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List of villains in The Batman From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation, search This article uses an unsuitable grammatical tense for an encyclopedia. Please consider copy editing to past tense if historic, present tense if not time-based (e.g. fiction), or future tense if upcoming. The following is a list of the villains who have appeared in the Batman animated series, The Batman, their background in the show and their likely inspirations. Various villains who have appeared on The Batman. From left to right are: The Riddler, Bane, Poison Ivy, a Riddleman, Black Mask, Man-Bat, Mr. Freeze, Temblor, Spellbinder, Firefly, Ragdoll, Killer Croc, Joker, Harley Quinn (visible behind Joker), one of Killer Croc's minions, Penguin, the Kabuki Twins, and Cluemaster as seen in Rumors. Table of contents Bane • Black Mask • Blaze • Catwoman • Clayface / Ethan Bennett • Clayface / Basil Karlo • Cluemaster • Count Vertigo • D.A.V.E. • Dracula • Everywhere Man • Firefly/Phosphorus • Francis Grey • Gearhead • Harley Quinn • Hideto Katsu • Hugo Strange • The Joining • Joker • Joker 2.0 • Kabuki Twins • Killer Croc • Killer Moth • Lex Luthor • Man-Bat • Marty • Mercy Graves • Maxie Zeus • Metallo • Mirror Master • Mr. Freeze • Number One • Penguin • Poison Ivy • Prank • Punch and Judy • Ragdoll • Rhino & Mugsy • Riddlemen • Riddler • Rumor • Rupert Thorne • Shadow Thief • Sinestro • Smoke • Solomon Grundy • Spellbinder • Temblor • Terrible Trio • Tony Zucco • Toyman • Ventriloquist & Scarface • Wrath and Scorn See also External links [edit] Bane Voice Actor: Joaquim de Almeida (in Traction); Ron Perlman (in Team Penguin); Clancy Brown (in The Batman/Superman Story Pt. One) [edit] Biography Real name: Unknown Bane is a South American mercenary. He is said to have undergone experiments in the Amazon. Bane is a match for Batman at first, even breaking a few of his bones and fracturing his arm. http://www.hoops227.com/dc_universe_bobblehead_batman_you_tube_duo_fiction.html  Unlike the comics version, he doesn't break Batman's back. Bane was stopped at a bank, where Batman constructed a Bat-Bot that could defeat him. However, before Bane totally destroys Batman and the Bat-Bot, Batman electrocutes the tubes of venom on his body, turning him back to normal. In Brawn, Bane is mentioned, but not seen when Joker steals his venom. He appears in the Main Title Sequence for seasons 1 and 2 in his Venom-altered "super-form." He also appears, in both his normal form and his Venom-altered "super-form" in the opening credits for the third season. Bane appeared in Team Penguin, offering to take up the invitation to join Penguin's Injustice Gang. However, he was taken down by Batman and his new partner, Robin while robbing a bank. http://www.hoops227.com/youtube_dc_comics_superman_batman_cartoons_movies.html  In Rumors, Bane was captured by Rumor. At the end of the episode, he was set free, only to have his venom system destroyed by Batman and Robin. He is currently locked up in Arkham Asylum. He also makes a cameo appearance in The Joining: Part Two, helping Gotham PD to take down the alien threat. Bane was among the villains hired by Lex Luthor to take out Superman. He showed up in the episodes weaker than his debut episode. Batman was able to flip, and throw him an amazing distance. [edit] Appearances Traction Team Penguin Rumors The Joining, Part Two (cameo) The Batman/Superman Story, Part One [edit] Black Mask Voice Actor: James Remar [edit] Biography Real Name: Roman Sionis Black Mask is a powerful crime boss, who has a vast organization of henchmen (including Number One) working for him. He has managed to steal a powerful shock wave generator, and hold the city ransom. However, Batman stops him from triggering the device, and captures him. Black Mask is held for questioning in Gotham PD, to find out where the generator is, and to stop his organization from triggering it again. However, his henchmen manage to break him free from jail before Robin and Batgirl manage to fight him and lock him in another jail cell while Batman is captured by Black Mask's henchmen. Black Mask eventually manages to escape


and get on a helicopter to active the generator and destroy Gotham, but is ultimately beaten by the sidekicks, and once again arrested. Black Mask made a re-appearance in Rumors. He was accidentally frozen by Mr. Freeze and was locked up in Arkham. He also returns in season 5 where Lex Luthor hires him and Clayface to kidnap Lois Lane. He eventually uses a laser that has the powers of the red sun on Superman. After the other villains were defeated by Batman and Superman, Lois Lane tripped him and revealed that Lex Luthor is in cahoots with him. He also appears in "What Goes Up.." where he and Shadow Thief use the Nth metal to rob the Gem Depository. However Hawk Man and Batman become able to stop him. [edit] Appearances The Breakout Rumors The Batman/Superman Story, Part One What Goes Up [edit] Blaze Voice Actor: Rachael MacFarlane [edit] Biography Real Name: Jane Blazedale Dr. Jane Blazedale was a nuclear physicist who quit her job at Gotham University when her project for boosting nuclear energy output was shut down due to safety concerns. She eventually teamed up with Garfield Lynns and helped him steal the phosphorus isotope in order to upgrade his jetpack, but an accident transform Garfield into

phosphorus. Blaze insisted that Garfield go to a hospital, but he was bent on continuing his plan of stealing enough money to go away with Blaze forever. Blaze left Garfield and teamed up with Batman, Batgirl, and Robin in stopping phosphorus from causing a meltdown at the power plant. She was arrested, but visited Garfield in Arkham to tell him that their relationship was over. [edit] Appearances White Heat [edit] Catwoman Voice Actor: Gina Gershon [edit] Biography Real name: Selina Kyle Catwoman is a masked thief. Agile, smart, charming and tough. In The Cat and the Bat, she attempts to steal from a yakuza boss named Hideto Katsu, but is caught on security cameras and flees the scene. In a later chase, she is shown to be a rival in hand to hand combat and athletic skills with Batman. The cat thief proved to be skillful enough to beat down the Dark Knight with Agility. She uses this to steal his utility belt. She attempts to steal from the Hideto Katsu again, but is nearly killed by the ninjas he calls over to assist him. However, she and Batman team up to defeat them. In the end, she reluctantly agrees to give back the utility belt but escapes the law. She also reappeared in The Cat, The Bat and the Very Ugly when she teams up with Penguin (reminiscent of Batman Returns). However, the bird boy betrays her with his deadly geishas. Catwoman is cuffed with Batman to stop the infamous criminal Penguin in destroying the Gotham's children Hospital. Despite a good partnership, Catwoman kicks the Dark Knight to steal the feline statue she sought since the beginning. The Dark Knight stops Catwoman and hand-cuffs both her and the Penguin. Unfortunately, Penguin and Catwoman escaped using the Penguin's umbrella. Ragdolls to Riches, when she and Batman are pitted against Ragdoll and The Laughing Cats, in which she fights Joker. In the end, she didn't manage to steal the emeralds but escapes the law once again leaving Ragdoll to either going to jail or fleeing... In The Laughing Cats, her plan to make off with Black Siberian Leopards backfired when Joker interferes with his plan to give the leopards to the hunter Killgore Steed. Both their plots were thwarted by Batman and Batgirl. In Rumors, she is captured by Rumor. She was not apprehended, and is still at large. She is hinted to have a romantic interest in Batman and to a lesser extense, Penguin. however the latter was just an attempt to steal both the feline statue she wants and the bird statue the Penguin wants in The Cat, The Bat and the Very Ugly. [edit] Influences Catwoman, in The Batman, appears to be based on Selina's costume in the comics from 2001 onwards, with a few edits, including a new mask design and new claws. (See the article on Catwoman for more details.] [edit] Appearances The Cat and the Bat The Cat, the Bat, and the Very Ugly Ragdolls to Riches The Laughing Cats Rumors [edit] Clayface / Ethan Bennett Voice Actor: Steve Harris Real Name: Ethan Bennett [edit] Biography Ethan Bennett was once working at the Gotham PD and one of Bruce Wayne's best friends. He was a supporter on the Dark Knight, and continuously at odds with his partner Detective Ellen Yin , who sees the hero as a criminal throughout the first season of the show. Wayne at one point attempts to reveal his secret to his friend to fully gain his trust. On the episode "The Rubber Face of Comedy", Joker captured and tortured him, which nearly driven him insane before being rescued by Batman and Yin. During the torture, he inhaled a fume from the Clown Prince Of Crime's Joker Putty (something that turns solid objects into a clay-like, putty substance). That turned Ethan into Clayface who became an enemy of the Batman. After an attempt to rebuilt his life, Clayface given in to the dark side of his nature on the episode "Meltdown" and embarked a criminal career on "Grundy's Night" Eventually, Bennett realized that being a criminal isn't who he was, and on the episode "Clayfaces," he turned himself in to the authority with The Joker, whom he captured, decided that he'd rather have justice other than vengeance from him. However, after actor Basil Karlo ingested the same formula which gave him his powers and became a new Clayface, Bennett determined to stop his successor in order to make sure his legacy as Clayface won't continue and a chance to make up for his crimes. Eventually the battle between the two Clayfaces ended with Batman gave them an antidote for their conditions, apparently forever. On the episode, "Artifacts," suggested that Bennett would rejoined the law enforcement once more and would become a Chief of Police and an ally of Batman with Yin. [edit] Appearances The Bat in the Belfry Call of the Cobblepot Traction The Man Who Would Be Bat The Big Chill Topsy Turvy The Rubberface of Comedy Clayface of Tragedy Meltdown Grundy's Night Clayfaces [edit] Clayface / Basil Karlo Voice Actor: Wallace Langham (1st Time), Lex Lang (2nd Time) [edit] Biography Real Name: Basil Karlo Basil Karlo was originally an amateur, ugly actor with poor acting skills. He was only in one low-budget B-movie, Revenge of the Atomic Clone. When he was turned down from a dog food commercial, Karlo stole a concentrated Clayface formula from the laboratory where the anti-Clayface formula was being developed, and drank it, thinking it would enhance his acting skills. When he gained shapeshifting abilities, he tried to audition again for the commercial as a tall, strong male lead, but failed. Angrily, Karlo attacked the auditioners, nearly killing them in the form of a wolf. When he was identified as a new Clayface, he became addicted to his new fame, and went on a criminal rampage, always hoping to get more and more of the media's attention, even trying to kill Batman to infuse his name with permanent fame. It finally took Batman, Robin, and the original Clayface, Ethan Bennett, to defeat him. Karlo and Bennett took a dose from a Clayface cure. However, while Bennett was "cured," Karlo discovered in Arkham that he still has his Clayface abilities. It is noteworthy to mention, aside from that, that Karlo has even greater powers than the first Clayface, effectively marking him as the most powerful Clayface to ever be depicted in animation. His powers are so advanced, he can tear bank vaults off of their hinges by sheer brutal force with a sole clay hook, his constructs are far more perfect than Bennett's (though his poor acting skills tend to give him away), can generate massive waves of weapons from his body, can grow in size to become a behemoth threat, and his weapons are more advanced than Bennett's, allowing him to create weapons so advanced as massive rotating drills and other deadly and destructive weapons. He was one of the few villains not captured by Rumor. Basil Karlo later assisted Black Mask into kidnapping Lois Lane by posing as Clark Kent and trapping her in his body and loading her into the limo that Black Mask was in. However, he never talked but attacks most often. He escaped during the fight against Batman, Robin, and Superman, but was defeated at Lex Luthor's Gotham HQ. [edit] Appearances Clayfaces The Batman/Superman Story, Part One The Batman/Superman Story, Part Two [edit] Cluemaster Voice Actor: Glenn Shadix [edit] Biography Real name: Arthur 'Artie' Brown Cluemaster is a question-themed villain. This version of Cluemaster, instead of being a children's game show host, is one of the contestants. Apparently living with his mother, for twelve weeks he was the champion on 'Think, Thank, Thunk'. However, he was beaten and claimed that the host and the producer had rigged his defeat. He kidnapped them and staged a version of 'Think, Thank, Thunk' in which the losers would be dunked in acid. However, he was defeated by Batman when he caused his over-weight body to collapse onto the floor, knocking him out. He is a parody of Oogie Boogie from Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas. Ironically, Cluemaster was voiced by Glen Shadix, who played the Mayor of Halloweentown in The Nightmare Before Christmas. He also makes a cameo in Rumors. He was accidentally frozen by Mr. Freeze and finally arrested at the end of the episode. [edit] Appearances Q&A Rumors (Cameo) [edit] Count Vertigo Voice Actor: Greg Ellis [edit] Biography Real name: Werner Vertigo Count Vertigo appears in the episode Vertigo. Werner Vertigo was a former employee of Oliver Queen's company until Oliver fired him. With a mechanical eye he invented, he became Count Vertigo and caused Oliver Queen to fall off his boat, (upon experiencing vertigo) stranding him on the island for years. Now an enemy of Green Arrow, he appeared in Gotham City where he and his henchmen built a powerful gyroscope that was going to make the citizens of Gotham suffer from vertigo. Green Arrow thought that he was teamed up with Bruce Wayne, though Green Arrow teamed up with Bruce a.k.a. Batman to stop Count Vertigo. In the end he tried to flee in a helicopter but Batman and Green Arrow stopped him. When it appeared Green Arrow was going to kill him, he froze him with one of his arrows. [edit] Appearances Vertigo [edit] D.A.V.E. Main article: D.A.V.E. D.A.V.E is a robot made by Dr. Hugo Strange. It possess several Batman villains' brains. That's why D.A.V.E called himself as an "the ultimate criminal mastermind" [edit] Appearance: Gotham's Ultimate Criminal Mastermind [edit] Dracula Voice Actor: Peter Stormare [edit] Biography Real name: N/A (possibly Vlad Dracula III (Vlad Drăculea III)). A murderous immortal creature who resided in Transylvania. After causing a series of mayhems on London in a failed plot of spreading a plague throughout the city, Professor Abraham Van Helsing led a group of vampire hunters made up of one of Dracula's victims Lucy Westenra's friends: Jonathan Harker, Wilhelmina "Mina" Murray-Harker, Arthur Holmwood, Quincey Morris, and Van Helsing's own student Dr. John Seward. They chased the vampire from England to his native land. Count Dracula was killed while sleeping in his coffin one night by the villagers led by the professor in the town. Driving a stake through his heart, Dracula perished. His body was shipped far away from Transylvania and buried in Gotham Cemetery. His legends live on through Irish writer Abraham "Bram" Stoker, who wrote a book based on the accounts of Lucy's friends and the vampire's victims, which would leads to a series of theatrical and film interpretations throughout the 20th and 21st centuries. His corpse and heart shriveled up, but the ability for him to come back was always there, if someone gave him just a single drop of blood. The blood that revived Dracula came from The Penguin. Accidentally cutting himself on his umbrella knife, Penguin dripped his blood onto Dracula's shriveled corpse. The blood hit the heart and Dracula's body immediately began to regenerate. After sucking the blood from a nearby cemetery guard, Dracula recruited Penguin to be his "tomb keeper" while he slept during the day. Penguin resisted at first, but after being put under Dracula's mind control, he was forced to accept. Dracula became intrigued with the man known as 'The Batman.' Thinking that his legacy had gone on long after his death, Dracula eventually confronted The Batman and asked him to join his side to take over Gotham City. The Batman refused and Dracula had nearly killed The Batman before the sun came up and started to burn Dracula's skin. Dracula also became obsessed with bringing his dead bride, Carmilla Karnstein, back from the dead. Using the body and life force from Gotham City star reporter Vicki Vale, Dracula nearly succeeded in bringing back his dead wife with her cremated remains. The Batman intervened after defeating Dracula's minions, known as the "Lost Ones" by injecting them with a vaccine that counteract the vampiric virus in their system that turned them back to normal, and interrupted the process by killing Carmilla with his garlic bombs, bringing the life back into Vicki and allowing her to escape from Dracula's clutches. Dracula had a final showdown with The Batman, which eventually led them to the Batcave. After being nearly killed and Alfred knocked out, The Batman was able to turn on his prototype device that stored energy from the sun. Dracula had seen the device before at Bruce Wayne's corporate party, and realized that his enemy and the young billionaire are the same man, and Wayne was leading him to a trap. Dracula was caught in the beam of light and his flesh and blood was burned. The Batman delivered a final blow to Dracula that sent his bones scattering around the Batcave, ending Dracula once and for all. Alfred has swept his remains to a dustbin. [edit] Influences While Dracula is a character of the classic horror genre and not usually associated with Batman, the idea of the two fighting has been explored in two unofficial films before The Batman vs. Dracula, "Batman Fights Dracula" and Andy Warhol's "Batman Dracula," as well as DC Comics' Elseworlds graphic novel trilogy Batman & Dracula: Red Rain, Batman: Bloodstorm, and Batman: Crimson Mist. After Dracula is killed and his body shattered, his skull can be seen. Dracula's dentition can also been seen several times throughout the movie. It appears Dracula's dentition was heavily influenced by the actual vampire bat, with both enlarged incisors and canines, instead of merely large canines like most vampire stereotypes. [edit] Appearances The Batman vs. Dracula (direct-to-DVD movie) [edit] Everywhere Man Main article: Everywhere Man [edit] Firefly/Phosphorus Voice Actor: Jason Marsden [edit] Biography Real name: Garfield Lynns Firefly is a work for hire arsonist who uses laser technology to commit his crimes. He was hired to take down the enemies of Gothcorp so Gothcorp couldn't fund the children's hospital, but was discovered and defeated by Batman. In Fire and Ice, he teamed up with Mr. Freeze to ice over Gotham, but their rivalry led to them being defeated by each other and Batman. Firefly reappeared in Team Penguin, as a member of Team Penguin, but, like the other members, was defeated. In Rumors, Firefly was captured by Rumor. He was accidentally attacked by Killer Croc and arrested. In White Heat, he is shown to have a new partner named Dr. Jane Blazedale (codename "Blaze"). After they stole a material called Phosphorus Isotope to experiment on, Firefly planned to use it to upgrade his battle suit only for an accident to affect him. Firefly mutated into Phosphorus when they ran into Batman, Robin, and Batgirl. Batman had a lead lining suit made by his next encounter. Batgirl found them at a grocery store and Blaze tried to persuade Phosphorus to get treated. At Gotham's Nuclear Plant, Batman wore his new suit to fight Phosphorus and eventually used liquid nitrogen to stop him. Phosphorus was incarcerated in Arkham where there may be a chance to restore him to normal. [edit] Appearances The Big Heat Fire and Ice Team Penguin Rumors White Heat as Phosphorus [edit] Francis Grey Voice Actor: Dave Foley [edit] Biography Real Name: Francis Grey Francis Grey was originally a accident-prone but happy family man, but had a terrible life, with immense bills he and his wife were unable to pay. Francis, who has previously promised to his wife he would, for once, "make things right," decided to steal a valuable watch from the clock repair shop where he worked. Unfortunately, this set off the alarm, and upon running outside bumped into a nearby policeman, caused a hot dog stand to roll out into the street resulting in a massive car crash, a power outage, a destroyed newspaper stand, and a tanker truck exploding. Francis was arrested then and there, and sentenced to 17 years in prison. As time went on, Francis was consumed by the one mistake he wished he could change, but buried these emotions when he began fixing clocks for the guards. This made the situation worse, as Francis soon found himself "surrounded" by all the time he was losing, and eventually snapped and screamed "STOP!!!" which miraculously stopped the clocks for a split second. Curious, Francis concentrated on one of the clocks, and not only stopped it, but reversed it by one second. Francis realized he could manipulate time itself, and refined his power over the next 15 years in the hopes of going back 20 years to stop him destroying his life (his wife had divorced him in prison), but could only get a maximum of 20 seconds. Upon parole 17 years after his arrest, Francis wished to make all of Gotham City pay, and began stealing components and ingredients and assembling a deadly nerve gas bomb for the purpose of detonating it on New Years Day in Gotham's Time Square. Despite the efforts of Batman, Robin and Batgirl, all attempts to capture or convince Francis to stop failed, and the bomb was released, killing everyone in Gotham, including the heroes. Unfortunately, Batman had sent for Matthew, Francis' son, in the hopes he could make Francis stop. Francis was too late to stop the gas from killing Matthew, and, as he cradled his body in his arms, Francis screamed "NO!!!" as his erratic emotions amplified his power to such a degree, he was sent back in time to the point just before he stole the clock. This time, Francis, remembering the Batman's last words of "It's not too late to make the right choice," decided to not steal the clock and sort out his problems another way. Apparently this worked, his relationship was saved, and he ended up living a happy life as a clock repair man with his son, making him one of the few reformed villains in the series. This character is possibly based on the Clock King. His surename, Grey, could be a reference to Gabrial Gray, AKA Sylar, the main antagonist of Tim Kring's Heroes who was a clock repairman and his theme with involse the sound of clocks. [edit] Appearances Seconds [edit] Gearhead Voice Actor: Will Friedle Real name: Nathan Finch [edit] Biography In this version, Gearhead is a criminal car racer who operates with advanced forms of nanotechnology, Gearhead first showed up with a souped-up yellow race car during a charity race that Bruce Wayne, alias Batman, was competing in. Gearhead stole all the charity money and rode off, leaving all the contestants baffled. Soon after, Bruce Wayne changes into his alter ego of the Batman and is hot on Gearhead's trail. However, the criminal's hi-tech vehicle had some surprises of its own--it could extend small metal cords and attach them to other vehicles, giving Gearhead full control over the vehicle. Later, back at the Batcave, Bruce and his faithful butler Alfred looked more deeply into nanotechnology and made some new adjustments to the Batmobile. With a bigger and better vehicle, Batman was ready for round two of his match. With the help of Batgirl, he rode out to take Gearhead down. In the final battle when Batman almost destroyed Gearhead's vehicle, the villain jumped out of his hi-tech car and it reverted into a junky, beat-up old one. Gearhead then took control of an ordinary motorcycle, and it transformed into a super vehicle just like his car had been. This revealed to Batman that Gearhead was probably some sort of a cyborg who was built of nanotechnology and could alter vehicles and mechanical devices at will. The fight went on for a while, until Gearhead tried to use his technology to take over the new Batmobile. To his dismay, however, Batman's new adjustments had blocked any take over and caused Gearhead's metal cords to lock in place when he tried. Gearhead was trapped and soon placed in jail. Gearhead was among the villains captured by Rumor and was seen when the cell the villains were in opened up. They also made a toy of him from the cartoon but renamed him "Metal Head." [edit] Appearances RPM Rumors (cameo) [edit] Harley Quinn Voice Actor: Hynden Walch [edit] Biography Real name: Dr. Harleen Quinzel Harleen Quinzel was a famous phone-in psychiatrist who hosted the show "Heart-to-Heart with Harley." She would talk to people about their love life, but was threatened by a mother when she told her daughter to go against the mother's wishes. The company threatened to pull the plug on Harley's show, but she had other plans. When Bruce Wayne arrived to talk about his charity, Harley attempted to humiliate him by bringing in one of his dates. All while the Joker, who was a fan of the show because of Harley's quirkiness and obvious fraudulence, called up under the name Mr. J, and got to voice his opinion. The company cut Harley's show, and she resigned to her apartment. The Joker, whose henchmen had recently been arrested, decided to make her his new assistant. He visited her house and she willingly followed him to his lair. She revealed that a nutcase like the Joker would be a perfect chance to restart her career and write a book. Joker didn't like the idea, but when he sicked his hyenas on Harley, she just yelled at them to sit. After a little "therapy time," Joker gave Harley a new outfit representing a harlequin. They spent a romantic bombing spree together, but were almost stopped by the Batman. In the morning, Harley was furious when she found out that another psychiatrist was planning a special show that would air at the time and channel when her valentine special would have. She was even angrier when she found out that the analysis was on her descent from fraudulent program into criminal madness. She and Joker crashed the show and Harley attempted to take revenge. Batman showed up and the building began to burn. Joker ran off with the hyenas, leaving Harley to her fate. She was saved, but realized that perhaps it wasn't a good idea to be with the Joker. But as she got into the police car, the officer sat on a whoopie cushion. He pulled it out to reveal that Mr. J had made his mark on Harley. She began laughing hysterically, perhaps destroying any possibility of her becoming sane ever again. In "Rumors" she was captured by Rumor. When it was mentioned by Rumour that he was targeting Joker next, She looked into an empty cell worriedly, showing that she still cares deeply for him. In "The Metal Face of Comedy," Harley, along with the rest of the Joker's associates (Punch, Judy and Marty) spends the bulk of the episode continually switching allegiance with the original Joker and his nanobot composed clone Joker 2.0 (whom she was at first disgusted by). She, along with the Joker and her allies, are arrested at the end of the episode by Robin, after being saved from Joker 2.0, who had run amok, by Batman. [edit] Influences Harley did not appear in the comic book to begin with, but the animated series. This version of Harley hasn't changed much from the original other than the differences in her outfit (the mask covers up her eyes, her headpiece is move over the top than the original), and she even sports the same Queens accent, as well as her profession changing from an actual psychiatrist, to a psychologist with an on-line degree. The hyenas also make a return from the original, and she drops a few lines from the original series, such as "puddin'", which is only used once. Also, Hynden Walch, Harley Quinn's voice actress, has a similar voice to Arleen Sorkin's, who was the first woman to voice Harley in Batman: The Animated Series. She also remains an excellent gymnast and has proven herself to be quite skilled in close combat situations. [edit] Appearances Two of a Kind Rumors The Metal Face of Comedy The End of Batman [edit] Hideto Katsu Voice Actor: Keone Young [edit] Biography Hideto Katsu was the head of a crime family moved from the Orient to Gotham in order to make a living. He was known for being the owner of a valuable Oriental Palace. After Catwoman stole from him, Katsu wanted to have his Yakuza gang and his hired ninjas to kill her the next time she stole from him. Catwoman then came back for another theft. Batman arrived as well and the two took out Katsu's gang as well as Katsu. Evidence was discovered that he was planning to expand into Gotham. He hasn't been seen since his arrest. [edit] Appearances The Cat and the Bat [edit] Hugo Strange Voice Actor: Frank Gorshin (From Meltdown to A Fistful of Felt), Richard Green (From Gotham's Ultimate Criminal Mastermind on) [edit] Biography The morally ambiguous head chief of Psychiatry at Arkham Asylum, who is driven by his keen interest of the criminal mind. A psychiatrist at Arkham Asylum, Professor Hugo Strange has an interest in the minds of the psychopaths that fill the cells in Arkham. Strange testified at Ethan Bennett's, aka Clayface, court date, giving Ethan a clean bill of health for his mental stasis. The mad psychiatrist intended to "test" Bennett's mental affliction. Although he claims to want to help the inmates at Arkham Asylum, Hugo Strange seems more bent on finding out how the criminal mind works, rather than simply curing it. When the Joker kidnapped Ellen Yin and was then shortly arrested after by the Batman, the GCPD had to locate where the detective was abducted. The police authorized Professor Strange to use his brain machine to infiltrate the Joker's mind in order to find the location. It was clear by the end Strange never wanted to rescue "Yin" but to explore the psychotic clown's past and tumors. In the end of the episode, Strange records that he got what he wanted with Joker. After being "cured" of his affliction by Professor Hugo Strange, Arnold Wesker was able to resume his life in the real world. Despite being successful in his new life, Professor Hugo Strange wished to "test" his criminal therapy and gave the Scarface puppet back to Wesker, causing him to fold and resume being Wesker and Scarface. In Gotham's Ultimate Criminal Mastermind, Prof. Strange creates D.A.V.E., an A.I. program made with the brain patterns of several Gotham villains, including himself. When D.A.V.E. proceeded to escape and Strange was discovered to have preprogrammed and allowed it, he was determined to be insane and was incarcerated in Arkham. He said at the end of that episode that Batman may think that he has defeated the Gotham's Ultimate Criminal Mastermind but he must think again, stating that he thinks himself as the Ultimate Criminal Mastermind. In Strange New World, he made plans to turn all of Gotham, bar himself, into zombie-like creatures who obey his every command. He was barely stopped in time and moved to maximal security if not he had escaped Arkham Asylum. In Rumors, Hugo Strange is abducted by the hateful Rumor who wants to get rid of crime by executing them all. The mad psychiatrist requested a dead man favor in asking Rumor why is he seeking to punish criminals. The sinister self vigilante replied that his boss, Paul Karen, is a good man but was wounded critically by the Joker. Batman had a chance to eliminate villains but was following his code of ethics so he couldn't do what was necessary. Strange easily mocked Mario(Rumor) in saying that the bodyguard was not vigilante of justicer but only an emotional man who tried to undo his failure of being unable to protect his boss from his accident at the hands of the Joker. By the end of the episode, only Professor Strange and Catwoman remained at large. In "Lost Heroes," he helps the Joining into capturing the Justice League and uploading their powers into their robots. However, when the Joining give him his reward of all the knowledge in the universe, his cerebral cortex cannot handle it and he is reduced to a drooling, catatonic state. [edit] Appearances Meltdown Strange Minds A Fistful of Felt Gotham's Ultimate Criminal Mastermind Strange New World Rumors Lost Heroes Part 1 Lost Heroes Part 2 [edit] The Joining An extraterrestrial mental/technological societal/militant manifestation with an as yet unexplained origin and determination to conquer/destroy Earth. It/they are reminiscent of Brainiac, an enemy of Superman, who has ambitions of learning all knowledge there is to know and then destroy existence[original research?]. In the two part episode, The Joining, they attacked Earth, causing destruction everywhere, and Batman and his enemies even worked together to destroy them. The Joining was supposedly destroyed. However, they later returned to Earth, being a little sneakier, for the last time was apparently a test, and this time, they had help from Hugo Strange, who consumed the powers of the Justice League, and gave them to the Joining. The heroes got back their powers, and destroyed the member of the Joining holding them, and the Joining's operating base was destroyed, along with the rest of the army of Joining duplicates. [edit] Similarities to Brainiac[original research?] The idea of a creature who has ambitions of learning all knowledge there is to know and then destroy existence is similar to Brainiac's DCAU profile. The Joining leader's face resembled Brainiac[citation needed] and the creatures voice resembled Corey Burton[citation needed]. The Joining's appearance distinctly resembles[citation needed] Brainiac's black ship in Smallville, a TV show based around the Superman mythos. When the Joining give Hugo Strange the knowledge of the universe, they extend tentacles into his head similarly to when Brainiac messes with someone's brain in Smallville.[citation needed] [edit] Appearances The Joining Part One The Joining Part Two The Lost Heroes Part One The Lost Heroes Part Two [edit] Joker Voice Actor: Kevin Michael Richardson [edit] Biography The arch nemesis of The Batman, Joker is a maniacal harlequin whose bizarre appearance and unnerving instinct for the absurd have earned him a reputation as the most dangerous criminal in the annals of crime. The Joker treats each crime he commits as an elaborate joke in which he tries to leave his victims literally dying with laughter. More than any other enemy, Joker becomes inextricably linked to The Batman, as the crazed killer's plots begin to take increasingly more personal tolls on the crime fighter. While the Joker, he was once able to beat Batman in hand to hand combat without cheating. Like in previous series, Joker considers Batman his favorite opponent or 'sparring partner'. Joker's weapons include: a set of razor-sharp playing cards; joker venom, a toxin that infects his victims with a ghastly grin similar to his along with uncontrollable spasms of laughter; and an exploding jack-in-the-box. He is highly agile, extremely intelligent and inhumanly cruel, looking at every single instance of human suffering as a joke. Before their arrest, Joker was often accompanied by his two goons who never spoke, Punch and Judy who where two large men in purple and green clown outfits,, but later found a new partner in the maniacally happy Harley Quinn. The origin of the Joker in this series appears to be the same as the The Killing Joke, (the Joker was even wearing red clothes in the flashback possibly referencing the Red Hood) although it is unknown whether or not Batman was present. In Rumors, it was revealed that Joker was the one responsible for an accident that crippled businessman Paul Karon during the fight with Batman causing Paul's bodyguard to become Rumor and exact revenge. In The Joining Pt. 2, Joker helps the Gotham Police Force fight The Joining alongside some of the other villains and later commented on how insane the city had gone after Commissioner Gordon allowed the escapees of Arkham Asylum to fight The Joining for the occasion. In The Metal Face of Comedy, an accident with Joker's hacking helmet at the bank resulted in the creation of Joker 2.0. While the Joker was at the hospital, Joker 2.0 had Joker's latest henchman Marty hack him into Wayne Enterprises to use the latest Nanobot technology to create a body. When Joker escaped from the hospital, he encountered the clone and both of them ended up at the point of double-crossing each other. After Joker 2.0 was defeated, he and his henchmen were arrested with him wondering if Penguin had any henchmen problems. [edit] Appearances The Bat in the Belfry Topsy Turvey The Rubberface of Comedy JTV Meltdown Strange Minds The Laughing Bat Night and the City The Batman vs. Dracula (also as Joker Vampire) A Fistful of Felt (cameo) Brawn The Laughing Cats The Apprentice Team Penguin (cameo) Clayfaces Two of a Kind Rumors The Joining, Part 2 (cameo) Joker Express The Metal Face of Comedy The End of The Batman Lost Heroes (cameo) [edit] Joker 2.0 Voice Actor: Kevin Michael Richardson [edit] Biography Joker 2.0 is a cyber version of Joker made with a duplicate of Joker's personality and brain and was downloaded onto a computer by a mishap with a machine that Joker was using to mentally download money. Before Batman could trap Joker 2.0 inside the computer, Marty, a cyber geek and Joker's new henchman, downloaded it allowing Joker 2.0 to go wild. Marty informed Joker 2.0 that Wayne Industries had created special nanobots that can self-multiply and take on any shape. Joker 2.0 was hacked into the system and used the nanobots to build a new body. After going to the hideout The old Joker, who was in the hospital after the accident, had escaped and returned to his hideout and met the Joker 2.0. Joker's henchman couldn't choose which one to follow, with both Jokers deciding to become partners. Unbeknownst to both of them, each planned to double-cross the other. Later, they both committed crimes in Gotham, making it harder for Batman to stop them. Joker 2.0 eventually decided to take over Gotham and get rid of Batman, Robin, and the original Joker, eventually growing into a giant body. Robin, finding out that Marty was the Captain Slash character in an online game, came up with an idea. Robin told Batman that Joker 2.0 could be trapped inside the video game. Batman, in the Bat-Bot, sent a signal from Joker 2.0 into the computer, causing Joker 2.0 to be trapped inside the video game forever. Joker 2.0 was later seeing being beaten up by Nightwing, Robin's character in the video game. [edit] Appearances The Metal Face of Comedy [edit] Kabuki Twins Voice Actor: The Kabuki Twins have no lines. Real Names: Peri and Gale. [edit] Biography The Kabuki Twins are the Penguin's assistants. Not much is known about them besides they do not speak and that they are talented fighters. They use their blade-fingers to attack and block, as well as to climb and the like. When they are not fighting, they cloak their red skin-tight costumes with green ceremonial robes similar to that of a kabuki fashion, along with black wigs. Their faces are always hidden behind two white masks. Their origin, like them, is a mystery. It has even been suggested that they might be animatronics that Penguin has somehow acquired during his "tour" of the orient. The only time they were seen without their masks, was on episode "Call of the Cobblepot". They just vanished after Batman fought The Penguin, all that was left, was their masks. [edit] Appearances Call of the Cobblepot Bird of Prey The Cat, the Bat, and the Very Ugly Night and the City A Dark Knight to Remember Rumors [edit] Killer Croc Voice Actor: Ron Perlman [edit] Biography Real name: Waylon Jones His true origin is that he is an ex-military man changed by genetic experiments, Killer Croc is a virtual powerhouse. With the strength of a crocodile, Croc is able to chomp and swim his way around Gotham. Killer Croc wants to submerge all of Gotham in water in order to facilitate his plundering of the city. He recruited three robbers as his henchmen. After flooding the city so its banks were easy to pillage, Croc was eventually taken down by The Batman. Though the battle was lengthy, The Batman exploited Killer Croc's weakness for air underwater and half-drowned him, depriving him of oxygen and putting him in an unconscious state enough to get him and his henchmen arrested. In Team Penguin, he joined Team Penguin, but was defeated along with the other members when Batman froze the water he was in. He was one of the villains captured by Rumor in Rumors and was seen by viewers being caught in his sewer den. [edit] Appearances Swamped Team Penguin Rumors The End of The Batman [edit] Killer Moth Voice Actor: Jeff Bennett [edit] Biography Real name: Drury Walker Killer Moth started out as a wimpy wannabe. He first joined Penguin's team, in order to prove himself worthy of being a villain, and to serve his idol, Penguin. However, because of his geeky, wimpy and gullible nature, he was usually picked on, teased, and even only being accepted to the gang only to serve as a "Coffee Boy." However, when he and his pet moths were exposed to an unstable chemical the gang had stolen, his moths died and merged with his skin and mutated into a cocoon, and eventually, was turned into a powerful, gigantic moth monster, similar to the comic book persona Charaxas. However, even if terrorizing the rest of the gang, he still had his wimpy personality, and was still bossed around by Penguin, whom he has complete loyalty to. Killer Moth was taken down by Batgirl and Robin. In Rumors, Batman mentions Rumor kidnapped him along with Firefly and Ragdoll, he was one of the other villains captive victims by Rumor. [edit] Appearances Team Penguin Rumors [edit] Lex Luthor Voice Actor: Clancy Brown [edit] Biography Lex Luthor is an enemy of Superman. He hires Metallo and equips him with his only piece of Kryptonite he has to defeat Superman, but is defeated by Batman. Luthor hires Black Mask and Clayface (Basil Karlo) to kidnap Lois Lane while he leaves for Gotham with Mercy Graves. While Superman, Batman, and Robin fight Black Mask and his henchmen, Clayface, Mr. Freeze, and Bane in order to rescue Lois, Lex Luthor captures Poison Ivy and mixes her mind controlling spores with the Kryptonite powder he already had. He uses it in Superman to become his personal slave. After Batman frees Superman from his control, both of them destroy his robots, overpower Lex Luthor and defeat him. [edit] Appearances The Batman/Superman Story, Part One The Batman/Superman Story, Part Two [edit] Man-Bat Voice Actor: Peter MacNicol (Kurt Langstrom), SFX (Man-Bat) [edit] Biography Real name: Dr. Kirk Langstrom In an effort to become the ultimate "Bat" in Gotham, Dr. Langstrom began working on a mutative serum that would transform him into the extremely powerful and evil Man-Bat. The Man-Bat wreaked havoc throughout Gotham, but was eventually apprehended when his serum wore off. He was left serving time in Arkham. Later, the Penguin stole a sonic device to control birds, which in fact turned out to control bats. Activating it, the remnants of Langstrom's serum within his system kicked in, again forcing him into Man-Bat. Langstrom worked unwillingly with Penguin until Batman managed to duplicate Penguin's sonic control. As of the Rumor incident, he was seen again as both Kirk Langstrom and Man-Bat (in battle after being released), hinting at the probability he might have gained the ability to change at will. In "Attack of the Terrible Trio," some of his formulas were the results of the Terrible Trio's origin. Dr. Kirk Langstrom was confronted by Batman when the Terrible Trio attacked a beach party. He said he wasn't responsible and said he wasn't trying to go down that path. Batman later asked him to make an antidote to counter the stolen formula recipes. When transformed into Man-Bat, Langstrom has increased strength, a sticky mucus that binds specific areas on the victim, razor-sharp claws, a thirst for the blood of mammals (his first foray into Man-Bat led him to the Gotham Zoo, where he sucked the blood out of a goat), and sees via the means of echolocation. While the world looks solely black-and-white to him, objects emitting heat will show up as solid white. [edit] Appearances The Man Who Would Be Bat Pets Rumors Attack of the Terrible Trio [edit] Marty Voice Actor: Patton Oswalt [edit] Biography An associate of the Joker (who refers to him as "Slacker" due to his habit of playing video games all the time) and the newest member of his crew (it's never clear how he came to be in the Joker's employ, though Harley may have had something to do with it ). Marty is an expert at robotics and computer hacking. When not helping Joker, he is playing a video game where his character is Captain Slash. Like the rest of the Joker's posse, is arrested at the end of the episode after nearly being killed by the Joker's nanobot clone, which Marty was indirectly responsible for creating. [edit] Appearances Joker 2.0 [edit] Mercy Graves Voice Actor: Gwendoline Yeo [edit] Biography Mercy Graves works for Lex Luthor. She helped Lex Luthor with his plan to "protect" the world from domination (except from himself). She was also known to try to attack Batman and Robin, but she was double-crossed, and defeated by Batman and Robin . [edit] Appearances The Batman/Superman Story, Part One The Batman/Superman Story, Part Two [edit] Maxie Zeus Main article: Maxie Zeus Voice Actor: Phil LaMarr Biography Real Name: Maximillion Zeus An Eccentric Gotham Billionaire Maximillion Zeus attempted to run for mayor of Gotham, but his eccentricities and obsession with ancient Greece was his downfall as he lost to incumbent Mayor Marion Grange. He attempted to conquer Gotham with an armored airship. he was defeated by Batman with help from Batgirl. Appearances Thunder [edit] Metallo Voice Actor: Lex Lang [edit] Biography Real name: John Corben Metallo first appears when he attacks Superman during a check donation to Gotham. His Kryptonite caused Superman to be losing the fight until Batman and Robin showed up. They managed to get the Kryptonite out of Metallo enough for Superman to recover and trap Metallo, although it is said that a certain type of battery may be able to keep him alive. Whether he will return is unknown. [edit] Appearances The Batman/Superman Story Part One [edit] Mirror Master Voice Actor: John Larroquette [edit] Biography Real Name: Dr. Samuel Scudder Mirror Master, a major enemy of the Flash, intended to rob Gotham's richest people by trapping them in the mirror world. Also, he created clones of Batman, Robin, and the Flash in order to carry out his dirty work, as well as trapping Flash and Batman in the mirror world, but they escaped. Currently, he and his sidekick Smoke were carted off to prison by Flash. In Lost Heroes Part One, he returns (or a robotic version of him working for the Joining) in time to give Flash to Hugo Strange. [edit] Appearances A Mirror Darkly Lost Heroes Part One [edit] Mr. Freeze Voice Actor: Clancy Brown [edit] Biography Real Name: Victor Fries Mr. Freeze is a villain who uses his ice technology as a means of stealing the objects of his passion: the rarest, most valuable diamonds. Formerly Victor Fries, Mr. Freeze is a ruthless criminal who The Batman thought had met his demise in a cryogenics accident. While trying to escape Batman he crashed into a cryogenic lab and dropped the diamonds, when he tried to retrieve them he slipped and fell inside one of the cryogenic freezer's. A power wire also fell inside and the door closed shut filling the freezer with liquid nitrogen while the power cord electrocuted him. Which instead of killing him left him in some sort of undead state in which he freezes everything he comes into contact with. Batman required a special Arctic batsuit to defeat him in his debut episode "The Big Chill." Mr. Freeze reappeared in an alliance with Firefly in "Fire and Ice," but their rivalry caused both Freeze and Firefly to be defeated. Freeze appeared in an attempt to steal valuable diamonds that Penguin's relative had stolen from the Queen in "The Icy Depths," but like Penguin, he was defeated. In "Artifacts" he is the only future villain the audience sees, now inside a larger suit, the "Deep Freeze 2.0" which is bigger, has more ice creating abilities, and a larger dome, with glass only penetrable by his love - diamonds. The new suit is also equipped with flame-proof cybernetics and a shatter-proof internal liquid nitrogen supply. He is also seen with spider-like legs for a lower torso when he crawled outside of his suit after his defeat, and froze himself (again) in the hopes someone would revive him in the "Bat-free future." However, when he woke up a thousand years later, he was stopped by people using holograms to look like Batman. In "Rumors," he is among the villains captured by Rumor. In the battle against Batman, he accidentally froze some of the other villains. In "The Joining: Part Two," he is seen helping Gotham PD defend the city against the alien race, saving Commissioner Gordon's life in the process. In "The Batman/Superman Story, Part 1" he is one of the special cadre working against Superman, freezing the Man of Steel after a crippling blast of red solar radiation by Black Mask's cannon and two weakening battles with Clayface II and Bane. [edit] Appearances The Big Chill Fire and Ice The Icy Depths Gotham's Ultimate Criminal Mastermind Artifacts Rumors The Joining, Part Two (cameo) The Batman/Superman Story, Part One [edit] Number One Voice Actor: Diedrich Bader (1st Number One), John Mariano (2nd Number One) [edit] Biography The Number One is the name given to the second-in-command of Black Mask's crime organization. After Black Mask was locked up, the first Number One managed to capture the Batman and take away his utility belt. Number One led Black Mask's henchmen during an attempt to free him. After breaking Black Mask free, Black Mask congratulated Number One and later took out a gun from Number One's coat and shocked him. Black Mask later chose one of his henchmen at random and decided to make him the new Number One. He popped up on the news as one of the villains captured by Rumor and was seen with the rest of Black Mask's henchmen and other villains when it came to luring Superman to their trap, which might indicate he was able to convince Black Mask his services were still useful. A new Number One was seen as he questioned how Black Mask was going to use the Nth Element on the Gem Depository. Black Mask exposed him to it and was up on the ceiling. When Number One understood Black Mask's plan, Black Mask sent him flying upward toward the atmosphere and elected an eyepatch-wearing female as his new Number One. The female Number was appointed second-in-command for being one the Oraganization's best elites. She is notoriously bombarding Warhawk from a war helicopter but is ultimately stopped when Hawkman destroys the chopper. The female Number One managed to survive with a parachute. [edit] Appearances The Breakout The Batman/Superman Story, Part One What Goes Up... [edit] Penguin Voice Actor: Tom Kenny [edit] Biography Real name: Oswald Cobblepot Oswald Cobblepot, like Bruce, is an ostensible billionaire in his 20s - but the similarities stop there. Unlike Bruce, "Ozzy" is rude, selfish, arrogant and homely as well as being a grotesque penguin-bodied character. While Gotham's other villains may have it out for the Batman, the Penguin is unique in that his scorn is often directed at Bruce Wayne, who serves as a constant reminder of everything he is not. Employing the use of highly trained birds and an arsenal of deadly umbrellas, as well as two faithful Kabuki assistants, he is determined to rebuild the Cobblepot fortune by criminal means. On top of attempting to kill Alfred after their first meeting, Penguin declared revenge on both The Batman and Bruce Wayne. Despising Wayne's pretty boy image, Penguin went to the manor in an effort to get rid of Wayne once and for all. The Batman interfered with Penguin's plans ("How'd you find me this time?!" "It's what I do") and eventually returned Penguin to jail once again. Upon escaping, Penguin teamed up with Catwoman in an effort to steal two powerful, ancient Egyptian statues that give the holder the ability to expel and use the power of light. Double-crossing Catwoman, Penguin stole both statues, hand-cuffed The Batman and Catwoman, and fled. Though he attempted to destroy Gotham, Penguin was unsuccessful, as the team he created was too deadly for both his Kabuki Twins and Penguin to fight. In the movie The Batman vs. Dracula, Penguin was searching for a gangster loot when he unwittingly revived and was subsequently hypnotized by Dracula to become his servant. He returned to normal when Dracula was slain by the Batman and was arrested. In "The Icy Depths," Penguin and Mr. Freeze competed to get the sunken treasure at the bottom of Gotham Bay. In "Team Penguin," Penguin gets the idea to form a team of super-villains from a movie in order to "clip the Bat-jerk's wings." However, this only resulted in him sitting back while ordering his "team-mates" around, and snapping at them whenever they suggested a different name for his team. All he got for his team were Firefly, Killer Croc, Killer Moth, and Ragdoll. He did send out other invitations, but Bane was taken down by Batman and Penguin mentions to Killer Croc that Joker, Mr. Freeze, and Riddler said "No!" He was one of the villains captured by Rumor (despite him trying to get Batman to turn him over to the police) and was accidentally frozen by Mr. Freeze. In "The Joining" Pt. 2, he assists some of the villains and the Gotham Police force in fighting The Joining. In "Ring Toss," Green Lantern's ring flew right into him and he had to master it before he robbed a charity party and Gotham. Batman and Robin fought Penguin before Sinestro crashed the battle. He chased after Penguin until he gave the ring to Batman. [edit] Influences The appearance of the Penguin in this continuity is a younger version of the deformed look created in Tim Burton's Batman Returns, with flipper-like hands and an oversized, Burtonesque top hat. His voice is reminiscent of Burgess Meredith's portrayal as seen in the 1960's television series. His irritable, rude personality is in direct contrast to his personality in the previous Batman animated series. [edit] Appearances Call of the Cobblepot Bird of Prey The Cat, the Bat, and the Very Ugly Pets The Laughing Bat Night and the City A Dark Knight to Remember The Batman vs. Dracula A Fistful of Felt (cameo) Fleurs du Mal The Icy Depths Team Penguin Rumors The Joining, Part Two (cameo) Ring Toss The End of The Batman [edit] Poison Ivy Voice Actor: Piera Coppola [edit] Biography Real name: Pamela Lillian Isley Pamela Isley is a charming, clever and quick-tempered schemer, known to go to extreme measures to get her environmental messages heard. After a tragic accident transforms her into the evil half-human/half-plant that she names Poison Ivy, she is able to control anyone who gets a whiff of her plant pheromone 'spores.' Pamela Isley is still a high school student and obsessed with plants. Anything or anyone that harms Mother Nature is an enemy to Pamela. In order to carry out her plans against the industries that are harming plants in Gotham City, Isley hires Temblor to do her dirty work (since Isley running around with her friend, Barbara Gordon, would certainly turn too many heads). After Temblor's payment for his jobs doesn't come through and he learns his "boss" is really a teenage girl using a voice scrambler, he attempts to get rid of the annoyance in his life. During the fight, The Batman shows up to detain Temblor, but before he can completely save her, Isley is exposed to a powerful dosage of plant growth accelerator ("Chloro-Mulch") and her transformation to Poison Ivy begins. For her first act, Ivy captures Commissioner Gordon and attempts to take his life; before she can, The Batman shows up. She quickly puts him under her control with a mind-controlling dust. Batgirl shows up to help free Gordon but finds herself overpowered by The Batman and Poison Ivy; despite this, Batgirl's able to snap The Batman out of the mind control and together they take down Ivy. A period of time later, the mayor planned to tear down Gotham Park, and its plants in order to build a new hospital. His decision was despised by many people - including Poison Ivy. So, she hid Gotham City's most powerful citizens and infected them with a virus that made them think that they were enjoying nature. She also managed to capture Penguin also. Meanwhile, plant clones took their place in the real world. Batman, however, accidentally killed Penguin, only to find that it was not Penguin at all, but his plant double. After rescuing Batgirl, they found Poison Ivy, and her plans were foiled. She had a cameo appearance in "Rumors" where she is one of the captive victims of Rumor. Also, in "The Batman/Superman Story" she is captured by Lex Luthor, who is able to obtain from her mind-controlled spores that were laced with Kryptonite dust so he can control Superman. [edit] Appearances Batgirl Begins, Part One Batgirl Begins, Part Two Fleurs du Mal Rumors The Batman/Superman Story, Part One The Batman/Superman Story, Part Two [edit] Prank Main article: Prank (The Batman) [edit] Punch and Judy Voice Actor: Punch and Judy have no lines [edit] Biography Joker's two henchmen, Punch and Judy are oversized versions of their nursery rhyme counterparts and, like the Joker, are pale, green haired and wear mostly purple and green clothing. Though physically powerful, the two are quite unintelligent and easily defeated by Batman in almost all his encounters with them. They are apparently mute, never speaking or making any sounds; this is referenced to in "Clayfaces" where Clayface, disguised as both Punch and Judy, tells Joker that his current plan is ridiculous, which prompts the Joker to exclaim: Okay; 1. You never ever talk to me like that, and 2. When have you two ever talked at all? [edit] Appearances The Rubberface of Comedy JTV Night and the City The Laughing Cats The Apprentice Clayfaces (as Clayface disguise) Two of a Kind Rumors Joker Express The Metal Face of Comedy [edit] Ragdoll Voice Actor: Jeff Bennett [edit] Biography Real name: Peter Merkel A master thief and triple-jointed contortionist, capable of bending his body in all sorts of impossible ways. Able to bend himself in every imaginable (and even some unimaginable) positions, Ragdoll is a formidable opponent for The Batman, but an even bigger adversary of Catwoman. While Catwoman's interests are merely in cat-related fare, Ragdoll's interests lay wherever the money is. To Catwoman's dismay, this is also in rare cat-items: vintage animation cells, priceless artifacts and the main jewel of their battle, two 'Cat's Eyes' emeralds, hidden in a Gotham Clock Tower by a mobster in the 1930s. Though never found, it was enough to pique the interest of Ragdoll and Catwoman, falling into a trap set by The Batman. After a lengthy and spectacular battle, Ragdoll went to Arkham empty handed, Catwoman back home and The Batman (and Bruce Wayne) with two newly found emeralds. In Team Penguin, he joined Penguin's team along with Killer Croc, Firefly and Killer Moth. Ragdoll suggests they call their team "Villains United", an allusion to the Villains United comic in the Countdown to Infinite Crisis, of which Ragdoll is a member of. He was later defeated along with other members and arrested. In Rumors, he was one of the many other villains captured. He was accidentally frozen along with many other villains by Mr. Freeze, after being set free. [edit] Appearances Ragdolls to Riches Team Penguin Rumors [edit] Rhino & Mugsy Voice Actor: John DiMaggio [edit] Biography Rhino & Mugsy are two thugs who work as henchmen for the Ventriloquist & Scarface. [edit] Appearances The Big Dummy A Fistful of Felt [edit] Riddlemen [edit] Biography The Riddlemen are the henchmen of the Riddler. In their first appearances, they were a gang of high-tech hackers wearing green trenchcoats of various sorts and goggles, with many using caps as well, and were both male and female. In Riddler's Revenge and Rumors, the Riddlermen were simply two men clad in dark green skintight costumes with Riddler's customary question mark in the chest. They are thought to have killed Gorman for Riddler, as they are seen giving Riddler his cane back, after Gorman stole it. [edit] Appearances Riddled Night and the City Riddler's Revenge Rumors [edit] Riddler Voice Actor: Robert Englund [edit] Biography Real name: Edward Nigma Edward Nigma was fond of puzzles ever since he was a boy, but his father teased him and wanted him to go out for sports. Eventually Edward grew tired of this life and got a job at a university. Together with another scientist, Julie, they created a memory module device that enabled the user to remember things they may otherwise forget. When enabled, the device would allow the wearer to read books at super-speed and not forget a single bit of information--when they needed to recall what it was they read, a remote could enable the device to recall what the user had just read. The demonstration to the dean of the University was a rousing success, but Gorman, a man who kept attempting to steal the fruits of Edward Nygma's labor by constantly pitching a partnership between the two of them in order to capitalize on Nygma's genius and get himself in on the profits, sabotaged it, or so Edward thought. After getting Edward fired from the university which was funding his research, Nygma broke into Gorman's house and tried to play a deadly game of Q&A before The Batman rushed to Gorman's rescue. It was in this encounter with The Batman that Edward knew he needed more of a challenge and he found it in The Batman. Donning The Riddler persona in his debut episode, Riddler is able to stump and confound almost everyone in Gotham--everyone except The Batman. Knowing that he would be helping Detective Ellen Yin to discover his riddles, Riddler moved them across the city, stopping his containers of "explosives." The explosives, in reality, turned out to be nothing more than gelatin dessert. Upon discovering this, The Batman and Ellen discovered that inside Riddler's clues he left other riddles to his real plans; to steal the information in the city's archive and use it to wreak havoc on Gotham. Chasing Riddler down, they found him at the site of where the original clue was given. Later, the Riddler participated in a triple threat no holds barred turf war between himself, Joker, and Penguin. Riddler made his mark with giant green lights on several buildings that were placed in a pattern resembling question marks, much like Joker had covered the buildings with a bleach-white powder called "Joker White" and the Penguin had spray-painted trails of jet-black paint. All three villains agreed that the title to be "king of Gotham" would go to the one who could capture and unmask the Batman, and Riddler threw off the Gotham police (who were also hunting for Batman) by turning out all the lights in the warehouse that Batman was in, then sending a train (under his control) to cut off the police cars from chasing the Batmobile. Riddler managed to stop Joker & Penguins' minions by opening a drawbridge that the Batmobile barely crossed, but the two themselves were not deterred. Meanwhile, Riddler created a false signal via a transmitter to lure Batman and detective Yin into another warehouse, with hopes of capturing them in a small rocket pod and delivering them to his hideout-an oil drilling platform in Gotham bay. However, Riddler accidentally captured Joker & Penguin instead, and the two proceeded to beat Riddler's minions to a pulp. Meanwhile, Batman arrived and managed to defeat all three. Sometime later, Riddler's latest attempt on Gorman's life as he attempted to blow up a boat full of his inventions that Gorman 'stole' from him, hoping to finally exact his revenge on the executive failed once again due to The Batman and the two were trapped in the explosion of Gorman's shipping boat. Gorman escaped the boat in time before setting off the charges himself with Riddler's stolen cane. It is unknown if Gorman survived afterwards, however, as when Riddler's henchmen The Riddlemen come to pick Riddler up from his location in Gotham Harbor, they give Riddler his cane--whether this is the same one that Gorman took is unknown. If it is, however, it seems Riddler's henchmen may have exacted his revenge for him. Riddler later found out, with the help of Batman, that the real saboteur the day of the demonstration with the memory module was really Julie and not Gorman. Riddler's own desire to be with Julie had clouded his judgment on this matter and he attempted to kill Julie as well before Batman and Robin intervened. Riddler was defeated and Batman and Robin left the police to deal with Julie and Riddler. Riddler was among the captive victims of Rumor. Though brilliant, Riddler is also sick and twisted. With his inability to not give riddles about everything he does, he always leaves that as a weak spot for The Batman to exploit. [edit] Appearances Riddled Night and the City Riddler's Revenge Rumors [edit] Rumor Voice Actor: Ron Perlman [edit] Biography Real Name: Mario When villains were disappearing all over Gotham, Batman decided to investigate. He found out that an inventor named Paul Karon had broken his legs after an attack by Joker, and was using an exoskeleton to support himself. The person who had captured the villains was reported as being metallic, so Batman suspected him. It turned out that it was actually Paul's bodyguard, Mario. The latter wanted to kill all of Gotham's villains so that he could erase his failure of saving his employer. Rumor was obsessed by that failure that he wanted all criminals to be punished. Just as he was about to execute them all, Batman and Robin showed up, and battled and defeated Rumor, only for every imprisoned villain to be released to exact their revenge on Rumor. Batman and Robin fought against almost every villain they ever faced, until they were all defeated and jailed, along with Rumor. [edit] Appearances Rumors [edit] Rupert Thorne Voice Actor: Victor Brandt [edit] Biography Rupert Thorne, a Gotham Mob boss, was a major threat to the city. However, The Batman tracked down Thorne and then took out his henchmen, before capturing Thorne and handing him over to the police. However, he recently has appeared to have got out of prison since he made a cameo appearance at the Ice Pick Club when Batman was looking for Tony Zucco's location. He made a cameo is "Rumors" where he was one of Rumors victims and was later put in jail after the villains were defeated. [edit] Appearances The Bat in the Belfry A Matter of Family (cameo) Rumors (cameo) [edit] Shadow Thief Voice Actor: Diedrich Bader [edit] Biography Real name: Carl Sands An enemy of Hawkman, Shadow Thief first appears to break Black Mask from Arkham Asylum. Shadow Thief then tries to steal a meteor form the Thanagar Star System. When Batman and Robin attack, Black Mask's men attacked and Shadow Thief easily takes down Batman and Robin when Hawkman arrives to fight Shadow Thief. Batman, Robin, and Hawkman then pursue the van that Black Mask and Shadow Thief escaped in when Shadow Thief covers the entire Batmobile followed by the rescue by Hawkman. Black Mask and Shadow Thief later siphon some of the Nth element in a plot to rob the gem dipository. Shadow Thief later uses one of the Nth element powder as part of a diversion by using it on the train tracks so that the train would fly up and away. That was eventually thwarted by Batman and Hawkman. When Batman and Robin knocked out Black Mask, Shadow Thief exposed Robin to the Nth Element, but was saved by Hawkman. Batman and Shadow Thief fought them until Black Mask got free. The helicopter crash caused Black Mask's taser to hit Shadow Thief enabling Batman and Robin to knock him out. Shadow Thief then fell right toward Black Mask as the Gem Depository was crashed into the ocean. Hawkman later took Shadow Thief into custody and flown him back to Midway City. [edit] Appearances What Goes Up [edit] Sinestro Voice Actor: Miguel Ferrer [edit] Biography Sinestro served as Hal Jordan's teacher in the Green Lantern Corps until he went power hungry and was expelled from the Green Lantern Corps. Sinestro escaped from his prison and came to Earth where he attacked Green Lantern (before he had a chance to recharge his Power Ring) at the airport as Hal Jordan sends his Power Ring to Batman. When Penguin ended up with the Power Ring and fought Batman, Robin, and Hal Jordan, Sinestro attacked Penguin who ended up reluctantly giving the ring to Batman. Batman placed the ring on him to fight Sinestro when the Power Ring's powers started to weaken. Once Hal Jordan recharged his Power Ring, he helped Batman fight Sinestro where Sinestro was disarmed of his ring by Batman. Green Lantern then took Sinestro back to his cell. [edit] Appearances Ring Toss [edit] Smoke Voice Actor: Amanda Anka [edit] Biography Smoke is the assistant of Mirror Master. Very little is known about her, though her relationship with Mirror Master is a pun on the expression "smoke and mirrors." [edit] Appearances A Mirror Darkly [edit] Solomon Grundy Voice Actor: Kevin Grevioux [edit] Biography In this show, Solomon Grundy is a creature made out of the rage of villagers whose land was turned into a swampland for the industrial waste that was cropping up from the rapid expansion in Gotham's early life. He rose from the mud to take the things most precious from those that signed the papers which started the waste dumping process. It was said that a hundred years after he first rose, he would rise during a lunar eclipse and take the riches of the families' descendents that he stole from a century ago. It was later found out that Grundy was just being impersonated by Clayface. However, at the end of the episode, a loud growl is heard from within Gotham Swamp as two boys hanging out their claimed to have seen him. This leads to the assumption that the real Solomon Grundy is still there, although he is not seen. [edit] Appearances Grundy's Night [edit] Spellbinder Voice Actor: Michael Massee [edit] Biography Real name: Delbert Billings In this show, Spellbinder is a three-eyed mystic with the ability to induce hypnotic visions in whomever he chooses. Able to induce realistic, in both sight and feeling, hallucinations into his victims, Spellbinder is capable of doing this because he possesses a "third eye." Bruce Wayne explained it to Alfred... "During my studies in the Far East, I learned of a remote temple, whose monks performed a particularly intense form of meditation, believed to lead to that which only a few could achieve--the mystic power of the third eye. A state of awareness so pure or potent, one could project ones visions into reality." Possessing the power of the third eye and a criminal mind, Spellbinder controlled Gotham's wealthy into giving up their prized possessions. When he attempted to steal a rare gem that would strengthen his spells, Spellbinder was stopped by The Batman. Despite a difficult fight against Spellbinder's tricks, The Batman was able to escape them with his mind. With a well placed punch, The Batman knocked Spellbinder out cold. Spellbinder was among the captive victims of Rumor. Though he never appeared in Batman: The Animated Series, a version of Spellbinder appeared in the show's spinoff Batman Beyond. [edit] Appearances The Butler Did It Rumors (cameo) [edit] Temblor Temblor is a brand new Batman villain appearing in the animated TV show, The Batman. Like the Shocker, Temblor uses specially made metallic gloves which have two yellow circles, that, when activated and slammed into the ground, can create small earthquakes. Temblor can also create powerful soundwaves by clapping his hands together. Temblor is voiced by Jim Cummings (who also voices the Shocker in Spider-Man The Animated Series). He first appeared in the episode "Batgirl Begins Pt. 1". Pamela Isley secretly hires him to take down businesses which disrespect nature. When Temblor later finds out that Pamela and Barbara Gordon have no money to pay for his jobs, he attacks them until Batman arrives. During the fight, plant chemicals fall on Isley, beginning her transformation into Poison Ivy, and Temblor is defeated. Temblor later makes a cameo as one of the many villains incarcerated by vigilante Rumor. During the villain fight against Batman and Robin, he was accidentally frozen by Mr. Freeze. Temblor appears as one of the many criminals loose in Gotham in an issue of The Batman Strikes!, Waiting to Pounce, when Batman is forced to fight him after numerous criminals escape Arkham Asylum due to Catwoman. Temblor appears in another issue, in Joker's group of villains in How To Take On a Room Full of Goons, and is defeated along with Mr. Freeze in an amusement park. [edit] Terrible Trio Voice Actors: David Faustino (David/Fox), Googy Gress (Justin/Shark), Grey DeLisle (Amber/Vulture) [edit] Biography The Terrible Trio are university students named David, Justin, and Amber who have gained the appearances of their codename from the formulas stolen from Dr. Kirk Langstrom's computer which they made into dissolving patches. David became Fox, Justin became Shark (with the appearance of a hammerhead shark), and Amber became Vulture. They first appeared to attack a beach party. After Batgirl fended off Fox, all three ran into Batman and fought them near the pool until David's roommate Jake was mutated into a humanoid gorilla giving them the opportunity to escape. After the headmaster's plan to have all DNAs of all University students, they soon began to plan to turn all the students into humanoid animals with a detonator. Batman and Batgirl later fought them on the night when a football game was and ended trapped in a cage with the snakes cage knocked over. Batman and Batgirl managed to escape and use the mutagen antidote on Shark, Batgirl managed to used the mutagen antidote on Vulture, and Batman destroyed the detonator causing Fox to mutate into some horned Griffin-like creature upon exposure to the mutagen. After Batman crashing him into an electric wire, David (who was cured by the next scene) and Justin were sent to jail while Amber was presumably sent to a women's prison. [edit] Appearances Attack of the Terrible Trio [edit] Tony Zucco Voice Actor: Mark Hamill [edit] Biography Real name: Antonio Zucco Tony Zucco was part of a knife throwing act in the circus. However, during one of his acts, Zucco missed and cost him his father's life. Later on in life, Zucco became a Gotham mob boss and he and his brothers used their intimidation tactics on all traveling acts and new businesses that came to Gotham. His brothers are a strong man (referred to in the credits as Bruiser), a lion tamer, and a juggler. When Haley's Circus was in town, Zucco attempted to coerce the Grayson family to pay him protection money, but John Grayson would not stand for it. John's son, Dick Grayson, had called the police minutes after Zucco first appeared in their big top tent and the call was intercepted by The Batman who quickly took down Zucco and his brothers, even managing to knock the "lion tamer" brother out, allowing the police to take him away. Swearing revenge on The Batman and the Graysons for the loss of his brother, Zucco planned the death of the Graysons by removing two nuts from the railings of the Graysons trapeze act. While swinging back and forth, Mary Grayson noticed the loose bolts and looked at her husband who quickly knew what would happen. The trapeze fell apart before young Dick Grayson's part of the act started and Dick watched his mother and father fall to their death. Going after and interrogating the remaining Zucco brothers, The Batman attempted to take down Zucco himself for killing Dick's parents, but he was knocked out and then tied to a knife throwing board. Luckily for Batman, Dick arrived in the guise of Robin and freed Batman. After a fierce battle, Zucco was eventually taken down by The Batman and his new partner, Robin, and delivered over to the police. [edit] Appearances A Matter of Family [edit] Toyman Voice Actor: Richard Green [edit] Biography Toyman faces off against Batman and Superman with his toys and high-tech punching gloves. He ends up knocked out by some bombs during his fight with Batman and Superman. [edit] Appearances Lost Heroes Pt. 1 [edit] Ventriloquist & Scarface Voice Actor: Dan Castellaneta [edit] Biography Real name: Arnold Wesker When ventriloquist Arnold Wesker and his friend "Scarface" were booed off the stage one night, Wesker returned with Scarface later that night to rob the entire audience. Turning to a life of crime ever since, everyone knew that without Arnold Wesker there was no Scarface...the only problem was, Arnold didn't know that. Believing that Scarface was the true "puppet master," Arnold did whatever Scarface "told" him to do; this ranged from jewel heists to big-time robberies. Scarface was upgraded with a giant, metal version of himself, in which Wesker was the "Dummy." Scarface "died" when a train hit him and shattered him into shards of metal. Wesker was locked up in Arkham shortly after. After being "cured" of his affliction by Professor Hugo Strange after he and Scarface were defeated by the Batman again, Arnold Wesker was able to resume his life in the real world. Before Scarface warped his mind, Wesker was a famous voice actor for a children's TV show. Once the show ended, Wesker did shows with a new set of puppets, but was unsuccessful. One of these puppets was Scarface and together they became a formidable villain for The Batman. Despite being successful in his new life, Professor Hugo Strange wished to "test" his criminal therapy and gave the Scarface puppet back to Wesker, causing him to fold and resume being Wesker and Scarface. Wesker was eventually separated from Scarface a third time when he and another one of Wesker's puppets, Mr. Snoots, were ran over by the train on Wesker's old TV show. Wesker was taken back to Arkham. When Wesker and Scarface appear in Rumors, Scarface is seen to be held in a cell next to Wesker's. Wesker is looking worried as he watches his "boss" sitting alone in the cell. [edit] Appearances The Big Dummy The Batman vs. Dracula (Wesker's cameo appearance) A Fistful of Felt Rumors The End of The Batman [edit] Wrath and Scorn Voice Actors: Christopher Gorham (Wrath), Daryl Sabara (Scorn) [edit] Biography William and Andy Mallory's parents had been jewel thieves who were sent to jail around the same time that Bruce Wayne's parents were murdered. Since then, the younger Mallorys had become friends with Wayne and his ward Dick Grayson. Resenting the Batman's targeting criminals like their parents "just trying to earn a living," they became Wrath and Scorn, an evil analogue of the Bat-team to aid Gotham's villain community. They first appeared to prevent Batman and Robin from catching Penguin and were reported to have helped Killer Croc escape. On the night of Gotham's Million Dollar Fun Ball, a lottery jackpot that the Joker plotted to steal, Wrath and Scorn attacked Batman and Robin so as to allow Joker to get away. Wrath later met with Joker, Penguin, Killer Croc, and the Ventriloquist & Scarface and offered his help to steal money engraving plates that were being delivered. Wrath and Scorn later delayed the police with an explosion when Batman and Robin arrived. Around this time, Batman and Wrath discovered each other's secret identities. When police backup arrived, Wrath and Scorn escaped with the other villains. They found the Batcave and attacked Batman and Robin, and soon started to destroy the Batcave. Batman used one of his utility belt devices to summon bats to help. Wrath and Scorn ended up defeated in the end, but threatened to reveal Batman's and Robin's true identities to every criminal in prison. Just as they were about to be carted off to jail, Joker infected Wrath and Scorn with his laugh gas, asserting that destroying Batman is his job alone. This left them helpless, giggling lunatics and prevented them from getting a chance to reveal Batman and Robin's identities. [edit] Appearances The End of The Batman [edit] See also The Batman [edit] Villains not included in The Batman Scarecrow Two-Face Mad Hatter Ra's al Ghul [edit] External links The Batman at The World's Finest Analysis of Batman "Worst" Villains Retrieved from "http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_villains_in_The_Batman" Categories: Lists of characters in television animation | Lists of fictional villains

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227's YouTube "Chili"-Michael Jackson-Neverland Ranch  227's YouTube "Chili"-Michael Jackson-Off the Wall (song)  227's YouTube "Chili"-Michael Jackson-Heal the World  227's YouTube "Chili"-Michael Jackson-Remember the Time  227's YouTube "Chili"-Michael Jackson-Dirty Diana  227's YouTube "Chili"-Michael Jackson-Debbie Rowe  227's YouTube "Chili"-Michael Jackson-We Are the World  227's YouTube "Chili"-Michael Jackson-Scream/Childhood  227's YouTube "Chili"-Michael Jackson-I Just Can't Stop Loving You  227's YouTube "Chili"-Michael Jackson-The Girl Is Mine  227's YouTube "Chili"-Michael Jackson-Why (3T song) 

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227's YouTube "Chili"-Michael Jackson-Smooth Criminal
  227's YouTube "Chili"-Michael Jackson-You Are Not Alone  227's YouTube "Chili"-Michael Jackson-Man in the Mirror: The Michael Jackson Story-The Way You Make Me Feel  227's YouTube "Chili"-Michael Jackson-Man in the Mirror: The Michael Jackson Story-Man in the Mirror: The Michael Jackson Story  227's YouTube "Chili"-Michael Jackson-The Collection (Michael Jackson album)  227's YouTube "Chili"-Michael Jackson-Music & Me  227's YouTube "Chili"-Michael Jackson-With a Child's Heart  227's YouTube "Chili"-Michael Jackson-HIStory: Past, Present and Future, Book I  227's YouTube "Chili"-Michael Jackson-Off the Wall (album)  227's YouTube "Chili"-Magic Johnson & Kobe Bryant to Michael Jackson-Forever, Michael  227's YouTube "Chili"-Magic Johnson & Kobe Bryant to Michael Jackson-We're Almost There  227's YouTube "Chili"-Magic Johnson & Kobe Bryant to Michael Jackson-Say Say Say  227's YouTube "Chili"-Magic Johnson & Kobe Bryant to Michael Jackson-Number Ones (DVD)  227's YouTube "Chili"-Magic Johnson & Kobe Bryant to Michael Jackson-Will You Be There  227's YouTube "Chili"-Magic Johnson & Kobe Bryant to Michael Jackson-Blood on the Dance Floor (song)  227's YouTube "Chili"-Magic Johnson & Kobe Bryant to Michael Jackson-Blood on the Dance Floor: HIStory in the Mix  227's YouTube "Chili"-Magic Johnson & Kobe Bryant to Michael Jackson-Stranger in Moscow  227's YouTube "Chili"-Magic Johnson & Kobe Bryant to Michael Jackson-Thriller 25  227's YouTube "Chili"-Magic Johnson & Kobe Bryant to Michael Jackson-In the Closet  227's YouTube "Chili"-Magic Johnson & Kobe Bryant to Michael Jackson-P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)  227's YouTube "Chili"-Magic Johnson & Kobe Bryant to Michael Jackson-Bad World Tour  227's YouTube "Chili"-Magic Johnson & Kobe Bryant to Michael Jackson-Leave Me Alone  227's YouTube "Chili"-Magic Johnson & Kobe Bryant to Michael Jackson-List of most expensive music videos  227's YouTube "Chili"-Magic Johnson & Kobe Bryant to Michael Jackson-Don't Stop 'til You Get Enough  227's YouTube "Chili"-Magic Johnson & Kobe Bryant to Michael Jackson-Come Together  227's YouTube "Chili"-Magic Johnson & Kobe Bryant to Michael Jackson-Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'  227's YouTube "Chili"-Michael Jackson-You Rock My World  227's YouTube "Chili"-Michael Jackson-Man in the Mirror  227's YouTube "Chili"-Michael Jackson-Ben (song)  227's YouTube "Chili"-Michael Jackson-Live in Bucharest: The Dangerous Tour  227's YouTube "Chili"-Michael Jackson-List of awards received by Michael Jackson  227's YouTube "Chili"-Michael Jackson-Cry (Michael Jackson song)  227's YouTube "Chili"-Michael Jackson-Moonwalker  227's YouTube "Chili"-Michael Jackson-Michael Jackson album discography  227's YouTube "Chili"-Michael Jackson-Number Ones (Michael Jackson album)  227's YouTube "Chili"-Michael Jackson-Thriller (song)  227's YouTube "Chili"-Michael Jackson-Bad (album)  227's YouTube "Chili"-Michael Jackson-Black or White  227's YouTube "Chili" Michael Jackson-Dangerous (album)  227's YouTube "Chili" Michael Jackson-Butterflies (Michael Jackson song)  227's YouTube "Chili" Michael Jackson-The Essential Michael Jackson  227's YouTube "Chili" Michael Jackson-Human Nature (Michael Jackson song)  227's YouTube "Chili"-Michael Jackson-This Is It (Michael Jackson concerts)  227's YouTube "Chili"-Michael Jackson-Michael Jackson: The Ultimate Collection







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2009 NCAA Basketball Tournament! List of NCAA Division 1 Teams & Coaches at 227!

America East Conference Albany - Will Brown Binghamton - Kevin Broadus Boston University - Dennis Wolff Hartford - Dan Leibovitz Maine - Ted Woodward New Hampshire - Bill Herrion Stony Brook - Steve Pikiell UMBC - Randy Monroe Vermont - Mike Lonergan 227's NCAA Basketball Tournament! America East Conference

Atlantic 10 Conference Charlotte - Bobby Lutz Dayton - Brian Gregory Duquesne - Ron Everhart Fordham - Dereck Whittenburg George Washington - Karl Hobbs La Salle - John Giannini Rhode Island - Jim Baron Richmond - Chris Mooney St. Bonaventure - Mark Schmidt Saint Joseph's - Phil Martelli Saint Louis - Rick Majerus Temple - Fran Dunphy UMass - Derek Kellogg Xavier - Sean Miller 227's NCAA Basketball Tournament! Atlantic 10 Conference

Atlantic Coast Conference Boston College - Al Skinner Clemson - Oliver Purnell Duke - Mike Krzyzewski Florida State - Leonard Hamilton Georgia Tech - Paul Hewitt Maryland - Gary Williams Miami (Florida) - Frank Haith North Carolina - Roy Williams North Carolina State - Sidney Lowe Virginia - Dave Leitao Virginia Tech - Seth Greenberg Wake Forest - Dino Gaudio 227's NCAA Basketball Tournament! Atlantic Coast Conference

Atlantic Sun Conference Belmont - Rick Byrd Campbell - Robbie Laing East Tennessee State - Murry Bartow Florida Gulf Coast - Dave Balza Jacksonville - Cliff Warren Kennesaw State - Tony Ingle Lipscomb - Scott Sanderson Mercer - Bob Hoffman North Florida - Matt Kilcullen Stetson - Derek Waugh USC Upstate - Eddie Payne 227's NCAA Basketball Tournament! Atlantic Sun Conference

Big 12 Conference Baylor - Scott Drew Colorado - Jeff Bzdelik Iowa State - Greg McDermott Kansas - Bill Self Kansas State - Frank Martin Missouri - Mike Anderson Nebraska - Doc Sadler Oklahoma - Jeff Capel III Oklahoma State - Travis Ford Texas - Rick Barnes Texas A&M - Mark Turgeon Texas Tech - Pat Knight 227's NCAA Basketball Tournament! Big 12 Conference

Big East Conference Cincinnati - Mick Cronin Connecticut - Jim Calhoun DePaul - Jerry Wainwright Georgetown - John Thompson III Louisville - Rick Pitino Marquette - Buzz Williams Notre Dame - Mike Brey Pittsburgh - Jamie Dixon Providence - Keno Davis Rutgers - Fred Hill St. John's - Norm Roberts Seton Hall - Bobby Gonzalez South Florida - Stan Heath Syracuse - Jim Boeheim Villanova - Jay Wright West Virginia - Bobby Huggins 227's NCAA Basketball Tournament! Big East ConferenceJamaal Al-Din's Hoops 227- the everything basketball website & home of 227's uTuBe Chili, featuring the world's most watched YouTube music videos!

Big Sky Conference Eastern Washington - Kirk Earlywine Idaho State - Joe O'Brien Montana - Wayne Tinkle Montana State - Brad Huse Northern Arizona - Mike Adras Northern Colorado - Tad Boyle Portland State - Ken Bone Sacramento State - Brian Katz Weber State - Randy Rahe 227's NCAA Basketball Tournament! Big Sky Conference

Big South Conference Charleston Southern - Barclay Radebaugh Coastal Carolina - Cliff Ellis Gardner-Webb - Rick Scruggs High Point - Bart Lundy Liberty - Ritchie McKay Presbyterian - Gregg Nibert Radford - Brad Greenberg UNC-Asheville - Eddie Biedenbach VMI - Duggar Baucom Winthrop - Randy Peele 227's NCAA Basketball Tournament! Big South Conference

Big Ten Conference Illinois - Bruce Weber Indiana - Tom Crean Iowa - Todd Lickliter Michigan - John Beilein Michigan State - Tom Izzo Minnesota - Tubby Smith Northwestern - Bill Carmody Ohio State - Thad Matta Penn State - Ed DeChellis Purdue - Matt Painter Wisconsin - Bo Ryan 227's NCAA Basketball Tournament! Big Ten Conference

Big West Conference Cal Poly - Kevin Bromley Cal State Fullerton - Bob Burton Cal State Northridge - Bobby Braswell Long Beach State - Dan Monson Pacific - Bob Thomason UC Davis - Gary Stewart UC Irvine - Pat Douglass UC Riverside - Jim Wooldridge UC Santa Barbara - Bob Williams 227's NCAA Basketball Tournament! Big West Conference

Colonial Athletic Association Delaware - Monte Ross Drexel - Bruiser Flint George Mason - Jim Larranaga Georgia State - Rod Barnes Hofstra - Tom Pecora James Madison - Matt Brady Northeastern - Bill Coen Old Dominion - Blaine Taylor Towson - Pat Kennedy UNC-Wilmington - Benny Moss Virginia Commonwealth - Anthony Grant William & Mary - Tony Shaver 227's NCAA Basketball Tournament! Colonial Athletic Association

Conference USA East Carolina - Mack McCarthy Houston - Tom Penders Marshall - Donnie Jones Memphis - John Calipari Rice - Ben Braun Southern Methodist - Matt Doherty Southern Mississippi - Larry Eustachy Tulane - Dave Dickerson Tulsa - Doug Wojcik UAB - Mike Davis UCF - Kirk Speraw UTEP - Tony Barbee 227's NCAA Basketball Tournament! Conference USAJamaal Al-Din's Hoops 227- the everything basketball website & home of 227's uTuBe Chili, featuring the world's most watched YouTube music videos!

Horizon League  - Butler - Brad Stevens Cleveland State - Gary Waters Detroit - Ray McCallum Loyola (Chicago) - Jim Whitesell UIC - Jimmy Collins UW-Green Bay - Tod Kowalczyk UW-Milwaukee - Rob Jeter Valparaiso - Homer Drew Wright State - Brad Brownell Youngstown State - Jerry Slocum 227's NCAA Basketball Tournament! Horizon League

Independents Bryant - Tim O'Shea Cal State Bakersfield - Keith Brown Chicago State - Benjy Taylor Houston Baptist - Ron Cottrell Longwood - Mike Gillian New Jersey Institute of Technology - Jim Engles North Carolina Central - Henry Dickerson Savannah State - Horace Broadnax SIU-Edwardsville - Lennox Forrester Texas-Pan American - Tom Schuberth Utah Valley - Dick Hunsaker 227's NCAA Basketball Tournament! NCAA Division I independent schools (basketball)

Ivy League Brown - Jesse Agel Columbia - Joe Jones Cornell - Steve Donahue Dartmouth - Terry Dunn Harvard - Tommy Amaker Penn - Glen Miller Princeton - Sydney Johnson Yale - James Jones 227's NCAA Basketball Tournament! Ivy League

Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference Canisius - Tom Parrotta Fairfield - Ed Cooley Iona - Kevin Willard Loyola (Maryland) - Jimmy Patsos Manhattan - Barry Rohrssen Marist - Chuck Martin Niagara - Joe Mihalich Rider - Tommy Dempsey St. Peter's - John Dunne Siena - Fran McCaffery 227's NCAA Basketball Tournament! Mid-American Conference

Mid-American Conference Akron – Keith Dambrot Ball State – Billy Taylor Bowling Green – Louis Orr Buffalo – Reggie Witherspoon Central Michigan – Ernie Ziegler Eastern Michigan – Charles Ramsey Kent State – Geno Ford Miami – Charlie Coles Northern Illinois – Ricardo Patton Ohio – John Groce Toledo – Gene Cross Western Michigan – Steve Hawkins 227's NCAA Basketball Tournament! Mid-American Conference

Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference Bethune-Cookman - Clifford Reed Coppin State - Ron Mitchell Delaware State - Greg Jackson Florida A&M - Mike Gillespie Hampton - Kevin Nickelberry Howard - Gil Jackson Maryland-Eastern Shore - Meredith Smith Morgan State - Todd Bozeman Norfolk State - Anthony Evans North Carolina A&T - Jerry Eaves South Carolina State - Tim Carter Winston-Salem State - Bobby Collins 227's NCAA Basketball Tournament! Mid-Eastern Athletic ConferenceJamaal Al-Din's Hoops 227- the everything basketball website & home of 227's uTuBe Chili, featuring the world's most watched YouTube music videos!

Missouri Valley Conference Bradley - Jim Les Creighton - Dana Altman Drake - Mark Phelps Evansville - Marty Simmons Illinois State - Tim Jankovich Indiana State - Kevin McKenna Missouri State - Cuonzo Martin Northern Iowa - Ben Jacobson Southern Illinois - Chris Lowery Wichita State - Gregg Marshall 227's NCAA Basketball Tournament! Missouri Valley Conference

Mountain West Conference Air Force - Jeff Reynolds Brigham Young - Dave Rose Colorado State - Tim Miles New Mexico - Steve Alford San Diego State - Steve Fisher Texas Christian - Neil Dougherty UNLV - Lon Kruger Utah - Jim Boylen Wyoming - Heath Schroyer 227's NCAA Basketball Tournament! Mountain West Conference

Northeast Conference Central Connecticut State - Howie Dickenman Fairleigh Dickinson - Tom Green LIU-Brooklyn - Jim Ferry Monmouth - Dave Calloway Mount St. Mary's - Milan Brown Quinnipiac - Tom Moore Robert Morris - Mike Rice Jr. Sacred Heart - Dave Bike St. Francis (PA) - Don Friday St. Francis (NY) - Brian Nash Wagner - Mike Deane 227's NCAA Basketball Tournament! Northeast Conference

Ohio Valley Conference Austin Peay - Dave Loos Eastern Illinois - Mike Miller Eastern Kentucky - Jeff Neubauer Jacksonville State - James Green Morehead State - Donnie Tyndall Murray State - Billy Kennedy Southeast Missouri - Zac Roman Tennessee-Martin - Bret Campbell Tennessee State - Cy Alexander Tennessee Tech - Mike Sutton 227's NCAA Basketball Tournament! Ohio Valley Conference

Pacific-10 Conference Arizona - Russ Pennell Arizona State - Herb Sendek California - Mike Montgomery Oregon - Ernie Kent Oregon State - Craig Robinson Stanford - Johnny Dawkins UCLA - Ben Howland USC - Tim Floyd Washington - Lorenzo Romar Washington State - Tony Bennett 227's NCAA Basketball Tournament! Pacific-10 Conference

Patriot League American - Jeff Jones Army - Jim Crews Bucknell - Dave Paulsen Colgate - Emmett Davis Holy Cross - Ralph Willard Lafayette - Fran O'Hanlon Lehigh - Brett Reed Navy - Billy Lange 227's NCAA Basketball Tournament! Patriot League

Southeastern Conference Alabama - Philip Pearson Arkansas - John Pelphrey Auburn - Jeff Lebo Florida - Billy Donovan Georgia - Pete Herrmann Kentucky - Billy Gillispie LSU - Trent Johnson Mississippi - Andy Kennedy Mississippi State - Rick Stansbury South Carolina - Darrin Horn Tennessee - Bruce Pearl Vanderbilt - Kevin Stallings 227's NCAA Basketball Tournament! Southeastern Conference

Southern Conference Appalachian State - Houston Fancher Chattanooga - John Shulman The Citadel - Ed Conroy College of Charleston - Bobby Cremins Davidson - Bob McKillop Elon - Ernie Nestor Furman - Jeff Jackson Georgia Southern - Jeff Price Samford - Jimmy Tillette UNC-Greensboro - Mike Dement Western Carolina - Larry Hunter Wofford - Mike Young 227's NCAA Basketball Tournament! Southern ConferenceJamaal Al-Din's Hoops 227- the everything basketball website & home of 227's uTuBe Chili, featuring the world's most watched YouTube music videos!

Southland Conference Central Arkansas - Rand Chappell Lamar - Steve Roccaforte McNeese State - Dave Simmons Nicholls State - J. P. Piper Northwestern State - Mike McConathy Sam Houston State - Bob Marlin Southeastern Louisiana - Jim Yarbrough Stephen F. Austin - Danny Kaspar Texas A&M-Corpus Christi - Perry Clark Texas-Arlington - Scott Cross Texas-San Antonio - Brooks Thompson Texas State - Doug Davalos 227's NCAA Basketball Tournament! Southland Conference

Southwestern Athletic Conference Alabama A&M - L. Vann Pettaway Alabama State - Lewis Jackson Alcorn State - Samuel West Arkansas-Pine Bluff - George Ivory Grambling State - Larry Wright Jackson State - Tevester Anderson Mississippi Valley State - Sean Woods Prairie View A&M - Byron Rimm II Southern - Rob Spivery Texas Southern - Tony Harvey 227's NCAA Basketball Tournament! Southwestern Athletic Conference

The Summit League Centenary - Greg Gary IPFW - Dane Fife IUPUI - Ron Hunter North Dakota State - Saul Phillips Oakland - Greg Kampe Oral Roberts - Scott Sutton South Dakota State - Scott Nagy Southern Utah - Roger Reid UMKC - Matt Brown Western Illinois - Derek Thomas 227's NCAA Basketball Tournament! The Summit League

Sun Belt Conference Arkansas-Little Rock - Steve Shields Arkansas State - Dickey Nutt Denver - Joe Scott Florida Atlantic - Mike Jarvis Florida International - Sergio Rouco Louisiana-Lafayette - Robert Lee Louisiana-Monroe - Orlando Early Middle Tennessee - Kermit Davis New Orleans - Joe Pasternack North Texas - Johnny Jones South Alabama - Ronnie Arrow Troy - Don Maestri Western Kentucky - Ken McDonald 227's NCAA Basketball Tournament! Sun Belt Conference

West Coast Conference Gonzaga - Mark Few Loyola Marymount - Rodney Tention Pepperdine - Vance Walberg Portland - Eric Reveno Saint Mary's - Randy Bennett San Diego - Bill Grier San Francisco - Rex Walters Santa Clara - Kerry Keating 227's NCAA Basketball Tournament! West Coast Conference

Western Athletic Conference Boise State - Greg Graham Fresno State - Steve Cleveland Hawai?i - Bob Nash Idaho - Don Verlin Louisiana Tech - Kerry Rupp Nevada - Mark Fox New Mexico State - Marvin Menzies San Jose State - George Nessman Utah State - Stew Morrill 227's NCAA Basketball Tournament! Western Athletic ConferenceJamaal Al-Din's Hoops 227- the everything basketball website & home of 227's uTuBe Chili, featuring the world's most watched YouTube music videos!

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227's YouTube Most Popular Videos!  Featuring: A Merry Gangsta Christmas!  Kenneth Darby Gets JACKED UP!!! by NFL Umpire Garth DeFelice Thundercats Movie trailer (fanmade)  Blow your nose! All Hot Girls Love James Bond... Demi Lovato Cuts La La Land! - Jen Aniston Gets Naked! - Mamma's Boys! Momento Amy Winehouse a volta de Rodrigo (21/12/2008) 227's YouTube Most Popular Videos!    227's YouTube Most Popular Videos!   227's YouTube Most Popular Videos!    227's YouTube Most Popular Videos!

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227's "Dancing with the Stars!" (YOUTUBE "Chili!")-Dancing with the Stars (U.S. season 5)
  227's "Dancing with the Stars!" (YOUTUBE "Chili!")-Dancing with the Stars (U.S. season 4)  227's "Dancing with the Stars!" (YOUTUBE "Chili!")-Dancing with the Stars (video game)  227's "Dancing with the Stars!" (YOUTUBE "Chili!")-Dancing with the Stars (card game)  227's "Dancing with the Stars!" (YOUTUBE "Chili!")-Dancing with the Stars (Australian TV series)  227's "Dancing with the Stars!" (YOUTUBE "Chili!")-Dancing with the Stars (New Zealand TV series)  227's "Dancing with the Stars!" (YOUTUBE "Chili!")-Dancing with the Stars (U.S. season 7)  227's "Dancing with the Stars!" (YOUTUBE "Chili!")-Dancing with the Stars (U.S. season 6)  227's "Dancing with the Stars!" (YOUTUBE "Chili!")-Emmitt Smith  227's "Dancing with the Stars!" (YOUTUBE "Chili!")-Warren Sapp  227's "Dancing with the Stars!" (YOUTUBE "Chili!")-Stacy Keibler  227's "Dancing with the Stars!" (YOUTUBE "Chili!")-Lisa Rinna  227's "Dancing with the Stars!" (YOUTUBE "Chili!")-Kenny Mayne (ESPN)  227's "Dancing with the Stars!" (YOUTUBE "Chili!")-Mark Ballas  227's "Dancing with the Stars!" (YOUTUBE "Chili!")-Jason Taylor (American football)  227's "Dancing with the Stars!" (YOUTUBE "Chili!")-Kristi Yamaguchi  227's "Dancing with the Stars!" (YOUTUBE "Chili!")-Drew Lachey  227's "Dancing with the Stars!" (YOUTUBE "Chili!")-Tom Bergeron  227's "Dancing with the Stars!" (YOUTUBE "Chili!")-Hélio Castroneves  227's "Dancing with the Stars!" (YOUTUBE "Chili!")-Kym Johnson  227's "Dancing with the Stars!" (YOUTUBE "Chili!")-Karina Smirnoff  227's "Dancing with the Stars!" (YOUTUBE "Chili!")-Ashly DelGrosso  227's "Dancing with the Stars!" (YOUTUBE "Chili!")-Julianne Hough  227's "Dancing with the Stars!" (YOUTUBE "Chili!")-Tony Dovolani  227's "Dancing with the Stars!" (YOUTUBE "Chili!")-Edyta Sliwinska  227's "Dancing with the Stars!" (YOUTUBE "Chili!")-List of Julianne Hough performances on Dancing with the Stars  227's "Dancing with the Stars!" (YOUTUBE "Chili!")-Maksim Chmerkovskiy  227's "Dancing with the Stars!" (YOUTUBE "Chili!")-Dancing with the Stars: We Dance!  227's "Dancing with the Stars!" (YOUTUBE "Chili!")-Dancing with the Stars (U.S. season 1)  227's "Dancing with the Stars!" (YOUTUBE "Chili!")-Dança dos Famosos  227's "Dancing with the Stars!" (YOUTUBE "Chili!")-Bailando por un sueño (Argentina)  227's "Dancing with the Stars!" (YOUTUBE "Chili!")-Taniec z Gwiazdami  227's "Dancing with the Stars!" (YOUTUBE "Chili!")-Dancing with the Stars (U.S. season 8)Jamaal Al-Din's Hoops 227- the everything basketball website & home of 227's uTuBe Chili, featuring the world's most watched YouTube music videos!

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YouTube "Chili"-"Sugar" Rashad Evans UFC Fights/"Sugar" Rashad Evans Knockouts/ "Sugar" Rashad Evans Sugar" Rashad Evans Sugar" Rashad Evans vs. Rampage Jackson at 227- http://www.hoops227.atomicshops.com/you_tube_sugar_rashad_evans_ufc_98_ultimate_fights.html
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  227's UFC-Pay-Per-View (YouTube "Chili!")! Pay-Per-View UFC/Pay-Per-View UFC Fights/Pay-Per-View UFC KnockOuts/Pay-Per-View HD/Pay-Per-View at 227! http://www.hoops227.atomicshops.com/utube_ufc_pay_per_view_fights_hd_exclusive_feature.html UFC-57 (Ultimate Fighting Championship)!  UFC 61-"Ultimate Fighting Championship!"  UFC 73!  UFC-66  UFC-74 (Ultimate Fighting Championship)!  UFC-1 (Ultimate Fighting Championship)!
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  227's YouTube "Chili"-Indy 500-2007 Indianapolis 500  227's YouTube "Chili"-Indy 500-1992 Indianapolis 500  227's YouTube "Chili"-Indy 500-2002 Indianapolis 500  227's YouTube "Chili"-Indy 500-IndyCar Series  227's YouTube "Chili"-Indy 500-1987 Indianapolis 500  227's YouTube "Chili"-Indy 500-2005 Indianapolis 500Jamaal Al-Din's Hoops 227- the everything basketball website & home of 227's uTuBe Chili, featuring the world's most watched YouTube music videos!

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227's YouTube BGT-"Natalie Okri" 10 Year Old Singer - Britains Got Talent 2009 Ep 6-  http://www.hoops227.atomicshops.com/youtube_natalie_okri_britains_got_talent_2009_Ep_6.html

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227's-Jim Rome Show (ESPN Radio Talk & Soundbites)!http://www.hoops227.atomicshops.com/youtube_jim_rome_sports_radio_talk_show_guest_espn.html

227's YouTube-Patrick Ewing #33 (NBA's New York Knicks & Georgetown Hoyas)! Assistant Basketball Coach-Orlando Magic (NBA)!  http://www.hoops227.atomicshops.com/youtube_patrick_ewing_new_york_knicks_georgetown.html
227's-Kenny "The Jet" Smith-Carolina Basketball Camp (YouTube UNC Tar Heels-TNT/NBA)!  http://www.hoops227.atomicshops.com/kenny_smith_carolina_basketball_camp_unc_tarheels.html

227's YouTube "Chili"-Pussycat Dolls (Jai Ho-NBA Mix)!

227's YouTube "Chili" Latina-Andressa Soares!


227's YouTube "Chili" Latina-Andressa Soares-Hispanic  227's YouTube "Chili" Latina-Andressa Soares-Hispanic and Latino Americans  227's YouTube "Chili" Latina-Andressa Soares-Latina (magazine)  227's YouTube "Chili" Latina-Andressa Soares-Latina, Italy  227's YouTube "Chili" Latina-Andressa Soares-Province of Latina
227's YouTube "Chili"-Latina!

227's YouTube "Chili" Latina (NBA)-Andressa Soares-17/05/2009 MULHER MELANCIA-Set 1
227's YouTube "Chili"-Latina!

227's YouTube "Chili" Latino-Don Omar! "Ella Y Yo," "Dile," Don Omar Latino Hits & more at 227!  http://www.hoops227.atomicshops.com/you_tube_don_omar_chili_dile_puerto_rico_ella_y_yo.html
227's YouTube "Chili" LATINO-TITO "El Bambino"-"sOUL pLAYA Y aRENA (FT. jADIEL)," "De La Ghetto" ft. Randy, "El Tra," & more at 227 (Chilli)! http://www.hoops227.atomicshops.com/you_tube_tito_el_bambino_jadiel_sol_playa_y_arena.html
227's YouTube "Chili" Latino-Victor Manuelle "Si La Ves," Don Omar, "El Father," "Tango Ganas," & more at 227 (Chilli)! http://www.hoops227.atomicshops.com/youtube_victor_manuelle_si_la_ves_omar_tango_ganas.html
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227's YouTube "Fab 5" Michigan Wolverines Basketball!

227's YouTube "C-Webb" Chris Webber (TNT-NBA Playoffs)! http://www.hoops227.atomicshops.com/youtube_chris_webber_tnt_nba_playoff_shoes_barkley.html
227's JalenTV on YouTube- YouTube videos & NBA commentary on ESPN's Mike & Mike! http://www.hoops227.atomicshops.com/youtube_jalen_rose_espn_nba_basketball_jalentv.html
227's YouTube "Chili"-Reggie Miller #31 (NBA) "For Three"-Reggie Miller's historic "Three Point Shots" at Jamaal Al-Din's Hoops 227! http://www.hoops227.atomicshops.com/youtube_reggie_miller_nba_pacers_winning_3_pointer.html
227's Bill Russell-"Captain of the Boston Celtics" 11-Time NBA World Champion!
227's Larry Bird (#33) Boston Celtics http://www.hoops227.atomicshops.com/youtube_larry_bird_boston_celtics_mvp_nba_tv.html
227's Tim Duncan (San Antonio Spurs) on YouTube! http://www.hoops227.atomicshops.com/youtube_tim_duncan_san_antonio_spurs_nba_career_tv.html  

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Patrick Ewing- the Georgetown Hoyas & NBA!
  Isiah Thomas!  Magic Johnson   Clyde "The Glide" Drexler! Kareem Abdul-Jabbar  Julius Erving  Carmelo Anthony  LeBron James  Kobe Bryant!  NBA Access w/ Ahmad Rashad!  227's Ahmad Rashad-NBA & NFL Action! 227's Ahmad Rashad-NBA TV  227's Ahmad Rashad-"Rashad"  227's Ahmad Rashad-Phylicia Rashad  227's Ahamad Rashad-NBA Inside Stuff  227's Ahmad Rashad-NBA Access with Ahmad Rashad  The Best Ncaa Basketball Coaches!   Lenny Wilkins- Brooklyn's Basketball Legend! 227's YoUtuBe-ISIAH! Hakeem "The Dream" Olajuwon!  Bill Walton- UCLA & the NBA!  227's YouTubbe "LeBron!"-LeBron James   YouTubbe "Melo!"-Carmelo Anthony!  227's YouTubbe "A.I."-Allen Iverson!   227's YouTubbe "D Wade!"-Dwayne Wade!   227's uTubbe Steve Nash!

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227's YouTube "Chili"-Darth Vader (NBA & Star Wars)! "Luke, I'm Your Fatha (James Earl Jones)!"-http://www.hoops227.atomicshops.com/youtube_darth_vader_nba_star_wars_james_earl_jones.html
227's YouTube "Chili"-Star Wars-Luke Skywalker
  227's YouTube "Chili"-Star Wars-Mark Hamill  227's YouTube "Chili"-Star Wars-Obi-Wan Kenobi  227's YouTube "Chili"-Star Wars-Tatooine  227's YouTube "Chili"-Star Wars-Princess Leia Organa  227's YouTube "Chili"-Star Wars-Carrie Fisher  227's YouTube "Chili"-Star Wars-Anakin Skywalker  227's YouTube "Chili"-Star Wars-Jacen Solo  227's YouTube "Chili"-Star Wars-C-3PO

Jamaal Al-Din's Hoops 227-"YouTube" Entertainment/"YouTube" Entertainment Weekly/"YouTube" Entertainment Tonight/"YouTube" Entertainment Book/"YouTube" Entertainment News at 227!  http://www.hoops227.atomicshops.com/Jamaal_Al_Din_s_Hoops_227_entertainment_you_tube.html  http://www.hoops227.atomicshops.com/Jamaal_Al_Din_s_Hoops_227_film_animation_reviews.html  http://www.hoops227.atomicshops.com/Jamaal_Al_Din_s_Hoops_227_music_video_notes_charts.html  http://www.hoops227.atomicshops.com/Jamaal_Al_Din_s_Hoops_227_youtube_favorite_special.html

227's YouTube-Ne-Yo/Sexy Love (NBA)! Ne-Yo Sexy Love/Ne-Yo Videos/Neyo & Island Def Jam/Neyo at 227!  http://www.hoops227.atomicshops.com/you_tube_neyo_sexy_love_kate_sutherland_island_def.html  227's YouTube-Ne-Yo-"Mad"/Ne-Yo "Mad" Aol premiere video (NBA)/Ne-Yo "Mad" video at 227!  http://www.hoops227.atomicshops.com/you_tube_neyo_mad_aol_premiere_narrative_hip_hop.html  
227's YouTube "Chili"-Justin Timberlake "Cry Me A River"/Justin Timberlake "Love Stoned"/Justin Timberlake videos  http://www.hoops227.atomicshops.com/utube_justin_timberlake_cry_me_a_river_luv_stoned.html  227's YouTube "Chili"-Justin Timberlake (NBA) "LoveStoned"-Justin Timberlake! Justin Timberlake "Luv Stoned" iTunes/Justin Timberlake "Love Stoned" Remix/"LoveStoned"  http://www.hoops227.atomicshops.com/utube_justin_timberlake_lovestoned_think_she_knows.html  227's YouTube "Chili" Rick Ross-"Mafia Music (NBA)" & "Hustlin"/Rick Ross ft. FatJoe, The Game, Ja Rule/Rick Ross!  http://www.hoops227.atomicshops.com/youtube_rick_ross_mafia_music_2009_ja_rule_fat_joe.html
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2Pac 50 Cent A Adam Tensta Akon Aaliyah Ashanti Andre 3000 B Bow Wow Bobby Valentino Beyonce Bone Thugs n Harmony Birdman (rapper) Busta Rhymes Bobby Fischer C Chris Brown Cherish Cassidy Chingy Chamillionaire Christina Milian Chrisette Michele Cashis Ciara Cypress Hill Calzone Mafia Cuban Link D Destiny's Child DJ Clue Demetri Montaque Danity Kane Day 26 Donnie D12 DJ Khaled Dr. Dre E E-40 Eminem Eazy-E F Fabolous Flo Rida Fat Joe Frankie J G G-Unit The Game H Hurricane Chris I Ice Cube J Jay-Z J.R. Rotem J Holiday Jordan Sparks K Kanye West Kelly Rowland keri hilson The Kreators L Lil' Kim Lil' Mo Lil Jon Lil Mama Lloyd Banks Lil Wayne Ludacris Lloyd Lil Mama Lil Eazy-E Leona lewis M MC Hammer Mike Shorey MF Doom Mariah Carey Mario Mary J. Blige N Ne-Yo Nate Dogg Niia N.W.A. Notorious B.I.G. Nas Nick Cannon Nelly Necro O Olivia Omarion Obie Trice Old Dirty Bastard P Public Enemy Plies P Diddy pink Pharcyde Q R Red Cafe Run DMC Ray J R Kelly Rihanna Rick Ross (rapper) S Sean Combs Sean Kingston Snoop Dogg Stargate Sean Garrett Suge Knight Soulja Boy Tell 'Em Stat Quo shakira T The Notorious B.I.G. Tupac Shakur Trina Tyrese T-Pain Three 6 Mafia T.I. Too Phat U Usher V V.I.C. W Warren G Wyclef Jean Wu Tang Clan will.i.am X Xzibit Y Young Jeezy Yung Berg Z

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227's YouTube "Chili"-T.O."Terrell Owens" http://www.hoops227.atomicshops.com/youtube_t_o_terrell_owens_workout_reality_tv_nfl.html 
227's YouTube "Chili"-Kristinia DeBarge "Goodbye" (NBA)! Kristinia DeBarge Songs/Kristinia DeBarge Hits/Kristinia DeBarge Lyrics/Kristinia DeBarge Remix/Kristinia DeBarge CD/Kristinia DeBarge at 227!
227's YouTube "Chili"-"Mulan"-Walt Disney (NBA)! Mulan Songs/Mulan Musical Hits/Mulan Animation/Mulan Cartoon Movie!
227's YouTube "Chili"-Kevin Federline (NBA) "Exclusive Kevin Federline Interview"/Kevin Federline, Britney Spears Interview/Kevin Federline Music! http://www.hoops227.atomicshops.com/utube_kevin_federline_exclusive_interview_britney.html 
227's Reality TV Tube (NBA)!
227's "Hollywood" (NBA) Entertainment (YouTube "Chili")! 
227's YouTube "Chili"-Jordan McCoy (NBA)-"American Juniors"/Jordan McCoy "Beyonce" Acoustic/Rihanna Acoustic/Britney Spears Acoustic/Jordan McCoy at 227! http://www.hoops227.atomicshops.com/youtube_jordan_mccoy_american_juniors_nba_acoustic.html

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Michael Jackson Bing Crosby U.S. The Beatles AC/DC ABBA Alla Bee Gees Bob Marley Celine Dion Cliff Richard The Drifters Elton John Herbert von Karajan Julio Iglesias Led Zeppelin Madonna Mariah Carey  Elvis Presley Nana Mouskouri Pink Floyd The Rolling Stones Tino Rossi Wei Wei

Adriano Celentano
Aerosmith Backstreet Boys Barry White Billy Joel Bon Jovi Boney M. The Carpenters Charles Aznavour Cher Chicago Dave Clark Five David Bowie Deep Purple Depeche Mode Dire Straits Dolly Parton The Eagles Electric Engelbert Humperdinck Fats Domino Fleetwood Mac The Four Seasons Frank Sinatra Garth Brooks Genesis George Michael Guns N' Roses James Last The Jackson 5 Janet Jackson Johnny Hallyday Kenny Rogers Lionel Richie Luciano Pavarotti Metallica Michiya Mihashi Mireille Mathieu Modern Talking Neil Diamond Olivia Newton-John Patti Page Paul McCartney Perry Como Pet Shop Boys Phil Collins Prince Queen Ricky Nelson Roberto Carlos Rod Stewart Salvatore Adamo Status Quo Stevie Wonder Teresa Teng Tina Turner Tom Jones U2 Valeriya The Ventures Whitney Houston The Who

Annie Lennox B'z Britney Spears Carlos Santana Dalida
Earth, Wind & Fire Eddy Arnold Eminem Eurythmics Gloria Estefan Hibari Misora Journey Scorpions Van Halen Ace of Base Alan Jackson Country Alice Cooper Hard rock Andrea Bocelli Opera The Andrews Sisters Swing Ayumi Hamasaki Pop Black Sabbath Heavy metal Barbra Streisand Pop / Adult contemporary Beach Boys Rock Pop Bob Dylan Folk / Rock Bob Seger Rock Boston Arena rock Boyz II Men R&B Bruce Springsteen Rock Bryan Adams Def Leppard Destiny's Child R&B / Pop Dreams Come True Pop / Jazz Duran Duran Enya Ireland Four Tops George Strait Glay Iron Maiden Jay-Z Hip hop Jean Michel Jarre Jethro Tull Johnny Cash Kazuhiro Moriuchi Kiss Hard rock Kenny G Kylie Minogue Luis Miguel Linkin Park Meat Loaf Michael Bolton Mills Brothers Mötley Crüe Mr.Children Nat King Cole New Kids on the Block Nirvana 'N Sync Oasis Orhan Gencebay Pearl Jam Petula Clark Red Hot Chili Peppers The Police Ray Conniff Reba McEntire R.E.M. Richard Clayderman Ricky Martin Robbie Williams Roxette Sweden Shakira Colombia
The Seekers Australia Spice Girls
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227's-StubHubTickets Masters! Stubhub NBA, NFL, MLB, Concerts & more at 227!

227's-StubHubTickets Masters! Stubhub NBA, NFL, MLB, Concerts & more at 227!

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227's-DirecTV & Dish Network! List of DirecTV Channels!  227's DirecTV & Dish Network-TNT (TV network)  227's DirecTV-HD Theater  227's DirecTV-HDNet  227's DirecTV-The 101 Network  227's DirecTV-CNN  227's DirecTV-HLN (TV network)  227's DirecTV-ESPNews  227's DirecTV-ESPN Classic  227's DirecTV-NFL Network  227's DirecTV-MLB Network  227's DirecTV-NHL Network (United States)  227's DirecTV-Tennis Channel  227's DirecTV-Golf Channel  227's DirecTV-Liquidation Channel  227's DirecTV-Home & Garden Television  227's DirecTV-DIY Network  227's DirecTV-Food Network  227's DirecTV-Fine Living  227's DirecTV-Gems TV  227's DirecTV-Style Network  227's DirecTV-E!  227's DirecTV-TV Guide Network  227's DirecTV-ReelzChannel  227's DirecTV-Home Shopping Network  227's DirecTV-Spike (TV channel)  227's DirecTV-USA Network  227's DirecTV-Sci Fi Channel (United States)  227's DirecTV-truTV

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  Larry Bird!  2007-08 NBA Basketball Awards!  Opening Night in the NBA!  CHRIS CHILDS "C-squared" at 227!  Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, NBA/NCAA Greatness, and "The Skyhook!" 227's AAU Basketball!  227's AAU Basketball!227's AAU Basketball!227's AAU Basketball! 227's AAU Basketball! * 227's AAU Basketball!  Moses Malone  Dominique Wilkins!  Bill Russell- the Boston Celtic!   Charles Barkley- "The Round-Mound of Rebound!"  Nate Archibald  Elvin Hayes- University of Houston & the NBA!  Lenny Wilkins- Brooklyn's Basketball Legend! Rick Barry- "The under-hand Freethrow!"  Elgin Baylor   2008 NBA Draft at Jamaal Al-Din's Hoops 227- the everything basketball website!  227's YouTube "Dr. J!"-Julius Erving!  Wilt Chamberlain George "Iceman" Gervin!  Kevin Garnett  Elgin Baylor YouTube Information from FreeBase.com & Wikipedia at Hoops 227- the everything basketball website! Bob Pettit  National Basketball Association Bob Cousy, Holy Cross Crusaders & the Boston Celtics! Opening Night in the NBA!  227's Black History Month! Jamaal Al-Din's Hoops 227- the everything basketball website & home of 227's uTuBe Chili, featuring the world's most watched YouTube music videos!

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* 227's-Hip Hop (YOUTUBE CHILI!)! 

227's-"Jizz In My Pants!" YouTube "ChiLi" Music Videos   227's-"Jizz In My Pants!" YouTube "ChiLi!" Music Videos   227's-"Jizz In My Pants!" YouTube "ChiLi!" Music Videos     227's YouTube Chili-Family Guy!  
227's YouTube "Chili"-Family Guy! History of Family Guy  227's YouTube "Chili"-Family Guy! Death Has a Shadow  227's YouTube "Chili"-Family Guy! Peter Griffin  227's YouTube "Chili"-Family Guy! Tom Tucker (Family Guy)  227's YouTube "Chili"-Family Guy! Seth MacFarlane  227's YouTube "Chili"-Family Guy! Family Guy: Live in Vegas  227's YouTube "Chili"-Family Guy! Don't Make Me Over (Family Guy)  227's YouTube "Chili"-Family Guy! Neil Goldman (Family Guy)  227's YouTube "Chili"-Family Guy! Padre de Familia (Family Guy episode)  227's YouTube "Chili"-Family Guy! Running Mates (Family Guy)  227's YouTube "Chili"-Family Guy! Patriot Games (Family Guy)  227's YouTube "Chili"-Family Guy! Jungle Love (Family Guy)  227's YouTube "Chili"-Family Guy! Family Guy Viewer Mail 1  227's YouTube "Chili"-Family Guy! Barely Legal (Family Guy) 227's YouTube Chili-Family Guy! 227's YouTube "Chili"-Family Guy! Prick Up Your Ears (Family Guy)  227's YouTube "Chili"-Family Guy! Blind Ambition (Family Guy)  227's YouTube "Chili"-Family Guy! Adam West (Family Guy)  227's YouTube "Chili"-Family Guy! Glenn Quagmire  227's YouTube "Chili"-Family Guy! Criticism of Family Guy  227's YouTube "Chili"-Family Guy! Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story  227's YouTube "Chili"-Family Guy! Family Guy DVDs  227's YouTube "Chili"-Family Guy! List of characters in Family Guy  227's YouTube "Chili"-Family Guy! Blue Harvest (Family Guy)  227's YouTube "Chili"-Family Guy! Brian Griffin  227's YouTube "Chili"-Family Guy! Family Guy (pinball)  227's YouTube "Chili"-Family Guy! Long John Peter!  227's YouTube "Chili"-Family Guy! Mind Over Murder  227's YouTube "Chili"-Family Guy!-The Courtship of Stewie's Father   227's YouTube "Chili"-Family Guy!- Family Guy Video Game!Jamaal Al-Din's Hoops 227- the everything basketball website & home of 227's uTuBe Chili, featuring the world's most watched YouTube music videos!

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Ghostface Killah 227's YouTube "Chili!"-Ghostface Killah-Ghostface Killah - He Comes (feat. De La Soul) 227's YouTube "Chili!"-Ghostface Killah-wu-tang clan: golden era (93-96) 227's YouTube "Chili!"-Ghostface Killah-Raekwon - Criminology 2 (feat. Ghostface KIllah) 227's YouTube "Chili!"-Ghostface Killah-Ghostface Killah feat. Jadakiss & Comp - Run 227's YouTube "Chili!"-Ghostface Killah-Ghostface Killah feat. U-God - Cherchez LaGhost 227's YouTube "Chili!"-Ghostface Killah-Raekwon - Wu Ooh (feat. Ghostface Killah & Method Man) 227's YouTube "Chili!"-Ghostface Killah-Jeff Johnson Freestyle over 'Yolanda's House' from Ghostface Killah  227's YouTube "Chili!"-Ghostface Killah-Ghostface Killah - Mighty Healthy (palm of ice remix) 227's YouTube "Chili!"-Ghostface Killah-Raekwon feat. Ghostface Killah-The G Hide 227's YouTube "Chili!"-Ghostface Killah-Raekwon feat. Ghostface Killah, Method Man & Cappadonna - Ice Cream 227's YouTube "Chili!"-Ghostface Killah-U-God Inspectah Deck & Street Life - Semi Automatic: Full Rap Metal Jacket  227's YouTube "Chili!"-Ghostface Killah-Ghostface Killah Raekwon & Rza - Who's The Champion 227's YouTube "Chili!"-Ghostface Killah-The Best From Ghostface Killah * Cappadonna YOUTUBBE Music Videos 227's YouTube "Chili!"-Cappadonna-Inspectah Deck - Let Me At Em  227's YouTube "Chili!"-Cappadonna-Rza Method Man & Cappadonna - Wu-Wear: The Garment Renaissance  227's YouTube "Chili!"-Cappadonna-interview Cappadonna @ Karmaloop TV  227's YouTube "Chili!"-Cappadonna-Ol' Dirty Bastard & 12 O'Clock - Ol' Dirtys Back  227's YouTube "Chili!"-Cappadonna-Cappadonna - Milk The Cow  227's YouTube "Chili!"-Cappadonna-Cappadonna feat. Rhyme Recca & Boy Blue - Freestyle (1998, rare)  227's YouTube "Chili!"-Cappadonna-Cappadonna - Slang Editorial(Remix)   227's YouTube "Chili!"-Cappadonna-rza, method man & cappadonna wu wear  * Mac Main YOUTUBBE Music Videos * Gorilla Zoe YOUTUBBE Music Videos Beyonce YOUTUBBE Music Videos  * The Notorious B.I.G YOUTUBBE Music Videos * Lil' Boosie YOUTUBBE Music Videos * Gucci Mane YOUTUBBE Music Videos * Soulja Boy YOUTUBBE Music Videos * Plies YOUTUBBE Music Videos  * Dalek YOUTUBBE Music Videos  
227's YouTube "Chili!"-Gorilla Zoe-gorilla zoe definition of a block so sick 227's YouTube "Chili!"-Gorilla Zoe-Gorilla Zoe - Juice Box (Chopped & Screwed By DJ Slugga)  227's YouTube "Chili!"-Gorilla Zoe-The Charleston to Hood Nigga by Gorilla Zoe  227's YouTube "Chili!"-Gorilla Zoe-Gorilla Zoe - I Like Them Girls [FULL/NODJ/DIRTY] NEW  227's YouTube "Chili!"-Gorilla Zoe-Gorilla Zoe Ft. Rick Ross - What It Is  227's YouTube "Chili!"-Gorilla Zoe-Gorilla Zoe Valentines Day  227's YouTube "Chili!"-Gorilla Zoe-Requested Sample #2 - Gorilla Zoe - Lost  227's YouTube "Chili!"-Gorilla Zoe-Gorilla Zoe - Too Much  227's YouTube "Chili!"-Gorilla Zoe-Gorilla Zoe - I Like Them Girls [Prod. By Drumma Boy]  227's YouTube "Chili!"-Gorilla Zoe-Gucci Mane (Ft. Gorilla Zoe)-Broom  227's YouTube "Chili!"-Gorilla Zoe-GORILLA ZOE - BLOCK - DIDDY - TAMPA  227's YouTube "Chili!"-Gorilla Zoe-Gorilla Zoe - Thuggin  227's YouTube "Chili!"-Gorilla Zoe-Gorilla Zoe: Don't Feed The Animals Movie Trailer  227's YouTube "Chili!"-Gorilla Zoe-Paper - Gorilla Zoe ft Durty Block  227's YouTube "Chili!"-Gorilla Zoe-SOREAL CRU TV PRESENTS: THE RE-UP  227's YouTube "Chili!"-Gorilla Zoe-Gorilla Zoe Ft. Lil Wayne- Losing my Mind (WITH LYRICS)  227's YouTube "Chili!"-Gorilla Zoe-Gorilla Zoe feat. Gucci Mane - Walk with a waddle  227's YouTube "Chili!"-Gorilla Zoe-Gorilla Zoe - Hood Nigga (UNEDITED)  227's YouTube "Chili!"-Gorilla Zoe-Gorilla Zoe & Gucci Mane Walk wit a Waddle: Making the Video  227's YouTube "Chili!"-Gorilla Zoe-Gorilla Zoe & Gucci Mane Walk wit a Waddle: Making the Video  227's YouTube "Chili!"-Gorilla Zoe-GORILLA ZOE FT LIL WAYNE- GET MONEY  227's YouTube "Chili!"-Gorilla Zoe-Gorilla Zoe dissed Game  * 
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Beyonce Knowles-YouTube ALEXANDRA BURKE & QUEEN BEYONCE "LISTEN" THE X-FACTORS FINALS (12/13/2008)  YouTube Beyoncé knowles - If I Were Boy - Live On X Factor 2008 Finals Alexandra Burke Beyoncé   YouTube "Chilli" BEYONCE-Broadway and Dondria Singing Justin Timberlake ft Beyonce-Until the end of time(FINAL CUT)  YouTube Beyonce - Fan Book  YouTube "Chilli!' BEYONCE-Beyonce at LAX Airport January 25 2009 - TMZ  227's YouTube "Chilli!" BEYONCE-Beatboxing + Singing "Hello" by Beyonce acapella request (Ivana and Jess cover)  227's YouTube "Chilli!" BEYONCE-hollie harris beyonce listen  227's YouTube "Chilli!" BEYONCE-JUST STAND UP! Mariah, Beyonce, Rihanna, Miley, Leona more  227's YouTube "Chilli!" BEYONCE-Jay Z feat Beyonce - 03 Bonnie & Clyde (Official Music Videoin HQ)  227's YouTube "Chilli!" BEYONCE-50 Cent - Thug Love F/ Beyonce (Destiny's Child) (4th Single: Unreleased Track)  227's YouTube "Chilli!" BEYONCE-President Obama's A Fan Of Beyonce's "Single Ladies."  227's YouTube "Chilli!" BEYONCE-OBAMA -BEYONCE NEIGHBORHOOD BALL BARACK.  227's YouTube "Chilli!" BEYONCE-JOMAR : LISTEN (Beyonce Knowles)  227's YouTube "Chilli!" BEYONCE-Beyonce Ft. Alexandra Burke - HD Listen (Live at X Factor 2008) HQ Broken-hearted Girl by Beyonce Karaoke  ME SINGING HALO BY BEYONCE-02/07  Emo Girls Dance to Beyonce  Me singing "Broken-Hearted Girl" by Beyonce  Robyn McGhee - Beyonce - Trust in Me  Happy Saturday!!! Beyonce & Etta James; The Hudson Plane accident  At last - H4RRYV1DS - ETTA JAMES/ BEYONCE COVER  Beyoncé and Jay-Z leaving Nobu Restaurant - 02.04.2009  Beyonce, Britney Spears y Pink- We will rock you mix dannylc7  Amor Kismet Singinging Beyonce "Halo"  Beyoncé - Halo  Halo - Beyonce (singing with acoustic cover)  Beyonce - "Roc" Piano Tutorial  Halo By Beyonce (me lip singing it)  Beyonce Single ladies dance  hello- beyonce (cover instrumental)  Beyonce Lee Carr - If i were a boy/Girl  Singing Beyonce-Broken Hearted Girl  ItsHot.com Presents The Friday Hip Hop Report (Nov21)  Gabby's Dance Party. (can I dance or not?)  Beyonce Halo ActingCapella lol!! upgrade  Beyonce - Diva (kid version)  beyonce single ladies ( guy verison )  Danielle McAlary Ave Maria Beyonce Cover 227's YouTube "Chilli!" BEYONCE-Beyonce - Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It) Ahn SoHee- Beyonce dance cover (Wonder Girls 2nd Fan Meeting)  Beyoncé - Save The Hero (Sims 2 version)  Beyoncé - Save The Hero (Sims 2 version)

Taylor Swift-227's YouTube Taylor Swift: Taylor Swift - Picture to Burn [ Official Music Video ]   *  227's YouTube Taylor Swift: Ellen DeGeneres: Taylor Swift & Joe Jonas Phone Break-Up  * 227's YouTube TAYLOR SWIFT: TEARDROPS ON MY GUITAR 

Kanye West-227's YouTube KANYE WEST: Young Jeezy - Put on (feat. Kanye West)    227's YouTube Kanye West: Christina Milian dicusses her new album incl. Kanye West, Movies vs Music, & Christmas    227's YouTube Kanye West: SNL LATE NIGHT LAUGH | KANYE WEST LIP SYNCING? | AMY POEHLER LEAVES "SNL" -- SKINNY (12/15/08)

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Rihanna-227's YouTube Rihanna " Rehab " @ Star Academy 2008 [LIVE] HQ 12.19.08  227's YouTube Rihanna-Rihanna-Rehab [Dance Remix] - Arron M   227's YouTube Rihanna: Rihanna - Rehab (Star Academy Finale)  YouTube Rihanna-WWE Diva of the Month: February 2009  YouTube Rihanna-Nina SImon, Rihanna- Take a Bow  YouTube Rihanna-DISTURBIA @ metrowalk plaza  YouTube Rihanna-CHEDDAR SINGS!!!!!!!!!!!  YouTube Rihanna-Re: Lil Wayne Ft Drake - Ransom - NEW !!!  YouTube Rihanna-Rihanna Don't Stop The Music DJ Diego Barros Remix  YouTube Rihanna-Umbrella (Cover) - the baseballs  YouTube Rihanna-Rihanna - Take a Bow  YouTube Rihanna-The MOST CUTEST picture of the Jonas Brothers!read description  YouTube Rihanna-moment in time [starrgyrrl]  YouTube Rihanna-Umbrella Rihanna version by Arsal & Alex  YouTube Rihanna-Rihanna - Disturbia  YouTube Rihanna-rihanna live your life remix  YouTube Rihanna-Mystic - Disturbia  Knowing New Scene Latest Update with HD Quality 2009  Re: Soulja Boy Tell' Em - "Kiss Me Thru The Phone" [Music Video] 

Usher-P.Diddy F.. Usher - I Need A Girl P.1   227's YouTube Usher (Chili!): Exclusive Usher Parody   The Boondocks - Tom, Sarah and Usher - part 1   227's YouTube Usher Feat. Lil Jon and Ludacris - Yeah - Lyrics   Aaliyah Janet Jackson Teairra Mari Letoya Luckett Christina Milian Rihanna Usher Seven Pounds

Jason Mraz-227's YouTube Jason Mraz: Me Singing "I'm Yours" by Jason Mraz  Jason Mraz @ Today Show [LIVE] HQ 12.19.08 " We Sing "   227's YouTube Jason Mraz: Live High - Jason Mraz (cover by Alex Taimanao)   227's YouTube Jason Mraz: Jason Mraz - Geek In The Pink (Live at Highline Ballroom - NY)

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1992 NCAA Men's Division I Basketball Tournament featuring Mike Krzyzewski and the Duke Blue Devils
  1982 NCAA Men's Division I Basketball Tournament featuring Michael Jordan, Patrick Ewing, Dean Smith, John Thompson, North Carolina Tar Heals and the Georgetown Hoyas  2003 NCAA Men's Division I Basketball Tournament  1999 NCAA Men's Division I Basketball Tournament  2000 NCAA Men's Division I Basketball Tournament  1979 NCAA Men's Division I Basketball Tournament featuring Earvin Magic Johnson, Larry Bird and the Michigan State Spartans  1998 NCAA Men's Division I Basketball Tournament   1981 NCAA Men's Division I Basketball Tournament featuring Isiah Thomas, Bobby Knight and the Indiana Hoosiers  2008 NCAA Men's Division I Basketball Tournament featuring the Kansas Jayhawks  1993 NCAA Men's Division I Basketball Tournament 2002 NCAA Men's Division I Basketball Tournament  1989 NCAA Men's Division I Basketball Tournament  2001 NCAA Men's Division I Basketball Tournament   1996 NCAA Men's Division I Basketball Tournament    1995 NCAA Men's Division I Basketball Tournament  1987 NCAA Men's Division I Basketball Tournament  1994 NCAA Men's Division I Basketball Tournament  1988 NCAA Men's Division I Basketball Tournament   1991 NCAA Men's Division I Basketball Tournament

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YouTube Oprah Winfrey-Doug Anthony All Stars - Oprah (Dead & Alive - 1993)
  YouTube Oprah Winfrey-Oprah Speaks the Truth about McCain  YouTube Oprah Winfrey-The oprah winfrey show (joe hoes style)  YouTube Oprah Winfrey-Oprah Speaks to the Stanford Class of 2008 (Highlights)  YouTube Oprah Winfrey-Ellen DeGeneres ~ I Love Jesus But I Drink A Little (HQ)  YouTube Oprah Winfrey-David Blaine Risks His Life on The Oprah Show Video Blog 1  YouTube Oprah Winfrey-APT - Obama Obama A millie Parody/Remix With lyrics  YouTube Oprah Winfrey-Get Ready to Be Awakened: A New Earth  YouTube Oprah Winfrey-The Soup: Oprah's Va-Jay-Jay  YouTube Oprah Winfrey-FUNNY Dave Chappelle as Tom Cruise on Oprah Show,  YouTube Oprah Winfrey-Letterman: Barack gives the Top Ten  YouTube Oprah Winfrey-Dont Drink The Kool-Aid: Oprah, Obama and The Occult  YouTube Oprah Winfrey-O, The Oprah Religion Recruitment Video #1  YouTube Oprah Winfrey-008 Charice Pempengco on Oprah And Whitney Houston from the Bodyguard  YouTube Oprah Winfrey-Charice Pempengco on E. Live  YouTube Oprah Winfrey-Carlton Banks Dancing to Oprah Theme  YouTube Oprah Winfrey-Hannah Montana's Miley Cyrus - A Sneak Peek For Oprah & Fans  YouTube Oprah Winfrey-The Church of Oprah Exposed  YouTube Oprah Winfrey-Sex, Lies and Barbara Walters  YouTube Oprah Winfrey-Violent Oprah  YouTube Oprah Winfrey-The Jonas Brothers on The Oprah Show!  YouTube Oprah Winfrey-Oprah's Message to YouTube!  YouTube Oprah Winfrey-Tom Cruise Goes Crazy on Oprah...ORIGINAL VERSION! 

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    Sean Kingston, Justin Timberlake, M.I.A'"Paper Planes!" , Timbaland, 50 Cent, P-Diddy, Kanye West. Rihanna, Chris Brown, T.I.-"Big Things Poppin!" , Rihanna- Hate That I Love You (over 29 million views on YouTube)!, Leona Lewis, Soulja Boy, Britney Spears, Alicia Keys, Avril Lavigne, Alicia Keys- No One, Akon, NE-YO, LL Cool J, Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Dmx, Jay-z, The Notorious B.I.G, 2PAC, Will Smith, Jonas Brothers, Pink "So What!" , Jordin Sparks feta. Chris Brown- "No Air" Official Music Video-over 33 million views on YouTube!), Lil Jon- get low music movie, Ludacris, Ice Cube, Flo Rida feat. T.Pain Music from the Movie Step Up 2 "Low," Chris Brown*Chris  Brown feat. T.Pain- Kiss Kiss (over 51 million views on YouTube)!, Chris Brown-"With You," Chris Brown feat. Lil' Wayne (over 56 million views on YouTube!, Chris Brown "YO," Chris Brown-Run It, Chris Brown- Forever, Wu Tang Clan, The Fugees, Jordin Sparks-Tattoo, Rhianna- Cry, Rihanna- unfaithful, Rhianna- Umbrella (over 43 million views on YouTube/You Tube)!, Ashanti, Fergie Fergalicious, Fergie- Clumsy!, Rhianna- Dont' Stop The Music (over 62 million views on YouTube), Avril Lavign- Girlfriend (over 92 million views on YouTube)!, Clay Aiken, Akon, Christina Aguilera-Hurt, Clay Aiken-On My Way Here, All-American Rejects, All-American Rejects-Move Along, All-American Rejects-It Ends Tonight, Ashley Parker Angel, Michael Jackson ("Thriller"), Backstreet Boys, Augustana, Natasha Bedingfeild, Michael Jackson, Natasha Bedingfield feat. Sean Kingston-Love Like This, Natasha Bedingfield-Pocketful of Sunshine and lots more at 227's YouTube Chili!!! Your source for the world's most watched YouTube Music Videos at Jamaal Al-Din's Hoops 227- the everything basketball website!

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