keating_baby_can_i_hold_lulu_boyzone.html
227's You Tube "Chili"-Cat Stevens http://www.hoops227.atomicshops.com/youtube_cat_stevens_yusuf_islam_allah_father_tour.html
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227's YouTube "Chili"-Jessica Alba (NBA)! Jessica Alba (Sin City) & Hayden Christiansen Use The Force/Jessica Alba (Playboy Cover)/Jessica Alba in "Awake" w/Hayden Christiansen! http://www.hoops227.atomicshops.com/you_tube_jessica_alba_hayden_christiansen_force.html
227's YouTube "Chili"-Hayden Christiansen (NBA)! Hayden Christiansen (Anakin Skywalker-Star Wars), "Awake" & more at Jamaal Al-Din's Hoops 227!

227's YouTube "Chili"-Sin City! Sin City Trailer/Sin City Soundtrack/Sin City Movie/Sin City at 227!

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227's-Kenny "The Jet" Smith-Carolina Basketball Camp (YouTube UNC Tar Heels-TNT/NBA)!  http://www.hoops227.atomicshops.com/kenny_smith_carolina_basketball_camp_unc_tarheels.html

227's YouTube "Chili"-Pussycat Dolls (Jai Ho-NBA Mix)!

227's YouTube "Chili" Latina-Andressa Soares!


227's YouTube "Chili" Latina-Andressa Soares-Hispanic  227's YouTube "Chili" Latina-Andressa Soares-Hispanic and Latino Americans  227's YouTube "Chili" Latina-Andressa Soares-Latina (magazine)  227's YouTube "Chili" Latina-Andressa Soares-Latina, Italy  227's YouTube "Chili" Latina-Andressa Soares-Province of Latina
227's YouTube "Chili"-Latina!

227's YouTube "Chili" Latina (NBA)-Andressa Soares-17/05/2009 MULHER MELANCIA-Set 1
227's YouTube "Chili"-Latina!

227's YouTube "Chili" Latino-Don Omar! "Ella Y Yo," "Dile," Don Omar Latino Hits & more at 227!  http://www.hoops227.atomicshops.com/you_tube_don_omar_chili_dile_puerto_rico_ella_y_yo.html
227's YouTube "Chili" LATINO-TITO "El Bambino"-"sOUL pLAYA Y aRENA (FT. jADIEL)," "De La Ghetto" ft. Randy, "El Tra," & more at 227 (Chilli)! http://www.hoops227.atomicshops.com/you_tube_tito_el_bambino_jadiel_sol_playa_y_arena.html
227's YouTube "Chili" Latino-Victor Manuelle "Si La Ves," Don Omar, "El Father," "Tango Ganas," & more at 227 (Chilli)! http://www.hoops227.atomicshops.com/youtube_victor_manuelle_si_la_ves_omar_tango_ganas.html
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227's YouTube "Fab 5" Michigan Wolverines Basketball!

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227's YouTube "Chili"-Reggie Miller #31 (NBA) "For Three"-Reggie Miller's historic "Three Point Shots" at Jamaal Al-Din's Hoops 227! http://www.hoops227.atomicshops.com/youtube_reggie_miller_nba_pacers_winning_3_pointer.html
227's Bill Russell-"Captain of the Boston Celtics" 11-Time NBA World Champion!
227's Larry Bird (#33) Boston Celtics http://www.hoops227.atomicshops.com/youtube_larry_bird_boston_celtics_mvp_nba_tv.html
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Patrick Ewing- the Georgetown Hoyas & NBA!
  Isiah Thomas!  Magic Johnson   Clyde "The Glide" Drexler! Kareem Abdul-Jabbar  Julius Erving  Carmelo Anthony  LeBron James  Kobe Bryant!  NBA Access w/ Ahmad Rashad!  227's Ahmad Rashad-NBA & NFL Action! 227's Ahmad Rashad-NBA TV  227's Ahmad Rashad-"Rashad"  227's Ahmad Rashad-Phylicia Rashad  227's Ahamad Rashad-NBA Inside Stuff  227's Ahmad Rashad-NBA Access with Ahmad Rashad  The Best Ncaa Basketball Coaches!   Lenny Wilkins- Brooklyn's Basketball Legend! 227's YoUtuBe-ISIAH! Hakeem "The Dream" Olajuwon!  Bill Walton- UCLA & the NBA!  227's YouTubbe "LeBron!"-LeBron James   YouTubbe "Melo!"-Carmelo Anthony!  227's YouTubbe "A.I."-Allen Iverson!   227's YouTubbe "D Wade!"-Dwayne Wade!   227's uTubbe Steve Nash!

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227's YouTube "Chili"-Darth Vader (NBA & Star Wars)! "Luke, I'm Your Fatha (James Earl Jones)!"-http://www.hoops227.atomicshops.com/youtube_darth_vader_nba_star_wars_james_earl_jones.html
227's YouTube "Chili"-Star Wars-Luke Skywalker
  227's YouTube "Chili"-Star Wars-Mark Hamill  227's YouTube "Chili"-Star Wars-Obi-Wan Kenobi  227's YouTube "Chili"-Star Wars-Tatooine  227's YouTube "Chili"-Star Wars-Princess Leia Organa  227's YouTube "Chili"-Star Wars-Carrie Fisher  227's YouTube "Chili"-Star Wars-Anakin Skywalker  227's YouTube "Chili"-Star Wars-Jacen Solo  227's YouTube "Chili"-Star Wars-C-3PO

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227's YouTube "Chili"-Justin Timberlake "Cry Me A River"/Justin Timberlake "Love Stoned"/Justin Timberlake videos  http://www.hoops227.atomicshops.com/utube_justin_timberlake_cry_me_a_river_luv_stoned.html  227's YouTube "Chili"-Justin Timberlake (NBA) "LoveStoned"-Justin Timberlake! Justin Timberlake "Luv Stoned" iTunes/Justin Timberlake "Love Stoned" Remix/"LoveStoned"  http://www.hoops227.atomicshops.com/utube_justin_timberlake_lovestoned_think_she_knows.html  227's YouTube "Chili" Rick Ross-"Mafia Music (NBA)" & "Hustlin"/Rick Ross ft. FatJoe, The Game, Ja Rule/Rick Ross!  http://www.hoops227.atomicshops.com/youtube_rick_ross_mafia_music_2009_ja_rule_fat_joe.html
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2Pac 50 Cent A Adam Tensta Akon Aaliyah Ashanti Andre 3000 B Bow Wow Bobby Valentino Beyonce Bone Thugs n Harmony Birdman (rapper) Busta Rhymes Bobby Fischer C Chris Brown Cherish Cassidy Chingy Chamillionaire Christina Milian Chrisette Michele Cashis Ciara Cypress Hill Calzone Mafia Cuban Link D Destiny's Child DJ Clue Demetri Montaque Danity Kane Day 26 Donnie D12 DJ Khaled Dr. Dre E E-40 Eminem Eazy-E F Fabolous Flo Rida Fat Joe Frankie J G G-Unit The Game H Hurricane Chris I Ice Cube J Jay-Z J.R. Rotem J Holiday Jordan Sparks K Kanye West Kelly Rowland keri hilson The Kreators L Lil' Kim Lil' Mo Lil Jon Lil Mama Lloyd Banks Lil Wayne Ludacris Lloyd Lil Mama Lil Eazy-E Leona lewis M MC Hammer Mike Shorey MF Doom Mariah Carey Mario Mary J. Blige N Ne-Yo Nate Dogg Niia N.W.A. Notorious B.I.G. Nas Nick Cannon Nelly Necro O Olivia Omarion Obie Trice Old Dirty Bastard P Public Enemy Plies P Diddy pink Pharcyde Q R Red Cafe Run DMC Ray J R Kelly Rihanna Rick Ross (rapper) S Sean Combs Sean Kingston Snoop Dogg Stargate Sean Garrett Suge Knight Soulja Boy Tell 'Em Stat Quo shakira T The Notorious B.I.G. Tupac Shakur Trina Tyrese T-Pain Three 6 Mafia T.I. Too Phat U Usher V V.I.C. W Warren G Wyclef Jean Wu Tang Clan will.i.am X Xzibit Y Young Jeezy Yung Berg Z

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227's YouTube "Chili"-T.O."Terrell Owens" http://www.hoops227.atomicshops.com/youtube_t_o_terrell_owens_workout_reality_tv_nfl.html 
227's YouTube "Chili"-Kristinia DeBarge "Goodbye" (NBA)! Kristinia DeBarge Songs/Kristinia DeBarge Hits/Kristinia DeBarge Lyrics/Kristinia DeBarge Remix/Kristinia DeBarge CD/Kristinia DeBarge at 227!
227's YouTube "Chili"-"Mulan"-Walt Disney (NBA)! Mulan Songs/Mulan Musical Hits/Mulan Animation/Mulan Cartoon Movie!
227's YouTube "Chili"-Kevin Federline (NBA) "Exclusive Kevin Federline Interview"/Kevin Federline, Britney Spears Interview/Kevin Federline Music! http://www.hoops227.atomicshops.com/utube_kevin_federline_exclusive_interview_britney.html 
227's Reality TV Tube (NBA)!
227's "Hollywood" (NBA) Entertainment (YouTube "Chili")! 
227's YouTube "Chili"-Jordan McCoy (NBA)-"American Juniors"/Jordan McCoy "Beyonce" Acoustic/Rihanna Acoustic/Britney Spears Acoustic/Jordan McCoy at 227! http://www.hoops227.atomicshops.com/youtube_jordan_mccoy_american_juniors_nba_acoustic.html

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Michael Jackson Bing Crosby U.S. The Beatles AC/DC ABBA Alla Bee Gees Bob Marley Celine Dion Cliff Richard The Drifters Elton John Herbert von Karajan Julio Iglesias Led Zeppelin Madonna Mariah Carey  Elvis Presley Nana Mouskouri Pink Floyd The Rolling Stones Tino Rossi Wei Wei

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227's YouTube "Chili!"-Gorilla Zoe-gorilla zoe definition of a block so sick 227's YouTube "Chili!"-Gorilla Zoe-Gorilla Zoe - Juice Box (Chopped & Screwed By DJ Slugga)  227's YouTube "Chili!"-Gorilla Zoe-The Charleston to Hood Nigga by Gorilla Zoe  227's YouTube "Chili!"-Gorilla Zoe-Gorilla Zoe - I Like Them Girls [FULL/NODJ/DIRTY] NEW  227's YouTube "Chili!"-Gorilla Zoe-Gorilla Zoe Ft. Rick Ross - What It Is  227's YouTube "Chili!"-Gorilla Zoe-Gorilla Zoe Valentines Day  227's YouTube "Chili!"-Gorilla Zoe-Requested Sample #2 - Gorilla Zoe - Lost  227's YouTube "Chili!"-Gorilla Zoe-Gorilla Zoe - Too Much  227's YouTube "Chili!"-Gorilla Zoe-Gorilla Zoe - I Like Them Girls [Prod. By Drumma Boy]  227's YouTube "Chili!"-Gorilla Zoe-Gucci Mane (Ft. Gorilla Zoe)-Broom  227's YouTube "Chili!"-Gorilla Zoe-GORILLA ZOE - BLOCK - DIDDY - TAMPA  227's YouTube "Chili!"-Gorilla Zoe-Gorilla Zoe - Thuggin  227's YouTube "Chili!"-Gorilla Zoe-Gorilla Zoe: Don't Feed The Animals Movie Trailer  227's YouTube "Chili!"-Gorilla Zoe-Paper - Gorilla Zoe ft Durty Block  227's YouTube "Chili!"-Gorilla Zoe-SOREAL CRU TV PRESENTS: THE RE-UP  227's YouTube "Chili!"-Gorilla Zoe-Gorilla Zoe Ft. Lil Wayne- Losing my Mind (WITH LYRICS)  227's YouTube "Chili!"-Gorilla Zoe-Gorilla Zoe feat. Gucci Mane - Walk with a waddle  227's YouTube "Chili!"-Gorilla Zoe-Gorilla Zoe - Hood Nigga (UNEDITED)  227's YouTube "Chili!"-Gorilla Zoe-Gorilla Zoe & Gucci Mane Walk wit a Waddle: Making the Video  227's YouTube "Chili!"-Gorilla Zoe-Gorilla Zoe & Gucci Mane Walk wit a Waddle: Making the Video  227's YouTube "Chili!"-Gorilla Zoe-GORILLA ZOE FT LIL WAYNE- GET MONEY  227's YouTube "Chili!"-Gorilla Zoe-Gorilla Zoe dissed Game  * 
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Beyonce Knowles-YouTube ALEXANDRA BURKE & QUEEN BEYONCE "LISTEN" THE X-FACTORS FINALS (12/13/2008)  YouTube Beyoncé knowles - If I Were Boy - Live On X Factor 2008 Finals Alexandra Burke Beyoncé   YouTube "Chilli" BEYONCE-Broadway and Dondria Singing Justin Timberlake ft Beyonce-Until the end of time(FINAL CUT)  YouTube Beyonce - Fan Book  YouTube "Chilli!' BEYONCE-Beyonce at LAX Airport January 25 2009 - TMZ  227's YouTube "Chilli!" BEYONCE-Beatboxing + Singing "Hello" by Beyonce acapella request (Ivana and Jess cover)  227's YouTube "Chilli!" BEYONCE-hollie harris beyonce listen  227's YouTube "Chilli!" BEYONCE-JUST STAND UP! Mariah, Beyonce, Rihanna, Miley, Leona more  227's YouTube "Chilli!" BEYONCE-Jay Z feat Beyonce - 03 Bonnie & Clyde (Official Music Videoin HQ)  227's YouTube "Chilli!" BEYONCE-50 Cent - Thug Love F/ Beyonce (Destiny's Child) (4th Single: Unreleased Track)  227's YouTube "Chilli!" BEYONCE-President Obama's A Fan Of Beyonce's "Single Ladies."  227's YouTube "Chilli!" BEYONCE-OBAMA -BEYONCE NEIGHBORHOOD BALL BARACK.  227's YouTube "Chilli!" BEYONCE-JOMAR : LISTEN (Beyonce Knowles)  227's YouTube "Chilli!" BEYONCE-Beyonce Ft. Alexandra Burke - HD Listen (Live at X Factor 2008) HQ Broken-hearted Girl by Beyonce Karaoke  ME SINGING HALO BY BEYONCE-02/07  Emo Girls Dance to Beyonce  Me singing "Broken-Hearted Girl" by Beyonce  Robyn McGhee - Beyonce - Trust in Me  Happy Saturday!!! Beyonce & Etta James; The Hudson Plane accident  At last - H4RRYV1DS - ETTA JAMES/ BEYONCE COVER  Beyoncé and Jay-Z leaving Nobu Restaurant - 02.04.2009  Beyonce, Britney Spears y Pink- We will rock you mix dannylc7  Amor Kismet Singinging Beyonce "Halo"  Beyoncé - Halo  Halo - Beyonce (singing with acoustic cover)  Beyonce - "Roc" Piano Tutorial  Halo By Beyonce (me lip singing it)  Beyonce Single ladies dance  hello- beyonce (cover instrumental)  Beyonce Lee Carr - If i were a boy/Girl  Singing Beyonce-Broken Hearted Girl  ItsHot.com Presents The Friday Hip Hop Report (Nov21)  Gabby's Dance Party. (can I dance or not?)  Beyonce Halo ActingCapella lol!! upgrade  Beyonce - Diva (kid version)  beyonce single ladies ( guy verison )  Danielle McAlary Ave Maria Beyonce Cover 227's YouTube "Chilli!" BEYONCE-Beyonce - Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It) Ahn SoHee- Beyonce dance cover (Wonder Girls 2nd Fan Meeting)  Beyoncé - Save The Hero (Sims 2 version)  Beyoncé - Save The Hero (Sims 2 version)

Taylor Swift-227's YouTube Taylor Swift: Taylor Swift - Picture to Burn [ Official Music Video ]   *  227's YouTube Taylor Swift: Ellen DeGeneres: Taylor Swift & Joe Jonas Phone Break-Up  * 227's YouTube TAYLOR SWIFT: TEARDROPS ON MY GUITAR 

Kanye West-227's YouTube KANYE WEST: Young Jeezy - Put on (feat. Kanye West)    227's YouTube Kanye West: Christina Milian dicusses her new album incl. Kanye West, Movies vs Music, & Christmas    227's YouTube Kanye West: SNL LATE NIGHT LAUGH | KANYE WEST LIP SYNCING? | AMY POEHLER LEAVES "SNL" -- SKINNY (12/15/08)

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Rihanna-227's YouTube Rihanna " Rehab " @ Star Academy 2008 [LIVE] HQ 12.19.08  227's YouTube Rihanna-Rihanna-Rehab [Dance Remix] - Arron M   227's YouTube Rihanna: Rihanna - Rehab (Star Academy Finale)  YouTube Rihanna-WWE Diva of the Month: February 2009  YouTube Rihanna-Nina SImon, Rihanna- Take a Bow  YouTube Rihanna-DISTURBIA @ metrowalk plaza  YouTube Rihanna-CHEDDAR SINGS!!!!!!!!!!!  YouTube Rihanna-Re: Lil Wayne Ft Drake - Ransom - NEW !!!  YouTube Rihanna-Rihanna Don't Stop The Music DJ Diego Barros Remix  YouTube Rihanna-Umbrella (Cover) - the baseballs  YouTube Rihanna-Rihanna - Take a Bow  YouTube Rihanna-The MOST CUTEST picture of the Jonas Brothers!read description  YouTube Rihanna-moment in time [starrgyrrl]  YouTube Rihanna-Umbrella Rihanna version by Arsal & Alex  YouTube Rihanna-Rihanna - Disturbia  YouTube Rihanna-rihanna live your life remix  YouTube Rihanna-Mystic - Disturbia  Knowing New Scene Latest Update with HD Quality 2009  Re: Soulja Boy Tell' Em - "Kiss Me Thru The Phone" [Music Video] 

Usher-P.Diddy F.. Usher - I Need A Girl P.1   227's YouTube Usher (Chili!): Exclusive Usher Parody   The Boondocks - Tom, Sarah and Usher - part 1   227's YouTube Usher Feat. Lil Jon and Ludacris - Yeah - Lyrics   Aaliyah Janet Jackson Teairra Mari Letoya Luckett Christina Milian Rihanna Usher Seven Pounds

Jason Mraz-227's YouTube Jason Mraz: Me Singing "I'm Yours" by Jason Mraz  Jason Mraz @ Today Show [LIVE] HQ 12.19.08 " We Sing "   227's YouTube Jason Mraz: Live High - Jason Mraz (cover by Alex Taimanao)   227's YouTube Jason Mraz: Jason Mraz - Geek In The Pink (Live at Highline Ballroom - NY)

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1992 NCAA Men's Division I Basketball Tournament featuring Mike Krzyzewski and the Duke Blue Devils
  1982 NCAA Men's Division I Basketball Tournament featuring Michael Jordan, Patrick Ewing, Dean Smith, John Thompson, North Carolina Tar Heals and the Georgetown Hoyas  2003 NCAA Men's Division I Basketball Tournament  1999 NCAA Men's Division I Basketball Tournament  2000 NCAA Men's Division I Basketball Tournament  1979 NCAA Men's Division I Basketball Tournament featuring Earvin Magic Johnson, Larry Bird and the Michigan State Spartans  1998 NCAA Men's Division I Basketball Tournament   1981 NCAA Men's Division I Basketball Tournament featuring Isiah Thomas, Bobby Knight and the Indiana Hoosiers  2008 NCAA Men's Division I Basketball Tournament featuring the Kansas Jayhawks  1993 NCAA Men's Division I Basketball Tournament 2002 NCAA Men's Division I Basketball Tournament  1989 NCAA Men's Division I Basketball Tournament  2001 NCAA Men's Division I Basketball Tournament   1996 NCAA Men's Division I Basketball Tournament    1995 NCAA Men's Division I Basketball Tournament  1987 NCAA Men's Division I Basketball Tournament  1994 NCAA Men's Division I Basketball Tournament  1988 NCAA Men's Division I Basketball Tournament   1991 NCAA Men's Division I Basketball Tournament

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  227's PGA Tour (Golf)! Mercedes-Benz Championship (PGA Tour)  227's PGA Tour (Golf)! Sony Open in Hawaii  227's PGA Tour (Golf)! Bob Hope Classic  227's PGA Tour (Golf)! FBR Open  227's PGA Tour (Golf)! Buick Invitational 227's PGA Tour (Golf)! The Barclays  227's PGA Tour (Golf)! Nick Faldo  227's PGA Tour (Golf)! Greg Norman  227's PGA Tour (Golf)! Vijay Singh  227's PGA Tour (Golf)! Tom Kite  227's PGA Tour (Golf)! Curtis Strange  227's PGA Tour (Golf)! Lee Trevino  227's PGA Tour (Golf)! Nick Price  227's PGA Tour (Golf)! Ben Crenshaw  227's PGA Tour (Golf)! PGA Tour Golf Team Challenge  227's PGA Tour (Golf)! Ernie Els  227's PGA Tour (Golf)! Phil Mickelson  227's PGA Tour (Golf)! Jack Nicklaus  227's PGA Tour (Golf)! Arnold Palmer  227's PGA Tour (Golf)! Tom Watson (golfer)  227's PGA Tour (Golf)! Tiger Woods  227's PGA Tour (Golf)! Tiger Woods PGA Tour

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Jamaal Al-Din, a native of Grand Rapids, Michigan and former leading scorer of Olympic Basketball and LSU great, Ed Palubinskas brings to you Michigan State University's and the NBA's Earvin "Magic" Johnson at 227's YouTube "MAGIC!" provided by Jamaal Al-Din's Hoops 227-the everything basketball website, featuring YouTube Videos and Wikipedia information on the legendary Earvin "Magic" Johnson, The Magic Johnson Foundation, Magic Johnson Enterprises,  and everything including the magical phrase..."MAGIC!" 227's YouTube "MAGIC!"

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  227's YouTube Chili!-Oprah Winfrey!  227's YouTube Chili!-Oprah Winfrey!  227's YouTube Chili!-Oprah Winfrey!
YouTube Oprah Winfrey-Doug Anthony All Stars - Oprah (Dead & Alive - 1993)
  YouTube Oprah Winfrey-Oprah Speaks the Truth about McCain  YouTube Oprah Winfrey-The oprah winfrey show (joe hoes style)  YouTube Oprah Winfrey-Oprah Speaks to the Stanford Class of 2008 (Highlights)  YouTube Oprah Winfrey-Ellen DeGeneres ~ I Love Jesus But I Drink A Little (HQ)  YouTube Oprah Winfrey-David Blaine Risks His Life on The Oprah Show Video Blog 1  YouTube Oprah Winfrey-APT - Obama Obama A millie Parody/Remix With lyrics  YouTube Oprah Winfrey-Get Ready to Be Awakened: A New Earth  YouTube Oprah Winfrey-The Soup: Oprah's Va-Jay-Jay  YouTube Oprah Winfrey-FUNNY Dave Chappelle as Tom Cruise on Oprah Show,  YouTube Oprah Winfrey-Letterman: Barack gives the Top Ten  YouTube Oprah Winfrey-Dont Drink The Kool-Aid: Oprah, Obama and The Occult  YouTube Oprah Winfrey-O, The Oprah Religion Recruitment Video #1  YouTube Oprah Winfrey-008 Charice Pempengco on Oprah And Whitney Houston from the Bodyguard  YouTube Oprah Winfrey-Charice Pempengco on E. Live  YouTube Oprah Winfrey-Carlton Banks Dancing to Oprah Theme  YouTube Oprah Winfrey-Hannah Montana's Miley Cyrus - A Sneak Peek For Oprah & Fans  YouTube Oprah Winfrey-The Church of Oprah Exposed  YouTube Oprah Winfrey-Sex, Lies and Barbara Walters  YouTube Oprah Winfrey-Violent Oprah  YouTube Oprah Winfrey-The Jonas Brothers on The Oprah Show!  YouTube Oprah Winfrey-Oprah's Message to YouTube!  YouTube Oprah Winfrey-Tom Cruise Goes Crazy on Oprah...ORIGINAL VERSION! 

List of Saturday Night Live musical sketches
  Saturday Night Live cast  Saturday Night Live (Season 33)  SNL's Weekend Update  Saturday Night Live characters appearing on Weekend Update  Saturday Night Live hosts  SNL Studios  SNL (disambiguation)  SNL's Five-Timers Club  SNL's Lazy Sunday  Saturday Night Live (Season 21)  History of Saturday Night Live (1990–1995)  Saturday Night Live (Season 11)  Saturday Night Live (Season 34)  History of Saturday Night Live (1980–1985)  Saturday Night Live (Season 30)  Celebrity Jeopardy! (Saturday Night Live)  Saturday Night Live (Season 31)  Saturday Night Live (Season 2)  Saturday Night Live (Season 15)  Saturday Night Live (Season 26)  Saturday Night Live (Season 32)

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  • Mariah Carey      Kardinall Offishall      Madonna                 Whitney Houston         Alvin & The Chipmunks
  • Chris Brown       Michael Jackson        50 Cent                   Britney Spears            Jerry Springer (Midget Fight)!
  • P-Diddy               Elvis Presley              Miley Cyrus             Lil' Wayne                   Country Music Television (CMT)
  • Katy Perry           NE-YO                         Coldplay                  Janet Jackson           Alicia Keys           Rihanna            Madonna Akon                           Britain's Got Talent (BGT)          227's YouTube "Chili"
  • Rihanna               Jonas Brothers          Lloyd                       American Idol             Nas (formerly Nasty Nas)
  • Beyonce              Chris Brown               Ellen DeGeneres    Christina Aguilera       Lady Gaga "Just Dance"
  • Rock-n-Roll         Ice Cube                     Oprah Winfery         Jordin Sparks              Charlie The Unicorn 
  • M.I.A.                  Harry Potter                 VH-1                       Whitney Houston           Spongebob
  • Will Smith           Flo Rida   Three 6 Mafia   Leona Lewis   Second Hand Serenade  Metallica                                  
  • Natasha Bedingfield   Taylor Swift   Keshia Cole   Sugarland   Avril Lavign         ICE CUBE   

    Sean Kingston, Justin Timberlake, M.I.A'"Paper Planes!" , Timbaland, 50 Cent, P-Diddy, Kanye West. Rihanna, Chris Brown, T.I.-"Big Things Poppin!" , Rihanna- Hate That I Love You (over 29 million views on YouTube)!, Leona Lewis, Soulja Boy, Britney Spears, Alicia Keys, Avril Lavigne, Alicia Keys- No One, Akon, NE-YO, LL Cool J, Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Dmx, Jay-z, The Notorious B.I.G, 2PAC, Will Smith, Jonas Brothers, Pink "So What!" , Jordin Sparks feta. Chris Brown- "No Air" Official Music Video-over 33 million views on YouTube!), Lil Jon- get low music movie, Ludacris, Ice Cube, Flo Rida feat. T.Pain Music from the Movie Step Up 2 "Low," Chris Brown*Chris  Brown feat. T.Pain- Kiss Kiss (over 51 million views on YouTube)!, Chris Brown-"With You," Chris Brown feat. Lil' Wayne (over 56 million views on YouTube!, Chris Brown "YO," Chris Brown-Run It, Chris Brown- Forever, Wu Tang Clan, The Fugees, Jordin Sparks-Tattoo, Rhianna- Cry, Rihanna- unfaithful, Rhianna- Umbrella (over 43 million views on YouTube/You Tube)!, Ashanti, Fergie Fergalicious, Fergie- Clumsy!, Rhianna- Dont' Stop The Music (over 62 million views on YouTube), Avril Lavign- Girlfriend (over 92 million views on YouTube)!, Clay Aiken, Akon, Christina Aguilera-Hurt, Clay Aiken-On My Way Here, All-American Rejects, All-American Rejects-Move Along, All-American Rejects-It Ends Tonight, Ashley Parker Angel, Michael Jackson ("Thriller"), Backstreet Boys, Augustana, Natasha Bedingfeild, Michael Jackson, Natasha Bedingfield feat. Sean Kingston-Love Like This, Natasha Bedingfield-Pocketful of Sunshine and lots more at 227's YouTube Chili!!! Your source for the world's most watched YouTube Music Videos at Jamaal Al-Din's Hoops 227- the everything basketball website!

     Also: Jesse McCartney, Ray J, Usher, Elliott Yamin, Jonas Brothers, Fergie, Taylor Swift, Nelly Furtado, Jennifer Lopez, Flyleaf, Maroon 5, Kanye West, Keyshia Cole, The Pussycat Dolls, Colby O'Donis, Ashanti, R. Kelly, Girlicious, Colbi Calliat, Boy George, Mario, Three Days Grace, Beyonce',  Gorillaz, Carrie Underwood, 3 Doors Down, Finger Eleven, Ginuwine, Baby Bash, Kid Rock, Joe, Gwen Steffani, Billy Ray Cyrus, Danity Kane, Janel Parrish, Ciara, NLT, Fall Out Boy, Josh Turner, Fantasia and more! NBA, Atlanta Hawks Logo at Jamaal Al-Din's Hoops 227- the everything basketball website!

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